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Vintage Fountain Pen Delivers Smooth Writing Experience

Everybody wants a great daily driver, but our gold-filled Mabie Todd Swan fountain pen from the 1940s is also nearly museum pristine. The original 14k gold nib writes a smooth, wet medium-broad line. The pen is fully restored, and there are very few marks of wear on it. It is a vintage pen worth seeing.

A rollerball Visconti Van Gogh was illuminates our preowned luxury pens page. It's vibrant color scheme was inspired by Van Gogh's work, and its wide body helps you to grip the pen more easily to write all day long.

Omas paid tribute to the radio's invention with the Omas Marconi in 1995. It was the 100-year anniversary of the invention. Ours is on our preowned pens page, and it comes complete with its original box and papers!

The vintage Danish brand Penol is a rare, difficult find here in the U.S., and it is always a treat to write with them. Our vintage pens page starts with a Penol Ambassador Senior. It is a huge pen inspired by the Parker Duofold in the 1930s. 

We have a new vintage pen that is truly a site to see. It is a remarkable medium blue Conklin. Despite some discoloration, it is very attractive. Oh, and it writes wonderfully with a smooth, wet, fine-point nib!

Even with engravings our latest Sheaffer Touchdown TM Triumph is a stunner. This vintage pen is dent and blemish free. It has been fully restored with a new bladder and O-ring. 

Just added to our vintage pens page is a French-made Parker 75 made of sterling silver. It is a very handsome pen that writes a smooth medium line with its original 14k nib. The neat thing about these classic pens is that they can use modern Parker converters and cartridges!

Ebony and abalone make for a classic beauty. It is a Sheaffer Balance with an incredible nib. You don't want to let this one slip through your fingers. 

Oh, yeah. We just got one in. It is a junior model with an engraved name, but this Mandarin Parker Duofold is a real treat. It writes with a smooth fine point original 14k gold nib, supported by an original Christmas Tree inkfeed!

If you like streamlined styling in your vintage pens, you will love our latest Eversharp Skyline. It is British racing green paired with brilliant golden trim. Fully restored, it is a good collector's piece and writer.

We routinely sell out of vintage Esterbrook pens, and today we are proud to announce a bold new line up of them. From Dollar Pens to Transitions to J-models, we are full of bright new colors and unique nibs.

Mont Blanc pens are the darlings of the business world. Make yours even more unique with a very rare factory stub nib. This will beautifully accentuate your signature and handwriting. Plus, it is the much preferred 14k two-toned gold nib.

For those who are unfamiliar with Montegrappa pens, these Italian craftsmen and women work wonders with handmade celluloid and sterling silver. Our latest Piccola rollerball on the preowned pens section is really new old stock! Its smokey blue design is truly a sight to behold.

The Waterman Gentleman is a stunner when made of solid Sterling Silver! Ours is a handsome rollerball pen that is nicely weighted for remarkably smooth writing.

If you ask us, Faber Castell is probably the most under-rated pen brand out of Germany. With a rich tradition dating back to the 18th century, they make well-engineered pens that are luxurious and dependable. Visit our preowned pens selection for a Graf von Faber Castle ballpoint that is rhodium plated and new old stock!

Check out our Trading Post. Someone just posted a 3-piece Mont Blanc Oscar Wilde limited edition set. It is great and in its original box! FP never used!

The flexi nib on our vintage pen, an oversized Aristocrat, is your ticket to writing adventure. It isn't a wet noodle, but it offers an expressive option for writing everything from school papers to letters. It needs a little training to customize to your tastes, but that shouldn't take much effort by people who love writing with flexi nibs, already.

We have a smooth extra fine Sheaffer for you today. It is a 1940s' 500 that is fully restored and ready to rock your world.

We've added a bunch of them lately, but today sees our last modern Parker Duofold ballpoint go online for a while. This is a beautiful lapis blue one with some cosmetic issues, but we're happy to offer it at a competitive price.

Our blog gets into the scoop behind our removing Yard-O-Led from the lineup of new pens for sale. We will miss these great sterling silver writing instruments on our site.

Our collection of vintage and modern preowned Parker Duofolds continues to grow. The prices are extremely competitive on the Newofolds, too!

Race straight over to our vintage pens pages to see a beautiful, rare  blue-on-blue Parker Lady Duofold fountain pen with a slightly FLEX nib and wide cap band!

For reasons unknown to us, our supplier for Yard-O-Led no longer carries Yard-O-Led products. That leaves us with limited Yard-O-Led ink and only a sterling silver Yard-O-Led Regent pencil. Brand new and nicely discounted.

Covering the spectrum of Sheaffer pens, our vintage pens have added a new preowned Targa and the vintage pages have a beautiful pearl and black Sheaffer Lifetime flattop. 

Our vintage pens page showcases a handsome grey Parker 51 with double jewels and a rarer wavy-line gold-fill cap. Fully restored, it is ready for work or display.

Visit our Trading Post today for many great new additions! We've recently added Mont Blanc limited editions that include the Greta Garbo, DaVinci and Proust! Come check these pre-owned pens out today.

Freshly added to our web site are a modern pre-owned Park Duofold Centennial and a rarer long Parker Duofold Junior from the 1920s. Whether you are into vintage pens or preowned pens, we have the Parker Duofold for you.

Extra-fine nibs are all the rage today, and we have added two great pens with excellent XF nibs. First up is the Parker VS, which stood for Victory Series, now on our vintage pens page. On the preowned pens page is the Sheaffer Balance II. Each is magnificent for extra-fine writing. 

Only made between 1941 and 1948, the red-hue cordovan brown Parker 51 is a hard pen to find. The matching pencil is even more so, but we found a winner that is in great working order. See our Parker 51 pencil in cordovan brown on our vintage pens page today.

Within the past decade or so, the Chilton pen brand was revitalized. Now we have the Chilton Bostonian on our preowned luxury pens page. This pen even came with a factory stub nib. It's a small stub, but it writes a great reserved line from extra fine to broad. This pen even has a little flex.

With winter upon us, Pelikan pens have safely completed their migration to our pages. Fans of vintage pens and preowned luxury pens will love the dozen Pelikan writing instruments now on our site!

The rarer Gold & Black Solitaire Mont Blanc is an impressive rollerball pen. It has a gold plated body and cap with black enamel for a stunning look. Ours comes with a box and fresh refill. Preowned but in very good condition.

We've been adding vintage Waterman pens to the site like crazy, so we thought we'd toss in a modern preowned Waterman Carene. This is a very attractive pen with its "amber shimmer" design. The inlaid nib is 18k gold. Perfect for the vintage Waterman fan who has everything but the modern Waterman catalog.

Behold the regal splendor of Waterman's Lady Patricia! This vintage pen writes a great extra-fine line and has impeccable color in the barrel and most of the cap! It comes with a matching (not working) pencil.

We knocked down the price of a gold Mont Blanc Boheme Rouge on our preowned pens page. It's quite a discount off the original retail price. Maybe it is finally time to invest in the luxury brand of business.

Rollerball, that is. We have a gently used Waterman Gentleman on our preowned pens pages. We've given it a new refill, and it is a very handsome luxury pen that will write well for quite some time.

Modern American pens aren't considered the best these days, but the Cross Townsend is a holdout that is as good as or better than most of its rivals. We have a buttery smooth writing one with a red-marble design on our preowned pens pages!

Aerodynamic and sleek, it is little wonder that consumers found these so popular in the 1940s. A great pen, to be sure. Enjoy, plus more Eversharp Skyline colors to our freshly added maroon. Plus, we have a smooth-writing one in forest green!

We have a handsome candy-red Parker Challenger from 1939 on our vintage pens pages. Fully restored with a new ink sac, breather tube and realigned nib, you should get many years of dependable service from this very attractive pen.

Shadow Waves are so rare in the Parker Vacumatic world, you shouldn't hesitate to buy the awesome one we have on the vintage pens page.

Parker only made the "D.Q." in the mid-1920s in both a hard-rubber and plastic style. Ours is a slender, junior size with a FLEX nib. This was one of the transition pens between the Jack Knife Safety and Duofold eras.

Orange, green and black! Our expanded selection of vintage senior size Parker Duofolds gives you incredible choices of parts and nib sizes! Run to our vintage pens pages to see the magnificence before it is all cleaned up.

Are you familiar with the Pilot Knight? You should be. It is a great metal pen that looks great anywhere and writes as dependably as any luxury pen. We are now proud to offer a fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball pen on our preowned pens page.

Germany's classic Reform fountain pens are a great introduction to piston fillers. The steel nibs are a little rough sometimes but are a great value for the price. Nifty vintage pen.

The clever folks at Pens of Dist-INK-tion have created several new pens out of vintage Parker 51s and Vacumatics. We have them for sale on our preowned pens pages. Whether ballpoint or rollerball, these make for great conversation pieces and good daily users.

Hailing from the Big Apple, we a have a lovely oversized Morrison's Black Beauty complete with its original steel nib! We have restored the whole pen, and it is wonderful writer.

We are an authorized dealer for Chicago's own Allegory Pen company. We have just updated our "pre-owned" pens page with a beautiful selection of their historical wood pens. Each pen was crafted from wood found all over the world. From ancient peet bogs to the former decking of the battleship U.S.S. North Carolina, these pens all have a story to tell. And each is brand new straight from the factory.

Ronson made a really nifty mechanical pencil back in the late 1940s or early 1950s that featured a lighter at the top of its barrel! We have one on our vintage pens page that is pretty cool. It needs a new flint but is otherwise good to go on the lighter side. The pencil also needs work, but it is a great curio for any collection.

Slowly but surely we are updating our new pens section. Today we are pleased to announce the addition of the Lamy 2000 line of writing instruments. Award-winning design is its hallmark. Made of steel, these pens have a nice heft and balance while sporting a wider grip that also helps people who suffer arthritis and hand cramps from skinny pens.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but our new Allegory 1941 ballpoint pens are battle proven! These limited edition pens are made from the original teak deck of the U.S. North Carolina, a battleship that earned 15 battle stars during WWII. Bolt actions extend and retract the Parker-style refills, which are a nifty addition to the pens. See them today on our Pre-Owned Pens section...even though they are brand new in the box.

Remember, also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

If you have any questions, please give us a jingle or ask at

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