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Vintage Pen Prices Drop!

For the past week we've been going through our vintage pens page and cutting prices. Conklin, Wahl and many other brands have seen sharp reductions. Don't pass up these vintage pens at these deals.

Today's preowned luxury pen is a 1995 tribute to the invention of the radio back in 1895! The Omas Marconi is a fabulous Italian pen and part of a limited edition. It comes with its original box and papers. See it today!

We just picked up a beautiful new collection of preowned luxury pens. We are uploading one a day, and we are starting with this handsome tortoise shell Chinese lacquer rollerball and fountain pen set by S.T. Dupont. It is the S.T. Dupont Montparnasse. The FP writes a fine-medium line with a beautiful 18k gold nib. We put a fresh refill in the rollerball pen. The set comes with its various certificates and most of the original contents of its original box.

Don't listen to the rumors, the Chicago Pen Show is up and running this April 30-May 3 at a new hotel: the Sheraton O'Hare. I just spoke with the new organizer Roger Wooten. He said tables are still available with cheaper prices! Wall tables $175 and interior tables $125. Tickets for just Saturday or Sunday are only $6. 4-day passes are only $60. We will be there once again. Learn more at  

Our latest edition is close to 100 years old and has a retractable nib! It is a classic Moore Midget. This hard-rubber beauty is in remarkable physical condition, even though it is unrestored. See it today on our vintage pens page before it is gone!

We have have been visited online by at least one person from every nation in the Western Hemisphere! Our last  holdout was in French Guiana, but some lovely person living in Cayenne recently visited our site! Even communist, virtually no internet, Cuba has visited our site thrice! We've also been visited by all of Europe, Australia (an easy continental pickup) and all of Asia except Laos. C'mon, Laos. You can do it. Check out our inky awesomeness.

Seeing is believing when it comes to the nearly perfect pearl and black Sheaffer Lifetime cap on our latest vintage pens post! The barrel is in great shape, too, even if it is a bit more discolored. We installed a 100% pure silicon ink sac to keep it in use without further risk of discoloration. Buy it before we decide to keep it for ourselves.

We have a sterling silver Parker 75 that is immaculate. No dents or dings, a working original converter and a silky smooth "extra-fine" nib. (Fine by most people's standards today.) See it on our vintage pens pages.

Ever wonder what it takes to put the finishing touches on a Parker Vacumatic restoration? Come check out "Dripping Musings" to learn about the right paint for the blue diamonds. 

Whether you are a vintage pen fan or a modern luxury fan, today is your day! We have a like new Waterman Edson Boucheron on our preowned pens pages, complete with its original ink, converter, papers and box! If bargains on rare limited edition fountain pens isn't your thing, you will love this early Parker 61 on our vintage pens pages. It is a rare gold-filled pen and pencil set. The pen is in fantastic condition and freshly flushed. The pencil is a little worn but in great working order!

Enjoy a nice little discount on some of our Parker Duofold juniors on the Vintage Pens page. Fully restored, each pen makes for a classic befitting your pen collection.

Modern collectors can't get enough of extra-fine nibs, and very few people ever wrote with them back in the day. Well, we have an oversized Sheaffer Lifetime Balance from the 1930s with one such extra fine nib. By today's standards it is more like a fine, but it was about as thin as Sheaffer got in the 1930s!

The latest Esterbrook fountain pen to post to our vintage pens page has an excellent shiny black finish. Coupled with a fresh ink sac and a smooth 1551 student nib, it is a true writing pleasure.

The Waterman Edson seems to be the pinnacle of modern pen design and function. We have an exquisite blue-and-gold ballpoint version on our preowned pens page. Snatch up this deal before it runs away.

The Good Service Pen Co. continues the oversized winning streak for vintage pens of the 1920s and '30s. Fully restored with a new ink sac, it is in nearly mint condition and bright green!

Chicago was a hot bed of great pen companies in the 1920s and '30s. The Diamond Medal Pen Co. was one of them, and we have a really interesting looking one with a pyramid ringed cap. Fully restored, it is a great addition to your collection.

Featured on our vintage pens pages, we now have a veritable rainbow of Parker Vacumatics. Check out fully restored Vacs in black, grey, blue and green. Each has a new diaphragm and is ready to write.

Visit our preowned pens page to see a new line up of gently used Mont Blanc pens. These Mont Blancs are priced to sell and be available for long. Plus, we will be adding a few more before we are done.

We've added a beautiful new lavender Conklin Herringbone to our preowned pens page. It comes with its original box and papers, and it is in minty fresh condition.

Save big on Laban Inkwell desk sets! We have marked them off up to 50% of their original prices. Order today to upgrade the look of your desk at home or at the office.

Highly sought after, the Esterbrook Icicles designs are a rare treat. We now have a red one on our vintage pens pages. It comes with a smooth 9556 fine-line writing nib. Mint condition, fully restored!

Replenishing our ranks of Esterbrook fountain pens, we start with a sapphire blue SJ model. This vintage pen is fully restored with a steel 1550 extra-fine book keeping nib. It writes pretty smoothly for a steel extra-fine nib of this era.

Slowly but surely we are updating our new pens section. Today we are pleased to announce the addition of the Lamy 2000 line of writing instruments. Award-winning design is its hallmark. Made of steel, these pens have a nice heft and balance while sporting a wider grip that also helps people who suffer arthritis and hand cramps from skinny pens.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but our new Allegory 1941 ballpoint pens are battle proven! These limited edition pens are made from the original teak deck of the U.S. North Carolina, a battleship that earned 15 battle stars during WWII. Bolt actions extend and retract the Parker-style refills, which are a nifty addition to the pens. See them today on our Pre-Owned Pens section...even though they are brand new in the box.

Remember, also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

If you have any questions, please give us a jingle or ask at

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