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Everyone needs a good vintage pen as a daily writer that doesn't mind a little abuse. We have two such pens currently gracing the top of our vintage pens pages.

Preowned luxury pen lovers will delight in our Pelikan 800 Demonstrator! It is a must for every collection, as Pelikan even went so far as to describe all the parts that you can watch moving.

Nib lovers will revel in the vintage Pelikan 400 that we just picked up with this incredible 14k gold nib. Fully restored by a Pelikan expert, the pen is a must for nib fans and Pelikan fans.

Whether you are a vintage pen collector or a modern retro pen collector, you are going to love the two Pelikans we added to the site! The first is a modern preowned (BUT UNUSED) recreation of the Pelikan 101N with a coral red rubber cap and tortoise shell design. If that doesn't float your boat, maybe the original 1932 Pelikan 100 with an oblique, medium italic nib will!

One of the early great fountain pens put out by the Visconti corporation was the Rinascimento Deco. It has a beautiful sterling silver barrel and a diamond chip in the cap! Our preowned pen is in great working order and writes a smooth medium line.

You can't go wrong with our latest offerings on the vintage pens and preowned pens pages. From a Wahl Gold Seal Equipoise to a stunning Sheaffer Valor, we cover the bases of most pen collectors.

Jones for a killer oversized Wahl fountain pen from the 1930s? We have one on our vintage pens page with a killer Size 6 nib that is really smooth to write with. It has a little cosmetic damage but nothing serious. Great, big daily writer!

Luxury doesn't get more luxurious than when you see this heavy, solid sterling silver Krone Fury fountain pen with "liquid red" enamel over handcrafted guilloche! If you only have one treasure pen in your collection, this should be it.

If you love fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints, you'll love the Monte Verde M3! This pen comes with a ballpoint on one end and an interchangeable fountain pen or rollerball pen on the other side. Check it out on our preowned pens page!

Growing with elegance and beauty on our Vintage Pens page is a Waterman 452 fountain pen with a floral sterling silver filigree design. Fully restored with a fresh ink sac, this handsome devil is in great condition and ready to write with some flex.

Vintage pen fans rejoice! Rare colors are always enticing, and we have a 1949 Parker 51 in forest green with a lovely gold-filled cap! It writes very well, too. Worth coveting.

On our preowned pens page is the coveted Pilot Vanishing Point, the world's only click fountain pen! It is difficult not to love them, from their unique clickers to their great gold nibs.

It is damned difficult to find an original Waterman's Hundred Year Pen with nearly perfect end jewels, but we've got one in our vintage pens section. Not 100% perfect, but it is far and away better than most!

Upgrade your desk or business, use a classic Esterbrook 114 Desk Pen and base. Quick and easy on the draw, this is the pen for taking a note or signing in customers with class!

Thar's treasure in the form of a Sailor 1911 with a 21k gold Italic Oblique nib on our pre-owned pens page. With a high angle of attack, this luxury pen writes extra fine to a 1.1 or 1.2mm line. Plus, its blue and purple flames when rolled under a light are reason enough to lust after this fountain pen.

Vintage pens are even more fun when they're a rare find. We have a fully restored Sheaffer Sovereign with a rare squiggly lined cap and in a rarer sage-green color!

Stick tight and check in all the rest of this week. Our pre-owned pens pages will grow with the very popular Sailor brand pens from Japan. We start things off with an original model Sailor 1911!

Before we dive back into some preowned luxury pens, we have a mismatched set of Parker pens that look a lot like Vectors but aren't. We don't know what they are...other than a good deal for you. Smooth writing and fully functional.

How would you like a Diplomat fountain pen for under $20? Check out this big blue one on our preowned pens page!

We put a nice bargain on a black Parker Duofold Jr. on our vintage pen page. Made in Canada with a great, smooth original nib!

Save on more modern daily users on our Pre-owned Pens Page. Today we have a trusty Sheaffer Sentinel for fewer than $30.

How can you tell and English Parker Duofold from an American one? The English Duofold requires a cup of tea in the afternoon. It's a good tradition, and we recommend our post-war vintage pen.

A J-model Esterbrook has just roosted on our vintage pens page. It sports a really nice 2668 steel nib, which was an upgrade nib back in the day. Ours is fully restored and ready for more service.

It is difficult not to love a fully restored Parker Vacumatic. We have one such model in black at a pretty affordable price on our vintage pens page.

We have what we think is a 14k gold nibbed Parker 45 on our vintage pens page. A nice broad writer, it comes complete with its original, working, converter!

Let us spell it out in black and white: It's Black Pen Society Week on ThePenMarket.com's vintage pens page! The very important secret society (you know it is secret if it has a Facebook page) meeting is about to take place in August at the D.C. Pen Show. Make sure you have a black pen to gain entrance!

We've added our last vintage Waterman pen for a little while. It is another of our amazing selection of Canadian-made Waterman pens. Restored and writes a great fine line!

The Aurora Asia Limited Edition fountain pen and ballpoint pen set we have on our preowned pens section is a jade wonder. Both pens are in great working order and have barely been used.

Hailing from Canada, the Waterman 301-V is a classic from the 1930s with an extra-fine nib and a little flex (very little). Great red-and-grey design. See it on our vintage pens page.

On the vintage pens side we have a Waterman pen that looks as if it cannot decide if it is a 100 Year Pen or a W2. On the preowned luxury pen side, we have a Pelikan 400 that looks like it came from the 1950s and the 1980s. Damned if we know what they are specifically, but they might be a great bargain for you.

The World War II-era Waterman Nurse's Pen is a very lovely addition to any collection. Ours has a remarkable ivory pearl finish that has minimal staining or discoloration. It even has a stubby 14k gold nib. Canadian made!

How often do people find desk bases without pens? Where do they all go? Well, one of them ended up on our vintage pens page. We have a 1920s Waterman desk pen from Canada in need of a good home.

One of the more popular modern brands that has really taken the pen world by storm is the Retro 51. We have an early, larger model on our preowned pens page that is seemingly new and unused!

Back in the '90s this was a really hot store that featured home decor curios and furniture with the flavor of India...and a museum gift shop. We have a new old stock pen and pencil set from said store that is worth checking out!

Odds are, if you are of a certain age, that you learned to write by using an Esterbrook fountain pen. We have been updating our colors on the vintage pens pages, and you can now find some more good bargains on Esterbrooks!

You don't have to be Neo to enjoy this Matrix. The Cross Matrix is a multi-pen that features 2 ballpoints, a stylus and a smooth, wet fountain pen! It isn't quite perfect, but it is cheap.

Who doesn't love a New Old Stock Sheaffer Snorkel? Our Sovereign boasts a medium nib sticker and its original price tag under the clip!

Kick it old skool with a new old stock Sheaffer Valiant that is stickered with a stub nib! The Touchdown filler has been fully restored. Great vintage pen.

If German-made pens are your thing, and you love a touch of Italy, then you will ga ga over our Pelikan 620 Piazza Navona. This tribute pen to Rome features a fully functional filling system and a great broad-italicish nib.

A broad nib is underrated in this day and age, but the broad on our latest preowned luxury Pelikan 1000 is so nice that it has an almost cursive italic flair. In great working order with a little wear, we think it could be your next daily driver.

The little joys in life are what keep each of us going from day to day. Our latest vintage pen is a rarer Sheaffer Cadet in sage green--complete with original chalk marks!

One of the most remarkable figures of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela overcame much to unite a country. The artisans of Omas did a phenomenal job creating a sterling silver pen that showcases his birth in rural Africa. One of our most attractive preowned luxury pens.

Vintage pen fans might start drooling over our latest black chased hard rubber Conklin Crescent 40 that has been fully restored. From its smooth fine nib to its etched gold cap band, what is not to love?!

The 10th anniversary Visconti Voyager Demonstrator is a prize for any collection, but once you write with ours you'll want it for your daily driver! Complete with box and papers.

Italian craftsmanship combines with a tribute to the Inuit tribes of the Arctic in our latest Delta fountain pen. Fully restored with a fresh ink sac, this limited edition is a great addition to our preowned luxury pens section.

The Victorian penmaker was a crafty devil. Our latest example is a solid sterling dip pen, which has a section that pulls out to reveal a pencil! It still has a lead. It is in great shape with only a couple little dents in the tail.

Sheaffer also made orange pens in the 1920s, but they are a lot harder to find than Parker's. We've got an incredible orange Sheaffer 3-25 on our vintage pens page. The 3-25 stood for the fact that it was originally a $3 pen with a 25-year warrantee.

It is really hard to find any Waterman Carenes in the coral color. We have a .5mm pencil. It is the pinnacle of our preowned luxury pens today!

Individually for sale are a blue-and-gold Waterman Carene ballpoint and pencil. That ballpoint writes like the way a ride in a Cadillac feels. New refill. Both in very good condition.

Fully restored and possibly new old stock, our Sheaffer 875 or Saratoga set features a vintage pen and pencil in top condition. Both are in great working order. The fountain pen writes very nicely with an extra-fine to fine 14k gold nib.

Our preowned luxury pens' page is topped by a very handsome Waterford Glendalough. It comes complete with its converter, and the seahorse-imprinted steel nib writes a smooth medium line.

Add our Swiss Army ballpoint pen to your "never-leave-home" withouts. No extra tools like the famous knives have, but it writes nicely with a nice girth and weight.

As we restock our Esterbrook pens, we found this great little mint-green purse pen. The cap is crack free, but the section is a little chewed up. Fully restored, the upgraded 9668 nib writes a smooth medium line.

On our preowned pens page is a very handsome Cross Townsend pencil. It is in great working order. The .5mm lead advances with a simple click of the twisting back cap.

Charles Dickens wrote for most of his incredible career about the excesses of the wealthy and powerful and the degredation of the poor during the industrial revolution in Great Britian. Thus Mont Blanc chose to honor him with a resin and sterling silver pen that would be worth more than the lifetime incomes of most of the people he wrote about. And we are proud to offer a gently used Mont Blanc Writers Series Charles Dickens ballpoint on our preowned pens section! (We are amused by irony...and exploit it.)

Always brilliant and exciting, Alexandre Dumas is one of the few writers people will love for centuries to come. Our limited edition Mont Blanc Alexandre Dumas fountain pen sports an error with his son's autograph on the cap! You won't mind a little wear on this preowned pen.

Our Mont Blanc Writers Series Voltaire is a beautiful limited edition pen in excellent condition. Complete with all of its boxes and papers, it even sports a rare broad nib!

Nautical themes are the calling card of the Mont Blanc pen dedicated to the author of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." We have a great preowned Mont Blanc Jules Verne from the Writers Series. It is a fountain pen complete with its original boxes and papers!

Not too big, not too small. Beautiful, dependable. Goldilocks gives the Pelikan Souveran 800K in blue her seal of approval. We're sure you will, too. 

Sheaffer 875 Lifetime: It uses a military clip to help it stay within wartime uniform regulations for the Army. We restored it with a new ink sac. If you don't like its historical pedigree, you will love its buttery smooth nib.

In spite of some cosmetic damage, our vintage pens page has an unusual Sheaffer Triumph 1000. This is a lever-filling fountain pen with a conical Triumph nib. Even more unique to us is that it has a screw-fit section, instead of a pressure-fit one. 

Sometimes it is the no name fountain pens that really catch our eye. We have a really nice yellow and black ripple ringtop on the vintage pens page that has been restored and writes well enough with a 14k gold nib.

Be sure to keep a green pen in your pocket to keep from getting pinched today! Might we recommend the rarish sage green Sheaffer Admiral?

Vintage pens are an especially a treat when they seem close to New Old Stock status. The fountain pen of this 1940s' Waterman set is in excellent condition, fully restored with a new ink sac. The pencil is a little beat, but who buys a set for the pencil?

We found a Chicago-based vintage pen called the Autopoint that features a hidden lever filler under its blind cap. Looks like it is from the late 1920s or early 1930s. Check it out.

Switzerland's famed pen(cil) makers Caran d'Ache always surprise us with the quality of their designs. Our G-model pen or Green Marbled pen seems almost completely new with its box and papers. There are no ink stains in the converter. Great 18k gold nib!

Now our S.T. Dupont Orpheo really is a multi-use writing instrument. We now include the ballpoint refill as well as the replacement pencil mechanism. Top-fight engineering and Chinese lacquer. You can't go wrong.

The artisan of Montegrappa continue to steal your breath with their stunning limited edition 1995 Montegrappa Dragon fountain pen. We have one on our preowned luxury pens page. It is a masterpiece with an imperal dragon overlay made of sterling silver.

Light up your collection of limited editions with this potentially NOS Montegrappa Cigar pen. A beautiful fountain pen for any lover of cigars and smoking culture. The humidor-style case is an especially nice touch.

We have a nearly mint-condition tortoiseshell Sheaffer Targa Laque that is stunning and complete with its original boxes and papers. There is only one problem. As it approaches 40 years old, is it time to call it vintage?

Patron of the Arts pens by Mont Blanc are fantastic creations. The Mont Blanc Copernicus is especially impressive with its great sun-and-moon nib. Ours was gently used and comes complete with its box and papers.

Enjoy a set of grey-and-chrome Parker 61s on our vintage pens page. The fountain pen has been flushed and is in good working order. The ballpoint works, too. Not so sure about the pencil, but it all comes in a box with original papers!

Undoubtedly, Montegrappa is one of the most underrepresented luxury pens in America today. Beautiful Italian craftsmanship goes into each pen. Our Montegrappa Symphony is a big pen that looks alight in flames, the layers and waves in its celluloid are so dramatic. The nib is pretty special, too, in two-tone 18k gold.

Our preowned luxury pens page features a pair of great Cartier pens. Gently used, for your enjoyment are a Pasha de Cartier and a Diablo de Cartier. We especially love the Diablo's nib. It is positively sinful.

We are in love with the incredible broad stub nib on our latest Rotring 600 fountain pen on the preowned pens page. Only lightly used, it is in near-mint condition!

If you enjoy the craftsmanship and design of the Aurora pen company, you will enjoy the next several days on our preowned pens page. We are adding a handsome red Aurora Ipselon, an Aurora Optima and an Aurora Primavera

For more than a week, we have brought you some of the finest preowned Waterman pens. We started with a Harley Davidson limited edition fountain pen and we conclude with a sterling silver Waterman Gentleman fountain pen. Its 18k gold nib writes a nice, smooth line. Have fun shopping!

One of the most sought after Sheaffer pens doesn't disappoint: the Sheaffer PFM V. This is the gold-topped and bottomed top of the line. Ours is in good working order with a nib that will have extra-fine writing folks freak!

Our Waterman LeMan fountain pen with the rare Briarwood design is a really handsome piece on our preowned pens page. Coming complete with its original box and papers, it writes with a nice, smooth fine line. It is a pleasure to write with and a treasure to look at.

Ou, ou, ou. What a little moonlight can do-ou-ou. A Visconti Moonlight Vermeil Voyager, that is. This is an excellent limited edition pen that comes with a traveling ink pot that is also sterling silver plated with gold! A great set now available on our preowned pens page.

Steam on over to our vintage pens page to see an ultra-rare Parker 75 limited edition R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth! Created by hand using brass salvaged from the sunken luxury liner, this mint-condition treasure is like nothing in your collection!

Our collection of limited edition pens expands by one with this incredible fountain pen: the Pelikan 800 Concerto! In mint condition, it comes complete with its original inner and outer boxes.

Get it while it is hot! This Rotring Newton Lava is a really rare fountain pen from the new defunct pen company. It comes with its original box and papers. Best of all, it has a buttery smooth medium nib!

Catch one of the very rare Mont Blanc goofs: an Alexandre Dumas Writers Series pen with the wrong signature! This one has his son's signature. A mint ballpoint version that comes with its original box and papers.

Normally an uncommon triple (skinny-wide-skinny) cap band is enough to get most people excited, BUT when you add in a very rare oblique 18k gold nib with moderate flex...people start to loose there minds. Check out this classic Parker Duofold Jr. before it is too late! A great vintage pen!

If you like Depression-era vintage pens, you might really go for our green marbled Parker Challenger from 1937. It has been fully restored and writes with a fine line that borders on extra-fine...at least by vintage pen standards.

The preowned pens page sports a handsome modern Sheaffer Taranis fountain pen. It is in excellent condition and writes a smooth fine line. It comes in its original box and a converter.

Our blog looks back at the 1983 classic "Octopussy" and the special pen Q gave to James Bond to thwart evil enemy plots. It is a fun little find...and we just happen to have one of these pens in stock, although it can't do all the 007's can.

You can't go wrong with a trusty Esterbrook fountain pen. These fully restored vintage pens taught the entire Baby Boomer generation how to write with an "ink pen." Great for nostalgia and daily use!

If you haven't been to our Trading Post in a while, now is the time to check out some great new arrivals!

You can't go wrong with our demonstrator clear red Waterman 100 Year pencil! Works great, no brassing nor cracks! A must see on our vintage pens page!

It is difficult not to love a cordovan brown set of Parker 51s. The vintage pen and pencil are in working order and write well. There are some cosmetic flaws on the pen, but the pencil is in nearly mint condition!

My first novel "Little Victories" is now available on paperback and as an e-Book at Amazon! If that isn't enough to get your heart racing, then maybe this NOS Sheaffer Imperial IV set will. Beautiful blue and gold, extra-fine nib. Works great. CHALK MARKS!

Holy cow! We have a rare 1940s Mont Blanc 136 fountain pen on our vintage pens pages! Re-corked and in good working order, this is a steel-nibbed rare bit of Mont Blanc history. Oh, and that steel nib has FLEX.

We've got a nice navy-grey Parker 51 that is new old stock. It writes with a smooth fine line. It comes with a box, papers and a little trouble with the hood. Check it out to see if you'll like it.

The Parker True Blue Duofold is one handsome pen. Too bad they discolored so easily. Still, ours makes for a good writer with the original spear feed and 14k gold nib. PLUS, this one was made in Toronto, Canada! Fully restored, this vintage pen is a treat.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but our new Allegory 1941 ballpoint pens are battle proven! These limited edition pens are made from the original teak deck of the U.S. North Carolina, a battleship that earned 15 battle stars during WWII. Bolt actions extend and retract the Parker-style refills, which are a nifty addition to the pens. See them today on our Pre-Owned Pens section...even though they are brand new in the box.

Remember, ThePenMarket.com also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

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