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Featured pen of the week ...

Classic Silver Multipencil from Germany

Our Fend Super-Norma is silver plated and has 4 click lead holders that theoretically hold 4 different color leads. It is in great condition with its original box and papers on our vintage pens page.

Hailing from the Big Apple, we a have a lovely oversized Morrison's Black Beauty complete with its original steel nib! We have restored the whole pen, and it is wonderful writer.

Good Sheaffer nibs and parts can be difficult to find, but we have a remarkable Sheaffer Lifetime parts pen for sale. The cap and barrel are shot, but the lever, spring, section, inkfeed and 14kt gold fine-point nib are in wonderful shape to help restore your pen!

Wearever was a third-tier pen company that made some surprisingly attractive pens back in the day. They were far from the consistent quality of a Sheaffer or Parker, but they were very utilitarian pens that caught the eye. At the top of the vintage pens page, we have a restored one that writes a reasonably smooth medium line.

We are an authorized dealer for Chicago's own Allegory Pen company. We have just updated our "pre-owned" pens page with a beautiful selection of their historical wood pens. Each pen was crafted from wood found all over the world. From ancient peet bogs to the former decking of the battleship U.S.S. North Carolina, these pens all have a story to tell. And each is brand new straight from the factory.

From an extra-fine nib yesterday, we move on to a very flexi nib on today's classic Morrison's gold-sleeve fountain pen. It has a fresh ink sac, and it is ready to go from medium to a triple broad more than a millimeter wide!

An original extra-fine nib Parker Duofold nib that actually writes an extra-fine line by modern standards is a rare and beautiful find, indeed. We have one! Go visit our vintage pens page for a tantalizing temptation.

Vintage pens are our specialty, and we are extra pleased to introduce our first vintage Conklin Glider. This beautiful brown straited pen was one of the first made in Chicago after Conklin was bought out in 1938. Ours comes complete with an original "Cushion Point" 14k gold nib!

Saunter on over to our vintage pens page, and you will see a Salz Brothers Manhattan fountain pen in nearly mint condition. This 14k gold fill pen from the roaring twenties will turn heads and writes a wet medium line that is very distinctive.

Ronson made a really nifty mechanical pencil back in the late 1940s or early 1950s that featured a lighter at the top of its barrel! We have one on our vintage pens page that is pretty cool. It needs a new flint but is otherwise good to go on the lighter side. The pencil also needs work, but it is a great curio for any collection.

Third tier pens always have a unique story behind them. We suspect that the Packard fountain pen on our vintage pens page was a promotional pen for the classic automobile. We cannot prove it, but we have restored it, and it writes a mighty nice fine line.

The classic metal Waterman fountain pens keep rolling on to our pages. Our Waterman 13 eyedropper has a lovely sterling flora pattern over a hard rubber pen. The 14k gold #2 nib writes a fine line. A perfect fit for you vintage pen collection.

It is the sweetest little ringtop pen you'll ever own. Solid 14k gold cap and barrel sleeve with an original nib that goes from fine to about a double broad. How can you say no to a Waterman 552 1/2 V like that?

The Parker 51 remains one of the longest running production pens in history. From 1941 to 1972 they remained a mainstay in the Parker line up. Our teal blue vintage pen set is in good working order with steel caps. Both the pen and pencil are fully functional.

Yesterday's preowned pen selection is a Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen. It is made of actual LAVA! It is in great working order without much wear and comes with its original box.

Our latest Waterman 452 is the bee's knees and the cat's meow all rolled into one. The fully restored pen has a beautiful sterling silver sleeve on the barrel and cap in a floral design that is still sharp. The 14k gold nib writes a lovely wet fine to fine-medium line.

Oogle over our latest gold-fill Wahl pen from the late 1920s. It is dent free, looking factory fresh. It even comes with a size 4 nib with a touch of flex! Fully restored and ready to impress in a collection or for everyday use.

Just as we sell off one one set of Esterbrooks, we bring in a new one. Both include good nibs. Our vintage pens are fully restored and ready for adventure.!

We stumbled upon a great Mont Blanc 149 (oversized) Meisterstuck fountain pen. It is a coveted 1980s model with a 14k nib. In great working order. Made in WEST Germany.

We know that third tier pens are hot these days, and we try to fill the void with 3 more on our vintage pens pages. Some nibs are better than others, but we are particularly fond of the Raleigh fountain pen at the top.

Hold on to your hats! We have just added two great Mont Blanc Classique rollerball pens to our pre-owned pen section. One is black and gold and the other is burgundy and gold. Each is in great gently used condition and comes with a fresh refill!

Dacia N. won our Lamy Lottery contest on the 4th of July. She won a brand new Lamy AL-Star fountain pen and a pack of black ink cartridges. For all of the details, check out our vintage pens blog!

On our vintage pens page we have a spiffy black fountain pen with a smooth 14k medium nib by Senator. The nib logo has a mountain goat leaping from mountain to mountain. The piston filler works well.

Look out! More than a dozen vintage pens and pre-owned pens are experiencing sharp declines. We want them off our books, and you'll make out like a bandit. Reduced prices are hidden all through the site. Don't skip a page.

Check out this totally cool little pocket stapler that disguises itself as a pen! The Duo Fast Stapler is a great mid-century find that comes loaded with staples and ready for use!

It is hard to ignore the joy of an orange hard-rubber pen. Our Waterman 52 1/2 V set even includes an orange inkfeed in the fountain pen, its matching pencil...all still housed in its original box!

It is difficult to find famous European pen brands here in the United States, but we have our connections here at Come check out the Penol Ambassador Senior from Denmark on our vintage pens pages. It is a great, working oversized pen that writes a commendable fine line.  

We haven't had a classic Esterbrook Dollar Pen on these pages in a while. Yet, Esterbrook fans will want to see this Model B (Full size) beauty in pearl grey on our vintage pens page. It has been fully restored to its 1930s glory with a new ink sac. It comes complete with a steel 1554 nib.

It is rare to find any fountain pens from the 1920s in their original box, but our gold-filigree Morrison comes with it. Both are in great shape. Restored and ready to write, this vintage pen makes for a good museum-worthy pen that writes nicely.

Our English Parker 61 flashes some bling with its 12k gold plate cap, barrel and matching pencil. We flushed the capillary filler, and it should be ready for many more years of great writing.

Sheaffer's Crest was one of the higher end snorkels of the 1950s. It had a gold-fill cap and a conical two-tone 14k gold nib. Ours is a complete set with its pencil, papers and box. The pen has been fully restored and the pencil is in working near mint condition. It is definitely worth a trip to our vintage pens pages.

There is something so alluring about Montegrappa's 18k gold two-tone nib. Our latest Montegrappa Symphony fountain pen is such a silky smooth writer. Forget that its handmade Italian craftsmanship seems to have captured the lighting effect of the Northern Lights in ivory celluloid. Who cares how tastefully elegant the sterling silver accents are. Just write with it to experience sheer bliss.

Prepare yourself for a pencil like no other. Our Montegrappa Symphony is handmade in Italy of an exquisite ivory celluloid. Its accents are sterling silver. It writes beautifully with a .5mm lead.

Okay, so we guess most pens look like Vincent van Gogh, as they are all missing their right ear. BUT, this pen looks like it comes straight out of a "Starry Night" painting with brilliant dark royal blue and metal flecked copper cap.

The only imprint or engraving on our latest green lady's pen is the name Mabel. We don't know much about her, but she seems to be English. Her "1st Quality" 14k gold nib writes a fine line that is lovely.

Start your weekend off with a classic Parker Vacumatic with a wet, smooth, fine-point 14k gold nib! It is a great daily user from 1942 that is fully restored and ready for years of pleasurable service. We might be mistaken, but we think this vintage pen has silver trim, as opposed to the nickle trim of the later war years.

It is time to stop teasing you. There's a handsome devil on the vintage pens page. It is a daring oversized golden brown Sheaffer Balance Lifetime. With a fresh ink sac it is ready to write for hours with its original two-tone 14k nib that straddles the line between extra fine and fine. See it today!

We have a handsome Sheaffer Imperial with its original store markings on our Vintage Pens page! We restored the filling system, and it writes with a great medium nib...that appears to have been super glue back on at some point. It writes well, it just looks a little odd on close inspection.

Wahl-Eversharp was resurrected for the first time in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Part of its return included this limited edition tribute to Walt Disney. Disney used to advertise for the brand when the Skylines were first popular. We have one of these handsome limited editions on our preowned pens page for under $100! Click here to see this great modern Eversharp Skyline.

Gallop on down to the Trading Post to see a great classic Mont Blanc 212 set and a brand new, never used Visconti Pininfarina! They just went live today. Don't miss 'em.

Also hailing from that wonderful northern neighbor, is our latest Parker Duofold True Blue. Yes, it is discolored with some wear and tear, but it is still a great writer and a fascinating addition to your collection.

Today's preowned luxury pen is a 1995 tribute to the invention of the radio back in 1895! The Omas Marconi is a fabulous Italian pen and part of a limited edition. It comes with its original box and papers. See it today!

We just picked up a beautiful new collection of preowned luxury pens. We are uploading one a day, and we are starting with this handsome tortoise shell Chinese lacquer rollerball and fountain pen set by S.T. Dupont. It is the S.T. Dupont Montparnasse. The FP writes a fine-medium line with a beautiful 18k gold nib. We put a fresh refill in the rollerball pen. The set comes with its various certificates and most of the original contents of its original box.

We've added a beautiful new lavender Conklin Herringbone to our preowned pens page. It comes with its original box and papers, and it is in minty fresh condition.

Slowly but surely we are updating our new pens section. Today we are pleased to announce the addition of the Lamy 2000 line of writing instruments. Award-winning design is its hallmark. Made of steel, these pens have a nice heft and balance while sporting a wider grip that also helps people who suffer arthritis and hand cramps from skinny pens.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but our new Allegory 1941 ballpoint pens are battle proven! These limited edition pens are made from the original teak deck of the U.S. North Carolina, a battleship that earned 15 battle stars during WWII. Bolt actions extend and retract the Parker-style refills, which are a nifty addition to the pens. See them today on our Pre-Owned Pens section...even though they are brand new in the box.

Remember, also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

If you have any questions, please give us a jingle or ask at

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