Vintage Pens: Esterbrook Purse-9668

Vintage Pens: 1855 Esterbrook Purse-9668
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $59.99
Freshen your vintage pen collection with this minty green Esterbrook Purse Pen. There are NO CRACKS in the cap or barrel. The pen, particularly on the barrel, shows a little discoloration, but it isn't bad. Unfortunately, the section is pretty chewed up. Click the headline to see close-ups. There is some light wear on the plastic. The imprint is strong, and the clip is on tight. We restored this pen with a new ink sac. The steel 9668 nib was considered a big upgrade in the 1950s. It writes a very nice smooth medium line. Both black jewels are in great shape. 11cm capped.