Vintage Pens: Pelikan 100

Vintage Pens: 1981 Pelikan 100
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $325.00
Vintage Pelikan lovers, your prayers have been answered. Here is a practically mint condition Pelikan 100 from 1932! We are selling it on behalf of a friend who loves and restores Pelikans with the best of them. There are no cracks but a couple little marks from age and use. The ebonite cap topper has a few little wavy spots in the Pelikan imprint just above the clip ring. BUT, the logo on top still has most of its green dye filling! Carefully hidden under the clip is the engraved name of "G. Engstrom." The 14k gold nib is a slightly oblique, italic medium...with FLEX. Not a lot of flex, but enough. It is an incredible nib, as if you don't find the rest of the pen impressive enough. 11.5cm capped.