Vintage Pens: Waterman 52

Vintage Pens: 2050 Waterman 52
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $125.00
Black Chased Hard Rubber Waterman pens are highly coveted these days for their flexi 14k gold nibs. This Waterman 52 has one such nib, but it needs a little work to make it into a wet noodle the way people clamor for. Click the headline. You can see a slight deformity to the nib. It writes a really nice, wet medium line and can flex up to 2mm. However, you're going to need a nib guru better than us to get it back to an extra-fine to 2mm wet noodle. The pen itself is incredible. There is only light and sporadic chocolate hazing, while the imprints are pretty strong. No cracks. We are fairly sure (but not 100%) that the clip and lever box are silver. There is even a trace of the orange ink used to color the "52" in the tail of the pen! The section is a little loose, but securing it tighter might hurt the pen if you are planning to have the nib worked on. 13.5cm capped.