Vintage Pens: Parker 51 Flighter

Vintage Pens: 2088 Parker 51 Flighter
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $199.99
Let your writing take wing with our Parker 51 Flighter. This rare Parker 51 is the all metal version of the pen with an aerometric filler from the late 1940s. We completely restored this pen by giving it a sonic cleaning to clear the hood and feed of old ink while also installing a new silicon ink sac. The hood and nib are just a shade off from perfect alignment. The cap and barrel show the usual wear rings from where the cap fit on the section and where it was posted on the tail. There is a small dent on the end of the tail from where the pen must have been dropped once. However, there are no other dents or deep scratches, just the usual light wear. The original metal breather tube is still in the pen. The 14k gold nib writes very nice wet medium line. 13.7cm capped.