Green-Gold Sheaffer Is New Old Stock

You don't often see mint condition Sheaffer GN pencils in green gold. We got this one from an attic find. Beautiful pencil complete with sticker, original eraser and leads.

Pinstripes in rolled gold look great on our New Old Stock Conklin pencil. Works great and comes with the original spare refills in the tail!

We hope to impress you with our latest batch of vintage pencils straight from the 1920s factories of Sheaffer and Conklin. These classic writing instruments are just as amazing as they day they were created nearly 100 years ago! Lead lovers unite over these great mechanical pencils.

Preowned pen fans will love our latest piston-filling Bexley with a translucent blue barrel. We aren't sure of the model name, but it has a very nice fine-point steel nib.

Don't be afraid to open your door to our Parker Raven. It has an almost wet-noodle flexi Lucky Curve nib!

Seemingly rolling off the Waterman assembly line is our gold-filled Waterman 0552 1/2 writing set. Naturally it sports a 14k gold flexi nib. The matching pencil is likewise working and nearly perfect.

You will need to pick your  jaw up off the floor when you see our latest vintage oversized Sheaffer Lifetime fountain pen. It is the yellower version of the jade with hardly any trace of discoloration or use. Gorgeous!

Barrel clarity is out of this world on our Parker Vacumatic Debutante in Azure Pearl. Fully restored, this pen is a true beauty. It also features a very rare printing on the aluminum vacumatic tail unit. Dammit! It even writes well.

Our latest Wahl ringtop pen is made of sterling silver and has a lovely vine and floral pattern. We restored it with a new ink sac. Its original 14k gold nib writes an extra fine line.

The medium nib on our Lamy Persona is one of the smoothest modern nibs we've written with. Plus, the space-age design of the pen is really something to see. Great for all manner of writing needs.

We've been adding some very affordable and extremely attractive ballpoint pens to our modern pre-owned pens page. See what types of grand bargains you might strike. At these prices, you won't regret it. 

Nearly 100% pure perfection, our latest Sheaffer Lifetime hails from 1924 or '25. It is an early hard rubber pen with a White Dot and a monster STUB nib!

Looking for a Sheaffer Lifetime circa 1922 or '23, before they had a white dot? Might we suggest a still stickered model with a factory stub nib! Fully restored, it is cosmetically perfect with only one internal flaw. Read all about it.

Geek out with a New Old Stock Conklin 40 with a rare factory stub nib! We restored this beast, but would understand if you would rather keep it on display. It is that nice.

Vintage pen fans will geek out over the shear perfection of our minty fresh 100-year old black-chases-hard-rubber Conklin 40! All we did to restore it was put  in a fresh ink sac and polish the trim.

Treat your pen-loving sweetheart to rare vintage pen or limited edition Omas fountain pen this year. We've been uploading lots of amazing pens, such as the really rare, stickered N.O.S. Sheaffer Lifetime 4-pen set! Mint condition and fully restored!

If you haven't been to the Trading Post in a while, we have some really neat new pens recently posted. One is the granite capped Montblanc. Others include fully restored vintage pens and a Pelikan 400!

Check out our new old stock Conklin pencil from the 1920s! It looks great in silver plate, and it works perfectly. It even still has its unused, hardened eraser and spare leads.

One of the rarest pens in the world is the Omas Harlequin made in the early days of Omas. Celebrating their 75th anniversary, Omas recreated that pen in a series it called the Homaggio ad Armando Simoni. We just added this beauty to our preowned pens pages.

Omas paid tribute to 100 years of movies with its Omas Cinema limited edition in 1995. Our pearl grey celluloid wonder is a Paragon-sized rollerball pen. Looks and writes beautifully!

Limited edition Omas pens are our thing these days. We just added the famed Italian penmaker's tribute pen to 100 years of radio. We call it the Omas Marconi, for the inventor of radio. Complete with its original box and papers.

Why...the Second Edition of the Élysée Vernissage is nearly twice as nice as the first. Its teal-and-turquoise design is quite handsome, along with its rhodium or platinum-plated 18k gold nib!

We don't often give a second thought to Élysée pens, but our limited edition Vernissage No. 1 is a stunner. Though we love the way it writes a smooth, wet fine line, its art deco paint job is something else on 18k gold plate.

Omas paid tribute to Euopean unification with its Omas Europa limited edition pen. We have one of these beautiful blue and diamond-studded pens on our preowned pens section. The pen is in excellent condition and it writes a delightfully fine line.

A short Sheaffer Lifetime Balance was added to our vintage pens page. Fully restored with a new ink sac, it is a great little writer with an extra-fine point in 14k gold.

Start the weekend "write" with our limited edition Omas Galileo Galilei! This  beautiful Omas Paragon in black and cream writes a delightful fine line. It comes complete with all of its boxes and papers.

Own a piece of history with our NEW OLD STOCK 1924-ish Sheaffer Lifetime fountain pen. This oversized model was the first in black Radite and to feature the famed white dot. Its rare factory stub nib is pre-serial numbers! The factory sticker is still on the flat tail of this fully restored pen.

Warmth and light will radiate from your desk with our rollerball version of the Aurora Optima Solé. Complete with its original boxes, you'll love its smooth writing and handsome design.

A set of Aurora Optima Primavera writing instruments grace our preowned pens page. Limited editions, these vibrant green beauties are a site to behold. Great rollerball pen and pencil.

We have a lot to reflect on this MLK Day. From the pandemic to the modern civil war to the new president. Today's blog post ponders a way to lower the national temperature and help cooler heads prevail in the future. We hope you enjoy and act on this nonpartisan strategy.

Waterman pencils from the 1920s were a far cry snazzier looking than most of the pencils made today. We have a like-new vintage pencil that looks and performs like it just rolled out of the Waterman factory...even though it is nearly 100 years old.

Today's red Esterbrook SJ set completes our latest round of Esterbrook reinforcements. In great working order, you get the pen and pencil. 

You never know what you're going to get with an Esterbrook from the 1950s, but we can certainly tell you that we have a fully restored winner with a very nice 9461 nib!

Welcoming back the venerable Esterbrook J-series pens, we showcase a lovely deep-copper SJ model on our vintage pens page. Its 1551 nib seems to have been altered to write an exquisitely smooth broad line.

We are starting to introduce some new old stock Waterman pencils from the 1920s on our vintage pens page. Each has a metal sleeve and looks like new. The work beautifully and look as if they belong in a museum.

Today's ballpoint pen locks and loads with a bolt-action device. It is a clever clicker that is lots of fun and works amazingly well.

Check out the stunner of an adjustable nib on our Eversharp Doric desk pen! Fully restored this pen writes a smooth fine line to nearly 2mm wide! It is an absolute art deco treat!

Sheaffer Nostalgia pens were very modern pens looking back on the 1920s. Now these classic 1970s pens are making people feel nostalgic themselves.  Nice writer with a medium nib.

Ecossais Parker 75 fountain pens are a rarer finish for the stunning pens. Ours has a few little quirks, but it is still a great pen. Come check it out on our vintage pens pages.

All 6 colors of the Esterbrook Dollar Pen line are now on display in our vintage pens section. Two of the pens feature the rare sunburst nibs! All of pens are fully restored with new ink sacs. All of them write well.

We added a special edition lime Lamy Safari fountain pen with a 1.5mm stub nib! It was gently used, but it remains in smooth writing condition. Great fun for Lamy collectors or people just getting used to stub writing calligraphy. 

Green was the color of our first Parker Vacumatic, and we've loved them ever since. Our latest one has a delightfully smooth 14k gold medium nib. Fully restored with a new diaphragm, this pen is ready for tons of great writing.

Storming the preowned pens page is our Omas D-Day fountain pen. A limited edition from the famed Italian pen maker, it delights with its smooth 18k gold medium nib. 

If you aren't blown away by the artistry and beauty of a Pelikan Hunting pen, something most be wrong with you. Like the sterling silver Toledo models, this has a sterling silver forest scene in relief work set against a lovely forest green background. Luxury and are meet in one writing instrument.

WE LOVE HALLOWEEN! As such, we've written our best ghost story in quite some time for our Drippy Musings pen blog. No pens involved, but we hope you love the chilling specters of our imagination. Read all about them in "Where Did Janey Go?"

More lux than Montblanc, check out the vermeil tail cap on our Omas Milord ballpoint pen! That's solid sterling silver dipped in gold. It looks, works and writes great. Take a gander before it is gone. Another great preowned luxury pen.

Luxury pen fans might want to take special notice of our green-and-gold Waterman Carene Deluxe ballpoint pen. It has some wear,  but there are no major issues with the pen. It writes so beautifully with a wider grip and a little extra heft to build momentum as you write.

Lamy created a clever writing instrument that writes like a pen when you twist the barrel one way. Twist it the other way to engage a .5mm pencil! A genius Lamy Multi-Pen.

But we did restore two wonderful Parker Vacumatic Majors with new diaphragms. Our latest editions are the emerald pearl and grey pearl designs. Great nibs, too. Such good vintage pens.

Preowned pen fans, you'll love our Visconti Michelangelo ballpoint pen. It is spotlessly pristine and it writes beautifully. Green and burgundy subtly run through its textured caramel cap and barrel.

Our blog keeps growing with more Decameron 2020 stories. Art Cerf delivers another of his "Tales of the Pandemic" with a truly inspired story called, "Death & Mrs. Brock."

Remember, also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

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