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One of the greatest Parker Duofold ballpoints of our modern luxury era is the Esparto pen made from sterling silver. We have one such ballpoint that we've taken a new photo of to better showcase its rugged appeal. We can't understand why it hasn't sold, yet.

Grey, golden brown and green make for a lovely triumvirate of Sheaffer Balances holding court over our vintage pens. Each is unique, but all will make for outstanding daily writers. 

We just added one of only 3,000 limited edition Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock pens to our pre-owned pens section. Lightly used, this luxury collector's piece is guaranteed authentic and comes with all of its original boxes and papers!

Looking for a great daily driver with an extra-fine nib? We recommend our Parker VS from 1947! It looks great and performs like a champ. Be sure to take a look on our vintage pens page.

Preowned Luxury Pen fans, don't miss what might be your once in a lifetime fountain pen: the Montblanc Heritage Collection 1906 Rouge et Noir! Numbered and in excellent condition, this pen was actually made of ebonite like the original pens.

For a true flexi Waterman nib, most people will put up with a lot of imperfections. However, our flexi Waterman 52 looks as if it just rolled off the assembly line! Nearly perfect, this is a vintage pen you do not want to miss out on.

Designer Marc Newson was brought on to help create the Montblanc M (Red). It is a futuristic fountain and rollerball pen. Each can be found on our Pre-owned Pens page.

Cool steel makes for a great design on the Parker 61 Flighter fountain pen. This smooth-writing vintage pen is a real treat and a little harder to find.

Do not stop! Do not pass go! Go directly to our pre-owned pens page to see a set of coral Montblanc Rouge et Noir Heritage Collection Special Edition pens. We love their sterling silver snake clips with emerald chip eyes!

Vintage pen fans will drop their jaws to the floor when they see the stunning near perfection of our "red ripple" Waterman 52 fountain pen. A fully restored lever-filler fountain pen, it sports an amazing FLEXI nib.

Check out our Vacuum-Fil (Sheaffer) pen that looks as if it just rolled off the assembly line in 1934 or '35. It works, but we'd never fill it so we could protect the absolute perfection of its untainted celluloid.

We just added a Sheaffer mystery pen to our vintage pen pages. It looks just like a Sheaffer Imperial cap and body, but its mini-Triumph nib looks out of place for the Imperial line. We restored it and it writes well.

We aren't sure how Nov. 5--this year--became ordained Fountain Pen Day, but we sure hope you have a good one. For your inky pleasure we have a fantastic vintage pen for you. Check out or monster oversized Sheaffer Balance in a green straited design. It has a luscious 14k medium-broad nib that is buttery smooth.

While they aren't officially rare, we just got our first forest green Parker 51. We don't know if you will like the color or its smooth fine 14k gold nib better. An aerometric filler in perfect working order.

Check out our latest story in Pen World Magazine! They gave us permission to reprint the story on our Drippy Musings blog. Come check it out for free.

Where did October go? Where has 2021 gone? Time passes far too quickly for our taste these days. Nevertheless, we have some great pens and pencils coming your way this month! We start with a superb 2-tone Sheaffer Lifetime nib on a less than perfect Sheaffer Lifetime.

Beware the lure of our Parker Duofold Frankenpen. This senior-sized monster is loaded with charm. All of its many parts are nearly perfect, and it writes so amazingly well, it's spooky. Plus, my dad delivers one last story for Halloween and the Decameron 2020 Project.

Streamlined Parker Duofold fountain pens are a little more challenging to find, especially at a bargain. Luckily for you, we have a junior-sized one. Fully restored and writes great!

Visit our blog to read all about how UV light from the sun effects Diamine ink. Plus, you also will see how we tested for pH in each ink. Lots of great new information for ink lovers.

Featured on our vintage pens page is an orange hard rubber Conklin Endura Jr with a lovely woodgrain design. It is fully restored. Yet, we think you'll love its fine-point nib of 14k gold most.

Conklin Symetrik pens were the last real whoo-rah of the company. We have a very attractive "Toledo-made" Symetrik on our vintage pens page. Fully restored, it might be one of the prettiest green pens you own.

We got one last Victorian dip pen for you. This one was made in New York and comes with a monster 14k gold wet noodle nib. Plus, it has an incredibly handsome sterling silver section and barrel. 

Dip pen fans will really enjoy their second chance for a great big nib with our John Holland No. 7 Fine! This is an red-and-black mottled hard rubber traveling dip pen. It is semi-flexi but not a true wet noodle.

We don't get many classic Victorian dip pens, but our pen by Hicks is a doozy. It has a huuuge No. 6 LeRoy W Fairchild wet-noodle nib. It also has a pencil, but we don't know if the pencil still works.

We're getting kinda crazy with our  theme days, but we have two Sheaffer Snorkels today. Both are fully restored, leak-free and amazing daily writers.

We added not one, not two but three desk pens to our vintage pens pages today! Two of them even come with a base! For you approval are a Mandarin Yellow Parker Duofold, a Sheaffer 46 Special and Parker Vacumatic desk pen.

Ready for the society season once again is a beautiful amber pearl Parker Vacumatic Debutante. She is fully restored with a new diaphragm and ready to write a nice fine line with her 14k gold nib.

Friday and Saturday are the last two days you can order before USPS shipping rates SPIKE and service SLOWS--intentionally!--just before the holidays. If you are interested in learning more about this new policy, please read our blog.

Entering service during World War II, the Waterman Stalwart is a reliable daily driver. We restored this vintage pen with a new ink sac. Your favorite feature might be its 14k semi-flex nib!

A lot of really nice, fully-restored vintage pens have been added to the Trading Post recently. Plus, the Trading Post also has added some really nice preowned lux pens, too!

Get our Chinese lacquered and gold-plated perfection in a limited edition ballpoint pen. This Swiss company continues its streak of engineering excellence in our latest ballpoint addition.

Everybody's favorite Parkers are back. We added two 51s and a 21 to our vintage pens page. These were the fountain pens that revolutionized writing in the 1940s!

Vintage pen and pencil fans might want to look at our vintage pens page for a fresh load of Parkers. We've added everything from Duofolds to Liquid Lead Pencils to the classic VS! Plus, there is plenty more to come!

Esterbrook Icicles that is! We just restored a copper-colored Esterbrook LJ-Icicle. It even comes with an upgraded 9450 nib. Check it out today on our vintage pens pages.

We have recently added several pens from the great Waterford Crystal company. These ballpoints represent the crystal styles of the company. Great additions for work and play.

Omas pens remain more popular today than ever. We have just added an Omas Milord with a rare vermeil tail cap. That's sterling silver plated in gold! It even comes with a leather pouch.

Enjoy a classic Pelikan K200 click ballpoint pen on our preowned pens page. This one has the blue-marble cap that looks more like an aurora borealis. Pre-loaded with a black Parker Gel refill!

Too often ignored, we rarely have enough inkwells to dress your desk properly. Luckily, we have just acquired two vintage inkwells that we hope you will enjoy for some time to come.

Roll out those BBQs, hot dogs, beer and chips for one last celebration of summer. And while you're at it, you can do some fun grown-up school supply shopping with our classic pens, luxury pens and inkwells. Might as well start the new "school year" in style.

Waterman Prelude fountain pens are highly under-rated. We love their buttery smooth 18k gold nibs. We just added one to our pre-owned luxury pens section, and we think you will want to write with it.

Sheaffer Intrigue, that is. We just added a stunning "Whale Shark" designed Sheaffer Intrigue on our pre-owned pens pages. It is in working order and comes with its unique custom Sheaffer converter.

On our vintage pens side of the site is an excellent blue Conklin Endura Senior!

We just cut the prices on 5 great luxury pens. Be sure to check  out the bargains on our Montblanc Leonard Bernstein, Montblanc LeGrand Bordeaux ballpoint, Montblanc LeGrand rollerball, Omas Milord fountain pen and Pelikan 805 fountain pen.

With loving hands we restored a jade green Parker Lady Duofold with a new ink sac. It is in good working order and features a semi-flex nib of 14k gold. The barrel is a little discolored, but this can still be a great daily user.

Sheaffer Snorkel pens are among our favorites, as they suck in ink through a straw...or snorkel. We just restored a Sheaffer Saratoga the writes a magnificently smooth medium line, even if the pen is a little beat-up looking.

What is not to love about the abalone-flecked limited edition Retro 51 Tornado Cioppino? We have a stunning rendition of this fountain pen in near mint condition.

We might be full of baloney, but this pen is filled with abalone...shells inlaid into a beautifully lacquered barrel. It is none other than the limited edition Retro 51 Tornado Cioppino.

The union of an old hard rubber cap and Permanite barrel is joyous for those looking for a great daily writer in a Parker Duofold Senior. Better yet, this one comes with a working senior Big Red pencil, too!

Fans of Japanese artistry on pens will love our Namiki Vanishing Point limited edition fountain pen called the "Raden Galaxy." Abalone shells set in urushi lacquer shimmer like stars in the night. Plus it has a rarer Namiki Broad nib!

The Shark Greg Norman arrives in the form of this modern limited edition LeBoeuf fountain pen. Featuring an autograph on the cap, it is a great extra-fine writing pen.

Visit our Drippy Musings blog to learn about our latest ink-fast test. Learn just how well Pelikan's vaunted Edelstein inks hold up to intense sunlight.

Keep from running out of ink when you finally get to travel for pleasure and business. This Visconti Traveling Ink Pot carries your ink safely to avoid spills and keep your favorite writing fluid by your side.

Few pens scream 1940s like the original Wahl-Eversharp Skyline fountain pen. And one of the best retro remakes is the new Wahl-Eversharp Skyline. Our vintage model has a unique cap and semi-flex 14k gold nib. Our modern pen is a smooth writing medium!

An even better bargain has arrived for vintage pen aficionados. We've got a very smooth, extra-fine writing Sheaffer Balance Lifetime for your writing pleasure. Fully restored, it works great but it has some cosmetic issues.

Looking to experiment with the world of vintage and not spend a fortune? Try out a classic pen by Sheaffer. Our vintage pen recommendation is an oversized Sheaffer Lifetime flat-top. It shows some wear, but it still writes well after nearly 100 years!

It could have been a museum piece, it was that perfect. Unfortunately, there is a chunk that popped out of the side of this otherwise pristine Orange Hard Rubber Parker Duofold Sr. We put it all back together, and the parts are worth more than most pens.

We just added a cute little ivory and gold dip pen from the late 1800s. Coming complete with its original box, it is has a beautifully carved gold nib! Too bad the tip of the tine is missing.

You will love the luscious, wet, buttery smooth broad nib on our latest Esterbrook J-model. So close to perfect, we don't know how anyone would want to pass up this vintage pen treasure.

Pilot Vanishing Point fans will love our buttery smooth writing Decimo with a pink champagne finish. Not quite pink. Not quite gold. It is hard to define, but it is beautiful. Its super-smooth broad nib writes even more amazingly well.

Today's update brings in a vintage pen with a nib we think most Estie fans will adore. It is the rare 3550 nib from the 1940s. This sunburst nib even writes smoothly while attached to a black Esterbrook Transition pen.

Red Esterbrooks are always hot sellers, but our vintage pen is especially nice, as it is a 1940s "Transition" pen. Better yet, this fully restored beauty sports a smooth writing 9668 nib!

For many people, the oversized Parker Vacumatic in burgundy is their grail pen. The rarest color in one of the rarest sizes is pretty phenomenal, especially when given it has incredible barrel clarity and a great two-tone nib.

Looking sharp in a silver pearl color pattern, we have an oversize Parker Vacumatic fountain pen. It is fully restored, and it writes very nicely. It even has most of its two-tone nib plating.

If you don't mind a little corrosion and discoloration,  you can have a great bargain on a smooth-writing senior-size Parker Duofold made of jade celluloid. It is a great pen for writing all day long.

We had never previously seen a flexible nibbed Parker Vacumatic Maxima until today. It is sickening to know that it also has incredibly good condition. A gorgeous Emerald Pearl design.

We have never seen a wet noodle nib in a Parker Vacumatic...until today. Our 1939 Parker Vacumatic Slender is a Spencerian dream. It is difficult not to love this silver pearl little Vac in great working order.

If you like rare modern Parker fountain pens that will be collectable treasures one day, be sure to check out our short-lived Parker Ellipse fountain pen. Our preowned pen looks almost new and writes nicely, too.

On Drippy Musings, we explore the best fake Mont Blanc pen that we've seen, yet. We really dig into the numbers in more ways than one! Please be sure to check it out, and helps us uncover more fakes.

Parker Vacumatic Juniorette pens are a little harder to find, especially in a red marble, but what makes our pen from 1936 really stand out is its barrel clarity. Fully restored and looking great. Writes well, too!

If you love the idea of a brand new 1920s' Morrison's set in the box, you'll love our oversized treasure that is unblemished by 100 years of time. In great working order with a semi-flex nib!

Sheaffer Lifetime Desk Sets are a great way to make your work space more official looking while keeping a great fountain pen handy. We have a stunning Jade Green Lifetime on our vintage pens pages that will turn heads.

Flexi-nib writers will love this offering of a Waterman 0552 1/2V.  This vintage pen might be small, but it writes like it is Napoleon on the page. You can smoothly transition from extra fine to 1mm wide.

Also from 1936 is a completely different  Parker Vacumatic Junior...this time in green marbled!  It is a handsome, restored model. If you are an extra-fine fanatic, you'll love its extra-fine line.

Straight from 1936 comes an elegant Parker Vacumatic set in burgundy. The fountain pen even comes with a semi-flex nib. Both the pen and pencil are close to perfect. Great barrel clarity...though it is a little ambered.

To all of the mothers out there, we wish you a great day. Thank you for your hard work, patience and sacrifice raising us. Please enjoy another story from our Decameron 2020 project.

Crystal clear is the only way to describe the celluloid of the barrel on our 1946 Parker Vacumatic Maxima in silver pearl. It can only be described as a museum  piece straight from the factory.

Among the rarest Parker Vacumatics is the 1940 Overmax. It might be stunningly rare but we have one...with a STUB nib. This stunning vintage pen is museum quality and an amazing writer if you ever wanted to use it.

We finished adding four colors of Esterbrook M2 fountain pens to the page. This classic pens from the late 1950s are in red, blue, black and grey with chrome caps. All are in great working order with various nibs.

Visconti made a model of fountain pen named after the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Each color design is based his paintings. Today we add the model known as Van Gogh's Shoes

Needing no introduction, we just added an excellent Montblanc 149 to the site. Nice smooth 2-tone nib. Very modern and possible for the French market. 

Parker was late to the mess-free filling systems of the 1950s. Yet, these capillary-filling Parker 61 fountain pens are still pretty amazing. We flushed the old ink from this pen and made it ready for action.

If you want a perfect piece of history, try our very early first model of Sheaffer Lifetime pen from 1920 or '21. Pre-White Dot or serial numbers on its nib. NEW OLD STOCK and STICKERED! Restored and perfect.

Enjoy a stunning azure pearl Parker Vacumatic Maxima fountain pen on our vintage pens page. A double-jewel treat, it comes fully restored with its original aluminum speedline filler. Writes great, too!

One of our favorite screw-ups in pen history was when Montblanc put the wrong signature on the cap of its Writer's Series Alexandre Dumas pen! We just added the ballpoint version of this pen to our pre-owned pens page.

Our Drippy Musings Blog explores the power of UV light from the sun against the popular ballpoint ink in Bic Cristal pens. I know, I know. Cheap ballpoints?!  Right. But, don't lie, you know you've got a bunch of them in your office or home. Might as well explore how that ink fares in an ink-fast test just like we would explore FP ink.

Every now and again, we get a clever new addition to the pantheon of brand-new modern pens. Today's arrival comes from Antarctic Adventurer Nandi Kovats who collects wood from his travels and makes pen from it! Great ballpoints worth a try as every pen has an adventure story behind it.

Really hard to find are coral-colored Visconti Voyager pens that haven't crumbled into dust. We have one such lovely Convertible model from 1998. Using either standard rollerball refills or Parker-style ballpoints, it is a unique and beautiful pre-owned pen.

Visconti Alhambra pens are limited to only 888 in pure silver, and we just added one! Inspired by the grand Spanish palace, the pen is likewise a sight to behold. NEVER USED, still in the box...are you drooling, yet?

Charcoal grey marble makes for a beautiful design on our Aurora Optima fountain pen. This pen's in great working order and is in flawless condition. A great extra-fine 14k gold nib, too!

Vanishing Point pens are a regular favorite among modern pen collectors. Yet, a Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo is even more popular. We have a sparkly red one with a stunningly smooth, rare BROAD NIB.

Continuing with our vintage pencil kick is an amazing Wahl-Eversharp.  It is gold filled with an very  modern looking geometric-style design etched into it. Works great.

Modern pencil fans will delight in our ebony wood Graf von Faber-Castell. It is a top-of-the-line luxury pencil in great working order.

Vintage pen fans, especially those who adore Esterbrook, will love to see the 3 incised cap bands on our classic Esterbrook Dollar copper color! 

We've been adding some very affordable and extremely attractive ballpoint pens to our modern pre-owned pens page. See what types of grand bargains you might strike. At these prices, you won't regret it. 

Nearly 100% pure perfection, our latest Sheaffer Lifetime hails from 1924 or '25. It is an early hard rubber pen with a White Dot and a monster STUB nib!

Looking for a Sheaffer Lifetime circa 1922 or '23, before they had a white dot? Might we suggest a still stickered model with a factory stub nib! Fully restored, it is cosmetically perfect with only one internal flaw. Read all about it.

Omas paid tribute to 100 years of movies with its Omas Cinema limited edition in 1995. Our pearl grey celluloid wonder is a Paragon-sized rollerball pen. Looks and writes beautifully!

Limited edition Omas pens are our thing these days. We just added the famed Italian penmaker's tribute pen to 100 years of radio. We call it the Omas Marconi, for the inventor of radio. Complete with its original box and papers.

Omas paid tribute to Euopean unification with its Omas Europa limited edition pen. We have one of these beautiful blue and diamond-studded pens on our preowned pens section. The pen is in excellent condition and it writes a delightfully fine line.

A short Sheaffer Lifetime Balance was added to our vintage pens page. Fully restored with a new ink sac, it is a great little writer with an extra-fine point in 14k gold.

Start the weekend "write" with our limited edition Omas Galileo Galilei! This  beautiful Omas Paragon in black and cream writes a delightful fine line. It comes complete with all of its boxes and papers.

Own a piece of history with our NEW OLD STOCK 1924-ish Sheaffer Lifetime fountain pen. This oversized model was the first in black Radite and to feature the famed white dot. Its rare factory stub nib is pre-serial numbers! The factory sticker is still on the flat tail of this fully restored pen.

We have a lot to reflect on this MLK Day. From the pandemic to the modern civil war to the new president. Today's blog post ponders a way to lower the national temperature and help cooler heads prevail in the future. We hope you enjoy and act on this nonpartisan strategy.

Waterman pencils from the 1920s were a far cry snazzier looking than most of the pencils made today. We have a like-new vintage pencil that looks and performs like it just rolled out of the Waterman factory...even though it is nearly 100 years old.

Storming the preowned pens page is our Omas D-Day fountain pen. A limited edition from the famed Italian pen maker, it delights with its smooth 18k gold medium nib. 

If you aren't blown away by the artistry and beauty of a Pelikan Hunting pen, something most be wrong with you. Like the sterling silver Toledo models, this has a sterling silver forest scene in relief work set against a lovely forest green background. Luxury and are meet in one writing instrument.

WE LOVE HALLOWEEN! As such, we've written our best ghost story in quite some time for our Drippy Musings pen blog. No pens involved, but we hope you love the chilling specters of our imagination. Read all about them in "Where Did Janey Go?"

Our blog keeps growing with more Decameron 2020 stories. Art Cerf delivers another of his "Tales of the Pandemic" with a truly inspired story called, "Death & Mrs. Brock."

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