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Think Pink

If you like bubble-gum pink pens, you are going to love our Levenger Verona. Not only is it a delicious several shades of pink, it has a buttery smooth 14k gold nib!
Wahl-Eversharp Pelican desk pens are a rare treat, but we just added our second one of the year! Like the first, this one is frosted-brown glass. But, this one has what looks like a married trumpet and a large green Eversharp Doric fountain!
Over the course of a year, we pick up tons of pens that are not suitable for our traditional line of pens for sale. However, they are too good to just toss in the trash. Sooo, we are making collections of these items for bargains to collectors and repair people looking for practice items and affordable gifts to give away. Up first is a set of 5 dip pens in various states of repair. Then there is a collection of what look like perfectly nice homemade pens by a pen turner. Also available are a broken sterling silver pen and a possibly silver plated Now included are a NOS Papermate set annnnd a bunch of possible salvage pens for you. How about a Waterman salesman's sampler set?! We close out our week of garage sale items with a folio of Parker Salesman's samplers and a Dirty Bag o' Parts.
The interchangeable nibs are what make Esterbrook J-models exciting. Today we have a great one. It is a black pen with a working original ink sac AND an upgraded 2284 "Signature Stub" nib.
We took a little time off for family and friends, but now we are back in the saddle. Today we kickstart the site with a Sheaffer Student Pen with a touchdown filler and a very Asian-themed pen by Rosetta. The latter has a super smooth nib.
Our Trading Post has been on a roll with many new additions in recent days. Be sure to stop by and check out what our other customers are listing for sale.
Pelikan makes more than pens. Try out its leather two-pen pouch that zips! Ours is almost like new. It is a great device for keep your writing instruments safe while traveling.
Beat the heat with a really gorgeous coral-colored Wahl-Eversharp Gold Seal Jr. We restored our vintage pen, and it comes with a matching pencil!
Everyone needs a good O every now and again. We have a great Oblique nib on our latest Esterbrook J-model pen. A beautiful copper pen with a 9314-B nib! Vintage pen delight.
Why Krone named a pen the Hyperbole is a little baffling, but it is a very nice pen. Ours is a hard-candy yellow that was recently restored at the factory!
If you like a good mystery, check out today's blog post! Our latest story in Pen World magazine showcases TWO heists stealing Parker Pens from the company in the late 1940s!
Imagine wanting a top-of-the-line pencil in the 1950s, going to a stationary story and coming away with a brand-new Sheaffer Valiant. You can kindof have that same experience online with our still-tagged vintage pencil!
Our latest Pelikan R400 Souveran rollerball pen looks almost like new, and it is the harder to find red version of the classic pen. Get ours in a box with a working black refill.
The pen that taught a generation of Americans how to write with a fountain pen has arrived. We just added a lovely blue Esterbrook J-model--fully restored--to our vintage pens page.
Don't foolishly overlook our latest Parker 51 set. More than just a double-jewel pen from 1946, our vintage writing instruments sport SOLID GOLD accents!
Really early Parker pens are difficult to come by, but we just added a Parker 20 that looks like it just left the Janesville factory in the first decade of the 20th century. A stunning mottled red-and-black eyedropper pen.
Missing its original box and papers, we had Montblanc authenticate our Montblanc Gandhi fountain pen, which is part of the Montblanc Great Characters series. One of only 3,000 pens, we are excited to showcase this rare preowned luxury pen.
If it weren't for a blasted dent in the gold-filled topper, our Conklin 40P would be perfect. Still, its stunning chasing, crisp imprints and semi-flex nib ought to draw a lot of love and attention.
Kick off summer with two fantastic pens. First up on our vintage pens page is a NEW OLD STOCK Sheaffer Admiral, complete with its stickers. Preowned luxury pen lovers will think they've got it made in the shade with our Omas Milord in green!
We haven't updated our pencil section in a little while, but here's an incredible Sheaffer MH pencil from the 1920s. It looks as close to noon as it can, and it still works well, too.
No one doubts the beauty of Italian craftsmanship when they spy a Stipula Etruria fountain pen. Our celluloid dream has an amber design that is sure to please. Better yet, you'll love its fine-point nib of 14k gold.
We've got a real stunner with a black-and-pearl Platinum #3776 fountain pen. Complete in its box and it still looks like new. A great 18k gold nib with a fine point really caps it off perfectly.
A touch of early 1960s charm graces our vintage pens page today with a New Old Stock Sheaffer Imperial II fountain pen. It still has its original markings. A very handsome steel and burgundy design.
Get a piece of modern Parker history with a 1980s Parker Duofold Centennial MKI. Ours is marbled blue with a buttery smooth medium nib. Looks fantastic with minimal wear.
Make your life of letters more fun with a very smooth Esterbrook 2314-B Relief nib mounted in an Esterbrook Dollar Pen. It is an absolute joy with which to write!
Thanks to all the moms out there who gave birth to all of us so we could obsess over fountain pens and other writing instruments.
Omas Paragon pens are celebrated celluloid wonders. Our latest model is the rare "Saffron" color design. Almost as impressive as its blue-and-orange hues is its smooth 18k gold nib!
If extra-fine nibs turn you off because they are too scratchy, take a look at our Esterbrook SJ-9128. It has a surprisingly smooth extra-fine nib. You might feel a little feedback, but it is true feedback not scratch.
It might look like an Omas Ogiva, but it is really a Levenger Articula. Made by Omas for Levenger, this preowned pen shows a bit of wear and abuse, but it has a fun nib that writes with a little flex.
It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see the similarity of our Levenger True Writer Select Mediterranean and a Montegrappa Modigliani fountain pen. Both are stunners, and our Levenger comes with its original boxes and converter.
It is rare to find pens from 1906, but that is what this Parker 33 is. It is a black-hard-rubber pen with gold-filled filigree. Plus it has a flexible nib for the perfect amount of old world charm. A true classic in the world of old eyedropper pens.
Geared toward the more price conscious market and younger writers, the Sheaffer Cadet is a great vintage pen that remains affordable. Our Cadet is a fully restored TouchDown filler with a smooth fine-point nib.
Sheaffer Statesman pens are a classic vintage pen of the 1950s. We restored a burgundy Snorkel, and it is a great bargain if you don't mind wear and an engraving. Happy writing!
Our latest preowned luxury pen is a stunning Omas Italia '90, a celebration of the World Cup coming to Italy. Complete with its boxes and papers, we think you'll love its bouncy, smooth 14k gold nib the very best.
A grey-pearl cap band spruces up our Levenger Tuxedo Voyager fountain pen. Really a Visconti Voyager, our preowned pen is a luxuriously smooth writer with its two-tone 14k gold nib. Looks almost like new!
If you like oblique nibs, check out our Esterbrook Dollar Pen with a rare-ish 1314 Relief nib. It is a fine-point nib with nice line variation and very smooth. A great vintage pen for a collector or user.
Have great fun with our Sailor 1911 Demonstrator with a medium-stub nib made of 14k gold! A modern classic, we think it will be the best new pen in your collection this year.
Our Krone Va-Va Voom is a nice, curvy pen with a very attractive design. It is in like-new condition and the 18k gold nib is a smooth medium writer. It even comes with its original boxes!
A Pelikan Souveran M800 fountain pen has just landed on our pre-owned pens page. This luxury writer is in excellent condition and it writes a squeaky-smooth fine line.
We have an elegant pair of black pens trimmed in gold. For the preowned pen fans, we have a rollerball version of the Waterman LeMan Opera. For vintage pen fans, we have a great Sheaffer TouchDown filler.
Celebrate the eclipse with a "Starry Night" like Lapis design on our near-mint Sailor 1911. It sports an "H-M" 14k gold nib. It looks absolutely gorgeous.
We just added a large Parker Thrift Time to our vintage pens page. These Depression-Era pens helped keep America writing when folks couldn't splurge much on a fountain pen.
Writing is a real treat with our preowned pen: an Aurora Talentum. It sports a 1mm smooth stub nib made of 14k gold. The pen looks pretty good, too! Minimal wear and a burgundy and gold design that is a thicker body for comfortable all-day writing.
A unique pre-owned pen has come across our path in the shape of a Pelikan Souveran M400. What makes it unique is an OM (oblique medium) nib that we don't find especially obliquey.
Keeping the perfection train chugging along, we offer up a New Old Stock Parker 51 Special "Smart Set." Never used and still in its box with stickers! It is quite a sight to behold.
Bordering on perfection, we have a stunning lapis blue Parker Lady Duofold fountain pen. Our vintage pen fans will love this fully restored masterpiece. It even writes a beautifully smooth medium line.
The pen that got the great Italian pen company started was the Visconti Ragtime. We just got a really attractive one in a almost tiger-striped pattern. Not only that, it is a very smooth writer that looks almost like new.
It is easy to love the smooth medium nib on our Waterman Carene Deluxe. And it is even easier to love the silver-plated cap and blue barrel design of the preowned luxury pen!
Early Visconti pen fans will love the stunning blue-and-orange Visconti Ponte Vecchio fountain pen we just discovered. Smooth medium nib fans will also love the way it writes. A classic from Visconti's early years.
When you need a pen that holds a ton of ink, and you need it to exquisitely luxurious, check out the Pelikan Souveran M1000. We just added this gorgeous preowned pen and love it. It looks close to new and it writes superbly, as most Pelikan pens do.
We just added a red Parker Ellipse fountain pen to our pre-owned pens section. Often overlooked, these pens were only made for about two years. Their nibs can be a bit wonky, but we love the way they look.
When the Sheaffer Balance II came out they also offered a Millennium edition. Ours is a stunning black pen with a sapphire blue flame speckling the cap and barrel.
The Montblanc Tribute to Mont Blanc is a little confusing for a pen name, but that is the pen company honoring the mountain for which it is named. We just uploaded the New Old Stock ballpoint version of the pen.
Fans of second-tier vintage pens might rejoice at the sight of our black-hard rubber Nupoint fountain pen with a lavender colored topper. If the looks don't win you right away, the semi-flex size-8 14k gold nib might!
Among our very favorite pen manufacturers in Italy is Montegrappa. We are proud to list a beautiful Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen complete with its original box, papers and ink well! Such a lovely green-marble celluloid!
Pelikan Polar Lights limited edition pens are always a fun treat. We just added a preowned luxury pen that comes complete with all of its boxes and papers. Barely used, it looks great and writes smoothly.
Remember when everything was marketed for the turning of the millennium? We were so excited to watch the odometer flip over into the 21st century. The Delta Y2K fountain pen is a reminder of those heady days.
Back in the 1930s, Wahl-Eversharp made some frosted glass pelican desk bases for their famed Wahl-Eversharp Doric pens. We just uploaded a beautiful brown model that is as pretty damned impressive.
Pen brands come and go over the years. The Luxor brand got its start in the 1920s but it didn't ultimately outlast the 1960s. Our Luxor Provita come from the end of the line in the 1960s. It is in great working order and comes with a 14k gold nib.
Since we sold our last ivory colored pens so quickly, we found a great one in the Visconti Rembrandt line. This pen was barely used and comes with a nice, wet medium nib.
Our fun with third-tier pens concludes for now with our Imperial fountain pen with a striking blue-and-grey design. Fully restored, some people will be most impressed by its semi-flex 14k gold nib. Not bad for a third-tier brand.
Stipula pens are always a popular choice among preowned luxury pen collectors, but we have to say that our amber Stipula Adagio is really something else. And it writes just as nice with a medium-point steel nib.
Arriving fresh on our vintage pens page is a really handsome Parker Royal Challenger in grey. Made in 1940, it is fully restored with a new ink sac. It comes with a great 14k gold nib, too.
It sounds as if it is confused as to what elected office it won, but the Senator President is a handsome oversized fountain pen. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the Montblanc 149, but it costs much less.
Krone Vintage Pen sounds like an odd name for a modern rollerball pen. However, that is what our preowned luxury pen calls itself. This ivory-colored pen is in great working condition, and it comes with a spare refill.
We don't know the model name of these shorter Krone fountain pens, but they are really attractive. Check out today's blue-and-green marbled pen with silver-plated trim. Comes complete with box and papers.
Start your week right with a ruby-red Esterbrook SJ fountain pen. We have fully restored it with a new ink sac. It also comes with a 1555 Gregg nib for fans of the famed shorthand method!
Numbered 4 of only 388 pens, our limited edition Krone Gradient is a mother-of-pearl barrel that blends into a fiery coral red. It is a handsome preowned luxury pen with a springy medium nib capable of line variation.
Match up your streamlined Parker Duofolds with a lovely orange permanite ringtop version of the pen. We restored it, and you may enjoy writing with its fine-point 14k gold nib. Looks pretty sharp.
We added a really sharp looking Parker Duofold Junior fountain pen to our vintage pens pages. It is a streamlined model with de-oxidized end caps. Fully restored, we gave it a new ink sac. Its smooth 14k gold nib might be another great draw.
It has been a little while since we offered up a handsome Namiki Falcon fountain pen. This one looks nearly perfect and sports an SB nib. That means it is a semi-flex broad nib. And because it was made by Namiki, it is just about as smooth as butter.
Vatican Museum pens are surprisingly collectible on the market today. We just added a ruggedly handsome blue and gold-plated pre-owned pen from Vatican City. It also looks surprisingly like a modern Parker Duofold ballpoint.
Your goals for the new year need not be written in stone. It is a new year and just learning out to be a year. Don't put so much pressure on it. The best pencil for writing resolutions this year is the Montblanc Writers Series Jules Verne! A spiffy .7mm treat.
Captain Nemo famously sets sail on a submarine in Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." The Montblanc Writers Series pays tribute to that novel's author Jules Verne. We have the official ballpoint with its original boxes and papers! A preowned luxury pen at its best.
We added another Montblanc Writers Series Daniel Defoe fountain pen. Unused or lightly used, this is a handsome modern classic. A nice tribute to the author of "Robinson Crusoe."
Parker Vacumatic Maximas are difficult to find these days, but we proudly offer a handsome emerald green model from 1941. Just think of all the action it might have seen. It remains in excellent condition and we restored with a new diaphragm.
It has been a little while since we've featured an emerald pearl Parker Vacumatic. This is a slender model from 1936. Its nib is perfect. The diaphragm has been replaced. It is one eye-catching vintage pen.
Fans of vintage Esterbrook Dollar Pens might think our copper colored with incised cap bands will make them holler. It isn't cosmetically perfect, but its smooth fine-point nib makes up for its past sins. If you don't like copper as a color, also just added a slender version in mint green!
We've just added three red Pelikan writing instruments to our flock online. These are the larger 800s in rollerball, ballpoint and pencil formats! Quite stylish and comfortable for writing.
Our train of Wahl-Eversharp Gold Seal pens comes to an end today with another lovely oversized set. This time it is in the black-and-pearl design. Slightly discolored, it is still a stunning set. Its Signature nib even has a little flex!
Brazilian Green is the name of our latest oversized Wahl-Eversharp Decoband. The cap and barrel are almost perfect but not quite. Its nib is wonder for the ages. A very smooth extra-fine to fine point, depending upon how you interpret those definitions.
We double down on two great pens today. For vintage pen fans we have a stunning blue-on-blue lapis OVERSIZED Wahl-Eversharp Decoband with a SEMI-FLEX NIB! Preowned Luxury Pen fans will be blown away by the galloping horses on our sterling silver Stipula Laurus fountain pen. A majestic work of art!
For all the lovers of Greek Mythology, we present the Stipula Prometheia. This sterling silver fountain pen is as much a piece of art as a writing instrument. Ours is new old stock still sealed in its original plastic packaging. Absolutely stunning!
Preowned luxury pens get pretty nifty with the rerelease of the Parker Snake fountain pen. Based on the 1906 original, this New Old Stock modern pen is a sterling silver snake wrapped around a cartridge/converter based fountain pen. Complete with all of its many boxes and papers.
If you've never seen anything so fantastic as a steampunk submarine fountain pen, you need to see the Jean Pierre LePine Graphyscaf. Not only is it an amazing pen, it comes with a display of sand, starfish and shells!
We are especially excited about our latest Parker 100 pencil. In excellent working order, it is our favorite color pattern of sky blue and brushed gold!
It is Parker Thrift Time! We just added a classic Depression era vintage pen in burgundy. Fully restored, you'll enjoy its smooth medium nib. A perfect holiday stocking stuffer!
Franklin-Christoph is best known for its incredible nibs, but this flexi-14k gold nib is attached to a stunning limited edition Franklin-Christoph Panther 40 Diamondtree. One of only 51 made, the "Diamondtree" is a stunner made with platinum dust, mother of pearl and urushi.
Stipula Iris pens are a really beautiful and fun luxury pens. It has a fun extending and retracting 18k gold nib and hidden piston filler. Naturally, it is a very smooth writing pen, too. Pre-owned pen joy.
Fans of luxury pens and sterling silver pens will cheer and shout when they see our like-new Montegrappa Reminiscence fountain pen. It is a gorgeously crafted pre-owned pen made of solid sterling silver. Such a smooth writer, too!
Taking a big swing at pen collecting, our Parker Duofold desk base features a handsome golfer from yesteryear. An ideal gift for the vintage pen collecting golfer!
Montblanc pays tribute to one of the 20th century's most iconic artists: Andy Warhol. This limited edition pen from 2015 is the famous Montblanc Great Characters Andy Warhol pen. Complete with a soup-can design, our pen is like new and comes complete with all of its original boxes and papers.
Our latest preowned Omas 360 is a stunningly smooth writing fountain pen. Cosmetically, the pen has some issues, but it is a so buttery smooth you won't care. A great daily writer from Italy's most famous penmaker.
Celebrating the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization from 1945 to 1995, the Omas FAO 50 fountain pen helped provide additional funding to the cause. Somebody really loved this pen and used it every day. Now it is ready to assist a new writer on their inky mission in life.
Another vintage Pelikan has migrated to our page. This one is a Pelikan 100N that has seemingly been restored with new piston seals. Smooth working and writes well with a 14k gold semi-flex nib!
We just added a vintage Pelikan 400 from the 1950s...before the M400 designation. In fact, this one has a barrel imprint stating that it is for "Export." It has a working piston filler and a great semi-flex 14k gold nib.
We added two great Parker pens made of sterling silver. On the vintage pens page we deliver a handsome Parker 75, and on the preowned pens page we showcase a stunning Parker Sonnet Fougere. Dent-free pens you won't want to miss.
Montblanc "precious resin" is notoriously fragile, but a stainless steel Montblanc remains classy and durable. Our Montblanc Classique rollerball is one of the short-lived variants of the pens that are famous all around the world.
We always enjoy finding a double-jewel Parker Vacumatic and restoring its lockdown filler unit. We just added one such vintage pen with a smooth 14k gold medium nib. It is a nice daily driver, as it falls a little short of the museum quality looks.
Our latest Parker Deluxe Challenger looks just like a freshly licked red lollipop on a summer day. Fully restored, this vintage pen comes with its original vintage pencil. A nice treasure for your Parker or vintage collection!
If it feels as if you're going to hell in a hand basket, perhaps you'll want a beautiful sterling silver Waterman L'Etalon with a basket-weave design for the occasion. Our pre-owned luxury pen looks almost new, just a teeny bit worn on the section and golden trim. It writes beautifully.
We just added a handsome Depression-era Parker Premier fountain pen. You might love its semi-flex nib, but it also has a unique gold-flecked design.
We've recently added some great classic desk pens to our vintage pens' pages. From Esterbrook to Sheaffer, you will see some handsome models to add a little flare to your personal and/or professional spaces.
If you have always been curious about how well Nooder's Inks hold up to UV light and how they test with a pH meter, you really need to read our blog. We examine 11 Noodler's Inks to see how they fare. We were quite surprised by the results!
We just landed a New Old Stock Omas Galileo fountain pen. Complete with its box, papers and unique telescope lens case made of lucite, this is a astronomically cool pre-owned luxury pen.
Vintage pen fans, try not to drool when you see the stunning bronze-brown of this Parker Moderna with a True Blue-like white and blue coloring in almost mint condition. Fully restored, it comes complete with its working matching pencil!
Celebrate Labor Day with the ultimate baseball player themed fountain pen. Behold the Krone Babe Ruth fountain pen! Only 288 were ever made, and it contains a sliver of wood from one of the Sultan of Swat's actual game-used bats!
Today is the 78th anniversary of the end of World War II. Rejoice with the "MacArthur" Parker Duofold 50th Anniversary pen! New Old Stock, we have a true collector's piece complete with all of its original boxes and papers.
Once you get a taste for sterling silver snake pocket clips, your bank account may never forgive you. Ease your way into this new obsession with the comparatively affordable Montblanc Rouge et Noir rollerball pen.
In 1995, the Omas Marconi paid tribute to one of the men who invented wireless radio communication. Most of the pens were made of plastic or silver, but our's is solid 18k gold! New Old Stock, complete with boxes and papers!
Cooler than cool. The Parker Duofold Geometric is ice cold. We love the amber design with what looks like flying toothbrushes. More than a fountain pen, it is a set that has been fully restored and writes beautifully.
If you like all the beautiful vintage pens you see on our website, we are the ones who fix the overwhelming majority of them. We can fix your pens, too. We fix lever-fillers, button-fillers, Vacumatics, TouchDown pens and Snorkels. We also give discounts on 5 or more repairs in a single order. Don't be afraid to reach out and see if we can fix your pens. We can usually turn around most basic repairs in 1 to 2 weeks.
Based on the 1935 Pelikan 101 fountain pen, the limited edition Pelikan Originals of Their Time 1935 fountain pen is a hybrid vintage-modern beauty in a stunning marbled jade green. It looks just like the original, only made with better materials and a smoother nib! New Old Stock!
One of the rarest vintage Parker Duofolds is the blue-on-blue lapis design. We just found one in amazingly good condition in the junior size. Fully restored, it is a great vintage pen for collecting or use.
We don't believe in abandoning perfectly good, working fountain pens just because they are cosmetically challenged. All pens need love, and we show lots of love to daily users that were heavily used and come with some cosmetic flaws. Here are two great pens that are imperfect but wonderful writing pens: a mandarin Parker Duofold and Caran D'Ache Leman.
We haven't favored our pencils page for too long. Now we are once again adding great vintage pencils to the site. Leadheads might really enjoy our streamlined senior-sized Parker Duofold in burgundy and black.
A Parker Duofold Jr. looks even better when streamlined. We added a remarkable model in black to our vintage pen pages. It also comes with a fire hose of a 14k gold nib.
Double-jeweled Parker Vacumatics are special enough, but today's blue-pearl beauty is nearly perfect and its celluloid is a stunning yellow-green, just as it was when it rolled off the assembly line! As a bonus, it comes with a smooth medium nib!
As far as the kids are concerned, summer is coming to a close. Sunset is coming on more quickly, and the light is getting to that magical golden hue that is so delightful this time of year. We added a golden pearl Parker Vacumatic set to match this time of year's look. Fully restored and ready for many more summers of wonderful writing.
It is nice to see Franklin-Christoph 46 pens hitting the second-hand market. Ours is a lovely preowned pen with a great blue-and-copper swirl. The nib flexes from extra-fine to a little more than 1 millimeter wide!
Not all of the great pens were in DC this weekend. We have plenty of great pens. We just added a stunning blue-and-grey Parker Duofold Vacumatic from 1945. Its best feature is a large Parker "V" nib! Fully restored and looks sharp.
Examine the Montblanc Rouge et Noir Metamorphosis and see which is authentic and which is fake. Our Drippy Musings blog will help to separate fact from mythology.
Preowned luxury pens are always a treat when they are in like-new condition. Our S.T. Dupont Lady features a stunningly beautiful Chinese lacquer design that makes the pen look as if it is wrapped in a pure gold thread. BUT, the pen is perfectly smooth.
Sorry, had to play on the Beatles a bit for today's Parker V.S. fountain pen. Made in 1947, this vintage pen has been fully restored for use today. It is in great condition, too. If you prefer our preowned modern pens, our Cross Townsend in Sienna Lacquer is an exquisite luxury pen that is too often overlooked.
Factory stub nibs are a rare treasure on Sheaffer PFM pens. Yet, on a PFM-V in green is a real treat. This glorious vintage pen has been fully restored and is ready a loving new home.
Want to make the most of our New Home Page, check out our brief tour of the changes on our Drippy Musings blog. Plus, be sure to let us know what you want as we will continue to update the look and functions of the world's greatest writing instrument website.
Welcome to the new and improved! Our new homepage more easily lets you search for pens that are On Sale!; New Arrivals and well as brands and nib sizes in new drop-down Vintage Pens and Pre-Owned Pens menus! Best of all, we now have a search feature to explore the website.
Not impossible to find in the States, but not an everyday find either: the 1950s' English Parker Duofold. We just added a handsome teal-green model that looks great and writes even better. A great vintage pen!
Parker Vacumatics are among our favorite pens, and we have a very nice early example with a cap and blind-cap jewel. It is the silver-pearl color and in great working order. Nice, smooth nib, too.
Parker always led the market in cool new filling systems. Its Parker Urban Ingenuity looks like a fountain pen but it really writes with a rubber-tipped marker refill. A clever looking pen for our modern era.
Our Visconti Mirage fountain pen has a very cooling effect on your desk during these dog days of summer's worst heat. It is a handsome pen with a unique texture and a beautiful color.
Start your week with a nearly perfect Sheaffer Imperial fountain pen with a rarer barley corn design in sterling silver! This grand pen writes a nice broad line with its 18k gold inlaid nib.
Kaco is a new luxury brand coming out of China. It isn't ready to take on Montblanc, but it is could be a real up-and-comer. Our Kaco Master is a bargain for a pen with a 14k gold nib. See the future today.
Short weeks really fly by. Today we've got some especially nice pens. On the vintage pen side of life, we have a almost new looking sterling silver Parker 75. On the modern side we have a stunning music nib on a standard 1911 Sailor fountain pen.
The 4-day holiday weekend here in the U.S. means this Wednesday really feels like a Monday. We just uploaded a beautiful minty-green Sheaffer 5-30 set that is nearly perfect. Too beautiful to describe. AND the vintage pen sports an accounting nib!
Whether you keep all of your fingers tonight or lose one (We're lookin' at you Frank.), we've got the pens to help you write smoothly and easily in the days and weeks to come. Perhaps it is time you declare your independence it our stunning vintage pen...a nearly perfect streamlined black senior Parker Duofold!
Lucky for you, we just added a Sheaffer Craftsman fountain pen. We restored this vintage pen from the 1940s with a new ink sac and O-ring. It is a good daily driver, too.
The 4th of July is coming up fast. Why not treat yourself to a pen by the National Pen Company for this National holiday. Stunning green looks close to mint condition!
You don't need platform shoes to dance with our silver-plated Dunhill Gemline fountain pen. Its smooth broad nib is easy like Sunday morning.
Meet the entrepreneurial genius who resurrected 3 very famous pen brands from obscurity. His name is Robert Rosenberg, and he revived Conklin, Esterbrook and LeBoeuf, among others! He makes a special interview appearance on today's Drippy Musings Blog.
The modern Conklin All-American fountain pen of the Brownstone design is handsome enough to want to own on its own merit. However, ours comes with an original 14k gold vintage Conklin nib! It is a sweet semi-flex writer for your summer scribbling.
We've just added 3 Esterbrook SJ pens to our vintage pens site. So far there is red, copper and sapphire...with more still to come. All have been restored with new ink sacs.
Justin Timberlake might have brought sexy back, but our Conklin Duragraph is bringing Omniflexi back. This is a modern revival Conklin that looks like new and comes with all of its boxes.
America's newest national holiday is a good time to reflect on the definition of freedom and liberty. Perhaps a new pen will help you sort out those meanings for your life. We highly recommend our limited edition Conklin Nozac Word Gauge fountain pen. An oversized recreation of the original classic, it is a delightful writing pen.
Treat yourself to a modern Parker Duofold Big Red, even if you aren't a father. It is a real knock-out of a fountain pen.
Pastel blue makes for a sunny Sheaffer Valiant fountain pen. We just restored one such vintage pen with a new bladder, point seal and O-ring. Best of all, it is a smooth medium writer.
Fans of nearly perfect 1920s Sheaffer pencils will really love our Sheaffer MH. This gold-filled beauty is in great working order, and it comes with a lead and B eraser.
Who wants only perfect writing instruments? Today we've got some bargains on some great working but not so great looking pens and pencils.
Party like it is Chinese New Year 2015! We just added the special edition Cross 2015 Year of the Goat fountain pen to our preowned pens pages. We think the pen is New Old Stock, even if the box looks a little beat-up.
If you are looking to up your luxury game in the world of pens, you might want to try the very smooth writing Cartier Diabolo fountain pen. Its a real gem for a preowned pen.
Vintage pen fans, it has been a little while since we've thrown a little love your way. You are in luck today with our sleek black Parker Slimfold from England. As the headline gave away, it has a smooth oblique nib that many might kill for.
Preowned pen lovers will delight in our tortoise shell Bexley fountain pen. Not only does it look close to brand new, it writes like a buttery smooth dream. It is difficult to pass up this medium-point 18k gold nib!
If you haven't gotten into the joy of Bexley pens, you might very well love our Bexley Poseidon Magnum II fountain pen. It significantly enlarges a vintage Pelikan design for your oversized writing pleasure.
Who doesn't need a good Parker 51 for a daily driver in your rotation. We just restored a handsome one from 1945. It might show some wear, but it writes a wonderfully smooth medium line.
Who says we're stuck on old European pen lines? Our preowned pens now sport India's Ranga ebonite giant pen in a blue-and-tan motif. Better yet, it features a nice semi-flex nib!
Examples of original jade green on Sheaffer pens from the late 1920s and early 1930s can be difficult to find. Yet, we are proud to offer a fantastic Sheaffer Lifetime Ringtop with great color, though not perfect, and a great nib.
Parkette might have been a Depression era subbrand for Parker, but this red-marbled pen with gold-plated trim is really fantastic looking. Very sophisticated, and it has a semi-flex nib!
So, we added a confusing but beautiful little pen that looks like a Visconti Van Gogh Mini, but we aren't certain that is what it is. Especially not with its generic (and super smooth) steel replacement nib. Adorable, fun to write with and we haven't a clue what it really is.
Finding a semi-flex nib in a Parker Vacumatic is a challenge, but we just added one such pen to our vintage pens pages. Fully restored, this is a standard grey pearl model from 1942.
If you delight in sturdy feeling semi-flex nibs, you will enjoy our Conklin P4 fountain pen. Not only is it fully restored, you can write from extra-fine all the way up to 1mm wide. A classic vintage pen!
Pelikan released the Pelikan Graphos set for technical drawing in the 1930s. We just listed one such set with nearly all of its original nibs! A classic vintage pen set.
If ever a pen looked like it was in search of Neo from "The Matrix" it would be our Eversharp Skyline in an emerald "modern stripe" design. Also known as the "moire" design, it is a beautiful vintage pen.
Our Ancora Santini appears to capture a roiling fire in acrylic with its "red pearl" finish. This luxurious pen also writes beautifully with a semi-flex 18k gold medium nib.
Sailor fountain pens top our pre-owned pens page with two great options. A like-new green demonstrator with leather pouch and a black-flecked amber 1911. Two great fountain pens from one of Japan's best pen makers.
Omas Bologna fountain pens showcase the artistry of Italian craftsmanship, and our preowned pen is in like-new condition! Striped in black, the orange barrel is a tiger of a design. It even writes great with a 14k gold fine-point nib!
The operetta "Die Fledermaus" gets a loving tribute (along with its composer Johann Strauss) on the fountain pen version of the Montblanc Johann Strauss. Get the complete limited edition set.
Montblanc Johann Strauss rollerball pens are a clever limited edition with a violin's bow for a pocket clip. It also comes complete with a music box! New Old Stock!
There aren't many innovations in filling systems these days, but the Pelikan Level 5 offered a mess-free tail filler back in the 1990s. We have a new old stock model with its original inkwell still full of ink.
One of the all-time classic pen designs is the Wahl-Eversharp Skyline. We just added one to our vintage pen pages. This vintage pen has been fully restored, and it writes a broad line!
The Montblanc Homage to JFK is a handsome burgundy ballpoint pen with rose-gold trim. It is a large pen with a little heft, too. Ours comes complete with its original boxes and papers.
It is understandable if you normally shy away from steel nib pens. But, the steel nib on the Pelikan P40 Pura fountain pen is surprisingly smooth. A great blue-and-chrome pen designed for cartridge lovers.
We just slashed some prices on our Omas Galileo rollerball, Omas Cinema rollerball and our Scarlet Omas Paragon rollerball pens. Don't let these beauties slip through your fingers.
Subtle beauty is the ace up the sleeve of the special edition Montblanc Rouge et Noir Tropic Brown fountain pen. This preowned pen is New Old Stock. We love the rose gold accents. Another great treasure for your collection.
Start the week right with a special edition Montblanc Rouge et Noir Heritage Spider Metamorphosis fountain pen. Our preowned pen is in like-new condition. We love the spider in its web on the cap of this pen.
Okay. That sounds a bit odd, but we just uploaded 3 different leather pouches to carry your favorite pens. Look for them on our preowned pens page.
For a while there it was all Sheaffer Snorkels all the time, but now we are back on a Parker kick. First up is a handsome black streamlined Parker Duofold Junior with a great medium nib.
Special editions are nothing new on our site, but today we feature our first Pelikan Black-And-Silver rollerball from 2008. It has a handsome silver-inlay design reminiscent of 1950s Exotica Design and the Space Age.
If you want the breath-taking experience of Howard Carter opening King Tut's tomb, try the impressive Montegrappa Luxor! It comes in a pyramid box practically wrapped like a mummy and resting in a sarcophagus. Sterling silver and blue celluloid make for a luxury pen experience like no other.
This isn't only a Parker Duofold Junior. Oh no. Our vintage pen is minty-crisp with a gentle stub nib! Fully restored, this is one pen you don't want to let slip past you.
Vintage pen fans, rejoice. We've just picked up a beautiful, rare Waterman 12SF fountain pen from the early 19-teens. Complete with its original box! Although we could not restore it, it does look great and belongs in every serious Waterman collector's collection.
Check out our limited edition Omas Europa fountain pen. Its diamond-studded blue-and-gold design is quite handsome, annnnd, this pen is New Old Stock! Never used. Pretty amazing for a preowned pen.
We are celebrating the end of winter and start of spring in style with the New Old Stock Caran D'Ache La Modernista. Inspired by the birth of modernism and the 1888 World's Fair in Barcelona, this stunning sterling silver and rhodium pen is a real treasure, complete with frosted-glass seashell inkwell.
If you've always wanted a Sheaffer PFM Demonstrator or a Montblanc Patron of the Arts Louis XIV fountain pen still sealed in the box, this is your lucky day! We have each of these rare treasures available on our vintage pens pages and pre-owned pens pages.
Our blog explores the Sheaffer PFM and what to look for when collecting these amazing vintage pens.
As far as preowned luxury pens go, few are as stunning as the blue and golden filigree of a Patron of the Arts Mont Blanc Prince Regent fountain pen. We have one of these elusive blue beauties still sealed in its original plastic baggie.
Celebrate Presidents' Day in style with the limited edition Krone Abraham Lincoln fountain pen. Imbued with the Great Emancipator's DNA, this great pen is new old stock, complete with all its papers and boxes.
Cartier is synonymous with exquisite taste and style in everything from jewelry to writing instruments. Our preowned pen of the day is a silver-plated Cartier 150, celebrating the company's grand history in style. Even better, yet, is the fact it is New Old Stock, still sealed in its original box.
A shiny blue Sheaffer PFM-III is now available on our vintage pens page. It is a fully restored classic fountain pen that is a must for anybody who loves writing with vintage pens. A great daily user and collectable.
How about a little love for our Trading Post. We've had a ton of new pens go up in the past few days. Be sure to give a look-see for some good bargains.
Yeah, we were feeling pretty cocky the other day with our green-and-silver PFM-I. Today we offer up a very nice, fully restored Sheaffer PFM-III SET to begin waiting for the Eegies chances for next year.
You'll know who we are rooting for when you see our great green-and-silver Sheaffer PFM-I fountain pen on our vintage pens pages. A fully restored daily user, this pen is ready to fly smoothly across your paper.
How can you possibly be getting tired of our Sheaffer PFM Parade when we keep bringing out some really beautiful examples. Our grey PFM-III set is the rarest of the standard colors, and they both write oh-so-smoothly. Vintage pen restoration at its best.
We've worked our way up to the top of the line with a Sheaffer PFM-V fountain pen. Black barrel and gold-filled cap, these were the pinnacle of Sheaffer luxury starting in 1959! Fully restored vintage pen!
The juggernaut of Sheaffer PFMs continues with our rare, still stickered, Sheaffer PFM-V pencil. It has a grey body and gold-plated cap. Not an easy find for most vintage pencil lovers.
Upgrading to a Sheaffer PFM-III meant having a 14k gold nib and gold accents on the cap. We just added a lovely married set of black pen and pencil to our vintage pens page.
Luxury pencils don't always get the attention that they deserve. We recently added a couple Pelikan Souverän pencils to our pencil pages. These are handsome, gently used writing instruments.
Vintage pen fans will love our new collection of Sheaffer PFM fountain pens and pencils. We will be adding one a day and have lots beautiful colors to come...maybe even one with no color!
For all of those writers who are a little naughty by nature, we've got a great oblique nib for you. Smooth, wet, nice line variation. Oh, yeah. You're gonna love this preowned Pelikan Souverän M800.
Our classic Sheaffer Snorkels come on a comin' with this fully restored Sheaffer Valiant set. This was saw a tiny bit of use and wear, but it looks close to new. It is a spiffy lookin' pastel green and a great vintage pen.
We have two great burgundy colored vintage pens. One is a N.O.S. Waterman C/F, and the other is a stunning N.O.S. Sheaffer Special. Each is new in the box with their complete papers.
Next up is a pristine Sheaffer Saratoga set in dark green. The TouchDown filler was restored, but everything else is stunningly close to perfect. And in the original box.
Will the wonders never cease?! We just uploaded 3 vintage pens that have never been used! Complete with their original boxes and papers, each pen set is pristine after at least 70 years! Check out our vintage pens page to see what they are.
We added two classic Sheaffer Targas to our vintage pens pages. Yeah, yeah. We know. Many still consider them preowned pens of the modern era. Regardless, they are still very handsome pens that work great. The Sterling Silver Targa writes an especially smooth fine-medium line.
We won't tell you when, but some time today we're posting the ultimate vintage pen for fans of hyper-flexible nibs. It is a Morrison's Filigree pen that has been fully restored. Best of all, its 14k gold nib can flex up to 2mm!
Our Trading Post is a happening place. For only $5 you can list a pen for sale, too. You keep your pen until someone pays you for it. There are no other fees or commissions from us, after you've paid your $5.
Not every vintage pen is a beauty queen. However, ugly pens need love, too, and we've added two great working Parker 51s for real bargain prices based on their cosmetics.
Incised cap bands are highly desirable and fairly rare on Esterbrook Dollar Pens, but we just added a great grey one to our vintage pens page.
Esterbrook fans will love the latest minty-green Dollar Pen we just added to the site. It has a rare 3550 SUNBURST nib! It is a hard-to-find beauty that writes well.
Enjoy a flash of spring this January with our stunning vintage jade green Parker Duofold Senior. If you prefer to kick it with a modern ballpoint. You can't go wrong with our green-and-gold Cross Metropolis.
It's new year's eve, and if you need a tuxedo for your desk, check out our great selection in both vintage and modern. One is a shiny black senior Parker Duofold and the other is a sterling silver and black Xezo Incognito limited edition rollerball pen.
During the past two years or so you likely have seen several limited edition LeBoeuf Greg Norman fountain pens. Today we post our last of these limited tributes to the great golfer. One last chance to take a bite of The Shark.
We just got a senior Parker Duofold set in Lapis Lazuli blue that comes pretty damned close to perfection. It ain't totally perfect, but it is close enough represent in most museum worthy collections.
With the warmth of a winter fire, our Golden Brown Sheaffer Balance will shine its way into your heart. Fully restored, this pen looks almost mint. It writes well, too!
Preowned luxury pen fans rejoice! We have a huge Omas Milord fountain pen in Bronze Arco. Aside from a few tiny marks on the cap and barrel, we don't think this pen has ever been use! Gorgeous!


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