Smooth Sailin' with Cartier 

If you are looking to up your luxury game in the world of pens, you might want to try the very smooth writing Cartier Diabolo fountain pen. Its a real gem for a preowned pen.

Vintage pen fans, it has been a little while since we've thrown a little love your way. You are in luck today with our sleek black Parker Slimfold from England. As the headline gave away, it has a smooth oblique nib that many might kill for.

Preowned pen lovers will delight in our tortoise shell Bexley fountain pen. Not only does it look close to brand new, it writes like a buttery smooth dream. It is difficult to pass up this medium-point 18k gold nib!

If you haven't gotten into the joy of Bexley pens, you might very well love our Bexley Poseidon Magnum II fountain pen. It significantly enlarges a vintage Pelikan design for your oversized writing pleasure.

Out of the ashes of the old Omas pen company rose the Armando Simoni Club fountain pens. Named after the founder of Omas and using the materials leftover at the old company this new pen company was born. Check out our Armando Simoni Club Studio fountain pen on the preowned pens page.

Who doesn't need a good Parker 51 for a daily driver in your rotation. We just restored a handsome one from 1945. It might show some wear, but it writes a wonderfully smooth medium line.

Who says we're stuck on old European pen lines? Our preowned pens now sport India's Ranga ebonite giant pen in a blue-and-tan motif. Better yet, it features a nice semi-flex nib!

Examples of original jade green on Sheaffer pens from the late 1920s and early 1930s can be difficult to find. Yet, we are proud to offer a fantastic Sheaffer Lifetime Ringtop with great color, though not perfect, and a great nib.

Parkette might have been a Depression era subbrand for Parker, but this red-marbled pen with gold-plated trim is really fantastic looking. Very sophisticated, and it has a semi-flex nib!

So, we added a confusing but beautiful little pen that looks like a Visconti Van Gogh Mini, but we aren't certain that is what it is. Especially not with its generic (and super smooth) steel replacement nib. Adorable, fun to write with and we haven't a clue what it really is.

Finding a semi-flex nib in a Parker Vacumatic is a challenge, but we just added one such pen to our vintage pens pages. Fully restored, this is a standard grey pearl model from 1942.

If you delight in sturdy feeling semi-flex nibs, you will enjoy our Conklin P4 fountain pen. Not only is it fully restored, you can write from extra-fine all the way up to 1mm wide. A classic vintage pen!

Pelikan released the Pelikan Graphos set for technical drawing in the 1930s. We just listed one such set with nearly all of its original nibs! A classic vintage pen set.

If ever a pen looked like it was in search of Neo from "The Matrix" it would be our Eversharp Skyline in an emerald "modern stripe" design. Also known as the "moire" design, it is a beautiful vintage pen.

Our Ancora Santini appears to capture a roiling fire in acrylic with its "red pearl" finish. This luxurious pen also writes beautifully with a semi-flex 18k gold medium nib.

Sailor fountain pens top our pre-owned pens page with two great options. A like-new green demonstrator with leather pouch and a black-flecked amber 1911. Two great fountain pens from one of Japan's best pen makers.

Omas Bologna fountain pens showcase the artistry of Italian craftsmanship, and our preowned pen is in like-new condition! Striped in black, the orange barrel is a tiger of a design. It even writes great with a 14k gold fine-point nib!

The operetta "Die Fledermaus" gets a loving tribute (along with its composer Johann Strauss) on the fountain pen version of the Montblanc Johann Strauss. Get the complete limited edition set.

Montblanc Johann Strauss rollerball pens are a clever limited edition with a violin's bow for a pocket clip. It also comes complete with a music box! New Old Stock!

There aren't many innovations in filling systems these days, but the Pelikan Level 5 offered a mess-free tail filler back in the 1990s. We have a new old stock model with its original inkwell still full of ink.

One of the all-time classic pen designs is the Wahl-Eversharp Skyline. We just added one to our vintage pen pages. This vintage pen has been fully restored, and it writes a broad line!

The Montblanc Homage to JFK is a handsome burgundy ballpoint pen with rose-gold trim. It is a large pen with a little heft, too. Ours comes complete with its original boxes and papers.

It is understandable if you normally shy away from steel nib pens. But, the steel nib on the Pelikan P40 Pura fountain pen is surprisingly smooth. A great blue-and-chrome pen designed for cartridge lovers.

We just slashed some prices on our Omas Galileo rollerball, Omas Cinema rollerball and our Scarlet Omas Paragon rollerball pens. Don't let these beauties slip through your fingers.

Subtle beauty is the ace up the sleeve of the special edition Montblanc Rouge et Noir Tropic Brown fountain pen. This preowned pen is New Old Stock. We love the rose gold accents. Another great treasure for your collection.

Start the week right with a special edition Montblanc Rouge et Noir Heritage Spider Metamorphosis fountain pen. Our preowned pen is in like-new condition. We love the spider in its web on the cap of this pen.

Okay. That sounds a bit odd, but we just uploaded 3 different leather pouches to carry your favorite pens. Look for them on our preowned pens page.

For a while there it was all Sheaffer Snorkels all the time, but now we are back on a Parker kick. First up is a handsome black streamlined Parker Duofold Junior with a great medium nib.

Special editions are nothing new on our site, but today we feature our first Pelikan Black-And-Silver rollerball from 2008. It has a handsome silver-inlay design reminiscent of 1950s Exotica Design and the Space Age. 

If you want the breath-taking experience of Howard Carter opening King Tut's tomb, try the impressive Montegrappa Luxor! It comes in a pyramid box practically wrapped like a mummy and resting in a sarcophagus. Sterling silver and blue celluloid make for a luxury pen experience like no other.

This isn't only a Parker Duofold Junior. Oh no. Our vintage pen is minty-crisp with a gentle stub nib! Fully restored, this is one pen you don't want to let slip past you.

Vintage pen fans, rejoice. We've just picked up a beautiful, rare Waterman 12SF fountain pen from the early 19-teens. Complete with its original box! Although we could not restore it, it does look great and belongs in every serious Waterman collector's collection.

Check out our limited edition Omas Europa fountain pen. Its diamond-studded blue-and-gold design is quite handsome, annnnd, this pen is New Old Stock! Never used. Pretty amazing for a preowned pen.

We are celebrating the end of winter and start of spring in style with the New Old Stock Caran D'Ache La Modernista. Inspired by the birth of modernism and the 1888 World's Fair in Barcelona, this stunning sterling silver and rhodium pen is a real treasure, complete with frosted-glass seashell inkwell.

If you've always wanted a Sheaffer PFM Demonstrator or a Montblanc Patron of the Arts Louis XIV fountain pen still sealed in the box, this is your lucky day! We have each of these rare treasures available on our vintage pens pages and pre-owned pens pages.

Our blog explores the Sheaffer PFM and what to look for when collecting these amazing vintage pens.

As far as preowned luxury pens go, few are as stunning as the blue and golden filigree of a Patron of the Arts Mont Blanc Prince Regent fountain pen. We have one of these elusive blue beauties still sealed in its original plastic baggie.

Celebrate Presidents' Day in style with the limited edition Krone Abraham Lincoln fountain pen. Imbued with the Great Emancipator's DNA, this great pen is new old stock, complete with all its papers and boxes.

Cartier is synonymous with exquisite taste and style in everything from jewelry to writing instruments. Our preowned pen of the day is a silver-plated Cartier 150, celebrating the company's grand history in style. Even better, yet, is the fact it is New Old Stock, still sealed in its original box.

A shiny blue Sheaffer PFM-III is now available on our vintage pens page. It is a fully restored classic fountain pen that is a must for anybody who loves writing with vintage pens. A great daily user and collectable.

How about a little love for our Trading Post. We've had a ton of new pens go up in the past few days. Be sure to give a look-see for some good bargains.

Yeah, we were feeling pretty cocky the other day with our green-and-silver PFM-I. Today we offer up a very nice, fully restored Sheaffer PFM-III SET to begin waiting for the Eegies chances for next year.

You'll know who we are rooting for when you see our great green-and-silver Sheaffer PFM-I fountain pen on our vintage pens pages. A fully restored daily user, this pen is ready to fly smoothly across your paper.

How can you possibly be getting tired of our Sheaffer PFM Parade when we keep bringing out some really beautiful examples. Our grey PFM-III set is the rarest of the standard colors, and they both write oh-so-smoothly. Vintage pen restoration at its best.

We've worked our way up to the top of the line with a Sheaffer PFM-V fountain pen. Black barrel and gold-filled cap, these were the pinnacle of Sheaffer luxury starting in 1959! Fully restored vintage pen!

The juggernaut of Sheaffer PFMs continues with our rare, still stickered, Sheaffer PFM-V pencil. It has a grey body and gold-plated cap. Not an easy find for most vintage pencil lovers.

Upgrading to a Sheaffer PFM-III meant having a 14k gold nib and gold accents on the cap. We just added a lovely married set of black pen and pencil to our vintage pens page.

Luxury pencils don't always get the attention that they deserve. We recently added a couple Pelikan Souverän pencils to our pencil pages. These are handsome, gently used writing instruments.

Vintage pen fans will love our new collection of Sheaffer PFM fountain pens and pencils. We will be adding one a day and have lots beautiful colors to come...maybe even one with no color!

For all of those writers who are a little naughty by nature, we've got a great oblique nib for you. Smooth, wet, nice line variation. Oh, yeah. You're gonna love this preowned Pelikan Souverän M800.

Our classic Sheaffer Snorkels come on a comin' with this fully restored Sheaffer Valiant set. This was saw a tiny bit of use and wear, but it looks close to new. It is a spiffy lookin' pastel green and a great vintage pen.

We have two great burgundy colored vintage pens. One is a N.O.S. Waterman C/F, and the other is a stunning N.O.S. Sheaffer Special. Each is new in the box with their complete papers.

Next up is a pristine Sheaffer Saratoga set in dark green. The TouchDown filler was restored, but everything else is stunningly close to perfect. And in the original box.

Will the wonders never cease?! We just uploaded 3 vintage pens that have never been used! Complete with their original boxes and papers, each pen set is pristine after at least 70 years! Check out our vintage pens page to see what they are.

We added two classic Sheaffer Targas to our vintage pens pages. Yeah, yeah. We know. Many still consider them preowned pens of the modern era. Regardless, they are still very handsome pens that work great. The Sterling Silver Targa writes an especially smooth fine-medium line.

We won't tell you when, but some time today we're posting the ultimate vintage pen for fans of hyper-flexible nibs. It is a Morrison's Filigree pen that has been fully restored. Best of all, its 14k gold nib can flex up to 2mm!

Our Trading Post is a happening place. For only $5 you can list a pen for sale, too. You keep your pen until someone pays you for it. There are no other fees or commissions from us, after you've paid your $5.

Not every vintage pen is a beauty queen. However, ugly pens need love, too, and we've added two great working Parker 51s for real bargain prices based on their cosmetics.

Incised cap bands are highly desirable and fairly rare on Esterbrook Dollar Pens, but we just added a great grey one to our vintage pens page.

Esterbrook fans will love the latest minty-green Dollar Pen we just added to the site. It has a rare 3550 SUNBURST nib! It is a hard-to-find beauty that writes well.

Enjoy a flash of spring this January with our stunning vintage jade green Parker Duofold Senior. If you prefer to kick it with a modern ballpoint. You can't go wrong with our green-and-gold Cross Metropolis.

It's new year's eve, and if you need a tuxedo for your desk, check out our great selection in both vintage and modern. One is a shiny black senior Parker Duofold and the other is a sterling silver and black Xezo Incognito limited edition rollerball pen.

During the past two years or so you likely have seen several limited edition LeBoeuf Greg Norman fountain pens. Today we post our last of these limited tributes to the great golfer. One last chance to take a bite of The Shark.

We just got a senior Parker Duofold set in Lapis Lazuli blue that comes pretty damned close to perfection. It ain't totally perfect, but it is close enough represent in most museum worthy collections.

With the warmth of a winter fire, our Golden Brown Sheaffer Balance will shine its way into your heart. Fully restored, this pen looks almost mint. It writes well, too!

Preowned luxury pen fans rejoice! We have a huge Omas Milord fountain pen in Bronze Arco. Aside from a few tiny marks on the cap and barrel, we don't think this pen has ever been use! Gorgeous!

A "Shadow Wave" that is! We just restored a handsome grey pearl Parker Vacumatic Shadow Wave fountain pen. Despite some wear, it writes and works well.

We just added a great second generation Parker Duofold from 1946 to our vintage pens page. It works well and sports a broad-point "Victory" nib!

In the 1960s Mont Blanc actually had an economy line of pens! The Montblanc 32 is one such pen now on our vintage pens pages. Still in good working order with a 14k gold nib, this was actually quite the innovative design for the company.

All-green (or should we say evergreen) Eversharp Skylines are difficult to find, but we have one on our vintage pens page. Fully restored this pen is ready for action, and it has a little flex in its nib!

Looking as if it just rolled off the assembly line in Fort Madison, Iowa, is a Sheaffer #3 Ringtop from the Roaring Twenties. Fully restored, it works well and is the cat's pajamas.

New on our vintage pens page is a junior sized Waterman Commando 515 pen with nearly perfect original lucite red ends. And if you prefer preowned modern pens, check out our Waterman Carene in Amber Shimmer.

We just added a Rotring Millennium special edition pen from 1996. It appears to be new old stock. It is a very handsome wood and lacquered fountain pen.

We just chopped $2,000 off the price of our Patron of the Arts Montblanc Gaius Maecenas! And we hacked $1,000 of our Montblanc Einstein! You'll also save $500 on our Montblanc Great Characters Leonardo! These pens are basically New Old Stock! Don't miss out on the chance to make someone really happy this holiday season.

Today's blog post is another look at the world of knock-off luxury pens. Ten different fake Montblancs get scrutiny, as we hope to help you better avoid scams in pen collecting.

Double-broad nibs are hard to find, but we just discovered an amazingly buttery smooth one on our Waterman Preface. This preowned luxury pen is silver plated and tons of fun!

Our FLEXI Waterman 54 fountain pen set makes writing those holiday cards as fun as can be. The fountain pen has been restored with a new ink sac and looks pretty sharp for being 100 years old. The pencil works, too!

Vintage pens with wet-noodle flexi nibs are really hard to find, but we just got one! It is a Sheaffer Self-Filling #2. You will adore its fine-to-1.5mm nib that flexes at the lightest touch.

Not to be confused with Parker Duofolds of the 1980s to now, the Brits had an earlier Duofold that came out after WWII. It has a Vacumatic body shape and a button filler. Fully restored, these pens aren't uncommon globally, but they are a little less common to find here in the U.S.

Our limited edition Pelikan Originals 1931 Of Their Time fountain pen looks like an early 101 model and features a solid 18k gold overlay! New Old Stock. Completely new in the box with all of its original papers.

Preowned pens are always nice, but the sterling silver Omas Marconi really stands head and shoulders above the rest. A stunning tribute pen dedicated to the man who won the Nobel Prize for the development of radio!

Paying tribute to its past, modern Parker made the limited edition Parker Duofold Centennial in Mandarin yellow. We just added a never-used, preowned pen for your writing or collecting pleasure.

Parker Vacumatic pens remain a classic of art deco design, and they hold a ton of ink. We just added a beautiful blue model from 1945 that has a great working diaphragm.

Our preowned pens page showcases one of our very favorite pens of the Montblanc Writers Series: the Alexandre Dumas. Sporting all three writing instruments, this set is still sealed in its original box! A time capsule into the 1990s Montblanc scene.

We just uploaded a fun pair of sterling silver Pelikan writing instruments. These are the pens and pencils celebrating 150 years in operation. It is a tuxedo junction of pens and pencil.

We just added a stunning, gold-plated Edward Todd pen to our vintage pens section. This restored fountain pen works well, looks stunning without a single dent and writes a lovely medium line with its 14k gold #5 nib.

Ever wonder what a Sheaffer Snorkel looks like in operation? Be sure to look at our Sheaffer Snorkel Demonstrator. This classic pen is in near-mint condition, and you can see all the moving parts!

It isn't often that you find vintage pens that still sport their original nib stickers, but our burgundy Sheaffer Statesman fountain pen has one. A smooth writing M4 nib!

You'll freak when you try out this amazing flexi nib in our classic Conklin 46 fountain pen. Fully restored, this pen is ready to write. Yet, it also looks good enough to display. We just don't know how you'll put it down long enough to display it. Its super-smooth 14k gold nib stretches from medium to 1.5mm!

G6, G4. Whatever. We have a great G4 nib on a Sheaffer Statesman snorkel pen in pastel green! This uncommon nib is very smooth and a real treat for vintage pen collectors. The "G" meant it was for the Gregg Shorthand Writing System!

Found out we'd been sitting on a limited edition TWISBI Eco today. Who knew. Might as well put this smooth-writing, broad tipped beauty back in circulation.

Affordable pens can make amazing writing experiences. For example, our Caran D'Ache 849 fountain pen is a stunningly smooth writer for an extra-fine point steel nib! It is such a bright florescent orange, it is nearly impossible to lose.

Can you hear Quasimodo selling Montblanc Writers Series Victor Hugo pens on the square outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris? I'm sure he'd have done a fine job if there weren't any beautiful gypsies dancing about. Come check out our preowned luxury pen before the bell tolls it has sold.

Bronze Arco pens of the Omas Milord variety are always in high demand. We just added one of these beauties. It is exciting to see, given that Omas went out of business several years ago. 

Carved wooden desk bases with the image of a fish are a rare treat for Parker Duofold collectors. However, we have just one such vintage pen set! Better yet, the Duofold desk pen has a FLEXI nib!

Smokey grey celluloid and sterling silver give a luxurious look to the Montegrappa Espressione Duetto ballpoint pen. Preowned luxury pens such as this are impressive in the hand, regardless of if you are at home or work.

Sheaffer Titan pencils are really fun oversized pencils from the 1920s. We just added one such vintage pencil that is in great working order. A classic 1.1mm lead pencil.

Blue Pelikan Souverän M800 fountain pens always turn our heads, but put a semi-flex nib on one, and you have our complete attention. This pen comes in its original box and is in great working order. Nothing but the sheer perfection that you expect from a German luxury pen maker.

As you take a day off from your labors this weekend, treat yourself to one of our fantastic, effortless writing instruments such as a smooth, broad writing Pelikan 120 or a Sheaffer Balance Lifetime!

If you are new to vintage pens, Wahl-Eversharp Decobands can be confusing as they also go by the name "Gold Seal" and "Personal Point." The latter refers to the invention of the easily customized screw-in nibs like Esterbrook and Pelikan would later use.

Sheaffer got clever with its over-engineered Sheaffer Intrigue fountain pen. We just added a blue one to the site, and it is such a smooth writer. Check it out to learn about its unique filling system.

We've had a long succession of New Old Stock pencils from the 1920s on the website. Our Wahl-Eversharp No. 14 marks the last of them until we find some other amazing collection to share with you, but that could take years.

Warm yourself all year long with the stunning Visconti Kaleido Voyager fountain pen of the "Yellow Dawn" design. Such a smooth 18k gold nib! Why on earth did Visconti ever stop making them?

We just got featured in 'Ink CT' magazine! A magazine for artists and art collectors, 'Ink' is interested in both vintage pens and the artistic stylings of our friend and master penman Hong Nhat Nguyen, who owns Rose Art Creative.

If you think ballpoints need more art deco style, you're in luck. Our Montblanc Doué Black & White ballpoint is a stunning design. Although it was made in the early 2000s, it looks like it came from the set of a movie starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

One of the great honeymoon capitals of the world, Niagara Falls is for lovers and those who love natural wonders. Pelikan Niagara Falls special edition pens pay tribute to this great landmark. Our latest pen is especially special because it has a STUB nib!

We've been remiss in updating our vintage pencils of late, but we are correcting that with some rare Realite pencils from Chicago in the 1920s! We think these might be new old stock from a jewelry shop that closed in the mid-1920s!

Today's preowned luxury pen is a tiger-striped Montegrappa Extra 1930. It is a really handsome and smooth writing pen trimmed in solid sterling silver. It is the type of pen that can put a Montblanc to shame.

Montegrappa fountain pens might be among the best being made in the world of luxury pens today. Our Montegrappa Extra Stylographe is a gleaming work of art in mandarin orange celluloid and solid sterling silver. Don't miss this preowned pen.

We took a couple days to enjoy the holiday weekend, but we are back in the saddle with two great new pens. One is an exceptional Parker Lady Duofold, and the other is a capless rollerball from the Montblanc Heritage 1912 Collection.

Not every pen is perfect, but we have an amazing writer with our Parker Duofold Senior. Just a delightfully smooth broad nib on this fully restored vintage pen with more than a few cosmetic issues.

Do you suppose anyone ever called Catherine the Great Cathy? Regardless, we added a Montblanc Patron of the Arts Catherine the Great fountain pen to our preowned luxury pens pages. This pen is still sealed in its original plastic and comes with its complete box and papers.

More than just good, this is Peter the Great in the form of a Montblanc Patron of the Arts fountain pen. Still sealed in its original packaging, we offer a genuinely hard to find modern classic.

Fans of both the arts and Montblanc will love our Montblanc Patron of the Arts Gaius Maecenas fountain pen, as it celebrates 20 years of the Patron pens and the first known patron of the arts in history. A top advisor to the Emperor Augustus in ancient Rome, Gaius Maecenas cultivated art and culture in Rome as no one had before him.

Yes, we just got a still-sealed-in-the-box 3-piece set of the Montblanc Agatha Christie Writers Series pens! Still in its shrink wrap! This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity you don't want to pass up.

Montblanc paid tribute to the legendary physicist Albert Einstein in 2012. We have a still-new-in-the-box fountain pen. Numbered 2413 of only 3000! Perfect for every serious Montblanc collector.

Who doesn't want an original Montblanc Hemingway fountain pen?! We have one that is barely used and comes with its complete box and papers. Looks almost like new. We just love these first pens of the Montblanc Writers Series, first released in 1992!

Up for a rare vintage pen treat? How about our Esterbrook J-model Demonstrator pen. This ruby red stunner lets you see the inner components of the fountain pen to see how it works!

One does not often encounter either of our modern Montblanc treasures. Yet, it is difficult not to love our special edition Montblanc Firenze LeGrand or our Montblanc Leonardo Sketch Pen (pencil). Neither is a common site on the second-hand market, but these preowned luxury pens are looking as good as new on our pages.

Taking the extremely cool retractable nib of a safety filler and putting it into a modern piston-filling pen, Mont Blanc does the impossible. It made the world's coolest pen. Check out our Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 fountain pen.

Montblanc Daniel Defoe pens are beautiful pens and a nice tribute to Defoe's hit novel "Robinson Crusoe." We just added both the rollerball and the ballpoint versions to our preowned pens page.

Check out today's Waterman 222 Barley fountain pen from around 1905! This time the cap and barrel are in good shape but the nib is cracked. BUT, this is the original nib with a rare star logo!

We've never had an older Waterman than our Waterman 0322 taper cap fountain pen from the dawn of the 20th century. It has a couple issues, but odds are you may never see another.

Esterbrook Dollar Pens with incised cap band are fairly hard to come by. However, we just added two to our site! One is a lovely green and the other is red with an even rarer 1314 nib!

If you loved the classic children's story or just great luxury pens, you will love our latest special edition. It is the Montblanc Meisterstuck Le Petit Prince! New and unused, you get the complete pen, papers and boxes.

You're in luck. We just added a black, oversized Sheaffer Lifetime Balance set! The vintage pen is fully restored with a new ink sac. You'll write a very nice extra-fine line with its original nib. The matching pencil works really well and sports a 1.1mm lead.

All of today's pens are blue! Vintage pen fans will enjoy our streamlined lapis Parker Duofold Jr set. Vintage pencil lovers will adore our Conklin Endura with a 1.1mm lead.

We think we have an accountant's nib on our latest Sheaffer Lifetime Flat Top Junior. Its jade green color is pretty stunning, even with a little discoloration in the cap. Yet, that whisper thin writing nib will drive extra-fine nib lovers wild.

A Parker 51 might be a more common vintage pen, but it is luxurious all the same. We added a very nice black and chrome model that is a fully restored 1946 vacumatic filler. You might like its smooth extra-fine nib most of all.

What is not to love about our Parker Duofold Sr. that is orange and streamlined. You'll find it fully restored and writing a nice medium line.

Two great additions are now available. First, for vintage pen fans, is a remarkable fiesta red Sheaffer Clipper from the snorkel line of pens. Then for preowned luxury pen fans we have the dynamic Pelikan Polar Lights rollerball.

Mottled red hard rubber looks great on our latest nearly mint Wahl-Eversharp pencil. It still works as good as it looks. Get your 1.1mm lead freak on.

Preowned luxury pen fans will flip when they see our Visconti Alhambra fountain pen. This orange hard rubber with pure silver filigree is a stunner. Complete with its original boxes and papers, we think it has never been filled before.

We just added a beautiful vintage pencil in "Kashmir" green marbling. It is the classic Eversharp Doric. You will see it is in great working order and comes with spare 1.1mm leads.

We just added another great Omas Paragon rollerball in the beautiful celluloid known as "Bronze Arco." It looks great without any significant wear or damage. It writes great with a new refill.

Vintage pencils are a new fascination for us. This mid-1920s Waterman 0725 has a ripple design on the orange hard rubber. There's only a little brassing on this nearly 100-year-old writing instrument that works well and comes with 1.1mm leads.

We've been on a Pelikan kick lately, as they are one of our favorite modern brands. Today we complete listing 4 different colored Pelikan D800 pencils! We believe these to be the largest pencils Pelikan makes, and we even have the rare red model.

A flock of 5 Pelikan Souverän K200 ballpoint pens of all different colors has just landed on our preowned pens page. All are in excellent condition and affordably priced. It's time to get your luxury ballpoint on.

We add two more Parker 51s to our vintage pen pages. Why? They are great pens and everybody loves them. We can never have enough. We hope you enjoy them, too. These are two fully restored Vac fillers.

No, Abbott and Costello haven't come back to sell pens. We just have an amazingly handsome Aurora Afrika limited edition rollerball now added or our pre-owned pens page. We also have the Fountain Pen.

You can write if you want to, if you don't nobody will. But if your friends don't write, then somethin' ain't right, and they're no friends of mine. It's the safety pen. It's the safety pen. It's a Waterman 45, to be more precise, and it is in amazingly good condition.

If you like rare vintage pens, you will absolutely love our 1920s or early '30s Sheaffer Flattop Demonstrator! Fully restored, you can see all of its innards at work. It even writes well, though it is more of a museum piece.

We've just added 3 new Parker 51s to our vintage pens collection. Whether you prefer aerometric fillers or Vacumatic fillers, we definitely have something special just for you.

We just cut the prices on more than two dozen preowned pens. Save big on Montblanc and Omas, especially! Our prices drops equal thousands of dollars in savings.

The buttery smooth train keeps on rolling with a delightful Omas Ogiva Vision demonstrator fountain pen. This preowned luxury pen seems never to have been used...or only very minimally used. Complete with original box and papers.

In our humble opinion, buttery smooth are the best nibs on earth. We don't get nearly as many as we want. BUT! We are now graced with a double dip of buttery smooth wonders. First is a Parker Vacumatic Maxima with a gloriously smooth STUB nib! If vintage pens aren't your thang, then check out our preowned luxury Omas Milord with an equally impressive fine-point nib made of 18k gold.

If you are looking for an affordable daily driver in the form of a Parker 51, be sure to check out our latest model from the 1950s. It has plenty of cosmetic issues, but it is still ready for front-line use.

We like to confuse modern Nike marketing with vintage Parker pens. We added a phenomenal example of the Parker Duette Jr. in green and gold. If its closeness to mint condition doesn't thrill you, its FLEXI nib might. We also added an Omas Milord rollerball pen and pencil to the site.

Remember, also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

If you have any questions, please give us a jingle or ask at

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