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We're Moving!

Chicago just wasn't cold enough for us, so we're moving to Wisconsin! What?! During the holiday season?! Yeah, yeah. We know. But what's that old John Lennon saying, "Life's what happens when you're making other plans." True love is a good enough reason to go for the holidays and beyond. Sooo, in the meantime, please be patient with us as we take a couple days to pack, move and unpack. Thanks!

Mont Blanc pens are among the most popular in the world, and we think you are really going to like our deals on our latest Montblanc pen additions to the website. All of them are in great working order.

The best part about Thanksgiving isn't rah-rah patriotism, frivolous behavior or even the food...it is a simple day set aside to give thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives. Sure, there's plenty of food involved, but, really, it is far more about just being appreciative, a sentiment that isn't all that common in this day and age. And with that, you have no idea how appreciative we are of you. We couldn't exist without our customers, but, more than that, we love all of you. Seriously. We can't count the number of new friends we've made through this business. Wonderful friends who chat us up at pen shows, great pen pals we've established in both the U.S. and abroad exchanging letters using actual pens, ink and paper, and e-mail pals, too! It is these conversations and friendships that sustain us as much as anything. Thank you.

Vintage pen fanatics will rejoice with the arrival of our beautiful and rare Conklin fountain pen that isn't an Endura or Symmetrik but a lower tier pen that is hard to find.

Retro 51 are among the most popular "new" pens of the past couple decades. With colorful and creative designs, modern pen lovers have been snatching them up. We are now offering many of the rarer early versions of these preowned pens.

Warm up this season with a smooth-writing Parker 51 in the hard-to-find cocoa fountain pen. An early aerometric filler, this pen is still in great working order.

If you haven't visited our Trading Post in a while, we have at least a dozen new offerings posted within the past week. These pens are sold directly by their owners, and the Trading Post is a great place for you to sell some of your treasures for waaaaay cheaper than certain popular auction sites.

Vintage pen aficionados might love a Parker VP, which meant Very Personal. It was the foundation pen that set the state for the Parker 75. We just added another working one...this time with a gold-filled cap!

Enjoy a minty-fresh Sheaffer Balance set in an almost entirely clean (not discolored) pearl-and-black design. Both writing instruments are oversized. The pen writes a great medium line with a very firm nib. A must for vintage pen lovers.

Who doesn't want a Parker 51 to be dent free? Especially when it is a gold-filled Signet model? Our latest vintage pen looks marvelous, and it is in great working order, too!

Don't wait until summer to go snorkeling. Check out our Sheaffer Clipper Snorkel fountain pen. Fully restored, it is a handsome edition to your collection. It comes complete with its box and papers!

We really like the classic cordovan brown color on our Parker 51. You can find it on our vintage pens page. It is fully restored and ready to write or display!

It has been far too long since we've stocked any Aerometric-filling Parker 51s, but today is the day for some happy news. We just added a rarer-green 51 to our vintage pens section!

We've finally started adding fresh new merch back to the site. Starting with a classic Esterbrook J-model and a sparkly red Recife Baby Press from Paris, we get the ball rolling with some great daily writers.

Big news out of Ohio this show: It appears that our loyal hotel, the Crown Plaza in Dublin, is closing on Nov. 15 and getting out of the convention game forever! Terry and the other fearless pen show leaders are already vowing to find a new location for the Ohio Pen Show in 2020, but we will never again be at our trusty Crown Plaza. 

A sinus infection delayed our arrival at the Ohio Pen Show. Although is this technically Day 3 of the show, it is our Day 1. We had plenty of fun catching up with friends and show regulars. This year's Dessert Party was the best one yet! The chocolate cheese cake was sumptuous.

Red flames lick your hands as you write with a stunning Waterman Starlet fountain pen from the 1940s. It lays down a nice, wet medium line. What's not to love?

A lovely green Parker Duofold Senior graces our vintage pens page. It has rarer features such as a Lucky Curve nib, Christmas tree inkfeed and a raised cap band. Fully restored, this fountain pen is worth a good, long look.

We love those slender fountain pens that Parker made during the Great Depression. Infinitely colorful and just as good as any mainline Parker pen, they were sold at a bargain to help the company survive the Great Depression.

Parker Duofolds were fashion statements and status symbols in the 1920s...especially the "red" (orange) ones. We just added a Parker Duofold Jr. set in orange hard rubber. Fully restored, it is a treat with which to write.

After a delightful Dallas Pen Show, we are back home and ready to get back into action. All orders from during the show have shipped, and we are almost completely back in the swing. Now, if only we could catch up on sleep.

Saturday is the big day at the Dallas Pen Show. The crowds were deep, and it was great to see so many pen lovers getting out of the extreme Texas heat. 3-Finger Frank was a huge help and tons of fun conversation until it was time for him to return home. There were many panels for show-goers to attend. Plus, it was very heartening to see that the crowds were mostly new pen lovers. Maybe our beloved hobby won't die off, after all!

Two days of driving were rewarded with the friendliest showgoers of the Deep South. Day 1 of the Dallas Show is long: 12 hours--from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Yet, it is a great time to catch up with old friends and weekend early pass holders. The show as loaded with great vintage pens and modern inks. Plus, as an added bonus, my friend 3-Finger Frank came over from Houston and insisted upon the most amazing Italian restaurant I've ever eaten at. OMG. Go to the Ferrari's in Farmer's Branch/Dallas! No sports cars, only phenomenal food and wine!

We're on the road again to Dallas, Texas, and the biggest little pen show in the Lone Star State. Soooo many great friends and pen-loving strangers await. We are eager to show off more than 200 great pens not on the website. AND, we made some pretty big discount on some of our longer-serving pens on the site. Can't wait to see you deep in the heart of Texas!

Classic 1920s' Waterman #7 pens are very popular with their flex nibs like this "Red" model. It has a great minty fresh red ripple design and is fully restored. Yet, the 1.2mm flex in the medium semi-flex nib will really get most collectors going.

Pelikan and Esterbrook didn't start the whole screw-in nib craze...Wahl-Eversharp did with its Personal Point line in the 1930s. We added a pearl-and-black pen and pencil set. Nearly mint!

You will be dazzled by our mint Wahl #4 fountain pen with a gold-plated Greek Key design. Fully restored, it writes with a SEMI-FLEX nib!

How about a Parker Duofold Geometric, also known as the the Parker Toothbrush pen. One look at its beautiful art deco design, and there can be no questioning its nickname. Check it out to see what all the dental buzz is about.

There's a lot to be said for the second generation of Parker Duofolds. They were the height of art deco styling in the 1930s and '40s. We just restored a green-and-brown 1942 Parker Duofold with a new diaphragm and a great medium 14k gold nib!

Conklin Gliders were among the last models produced by the original Conklin pen company in the 1940s. We have one such pen in a green pattern that looks as if it comes straight from the movie "The Matrix." Take the red pill; it has a semi-flex nib.

Whether you prefer fountain pens or ballpoints, we have an ever-growing selection of modern Pelikan writing instruments. Enjoy taking a gander at some of these handsome bargains.

Sheaffer snorkels are among our favorite filling systems, and now we have a complete pen and pencil set in the Sheaffer Sentinel design. Fully restored and ready to impress at work or home.

We conclude this latest round of Esterbrook fountain pen postings with a lovely ruby red Esterbrook SJ. It has been fully restored and features a steel 1551 nib. Be sure to check it and all of our other Esterbrooks out today.

Treat yourself to a pen that was exclusively designed for nurses when it first came out. Our Esterbrook Nurse's pen has been fully restored, and it sports red cap and tail jewels. 

Preowned luxury pen fans will like that we are dedicating the next week or so to Pelikan pens. We already posted two great ballpoints, but the fountain pens won't be too far behind!

Esterbrook J-model pens are always a hit on our site, but today's minty green wonder sports a rare 9314M Relief nib! That means it is an oblique stub! Don't miss it!

Sterling Silver never goes out of style on a Montblanc Legrand 146 fountain pen! We are happy to showcase a gently used one that works perfectly and writes with a very nice two-tone 18k gold nib. Preowned luxury pen greatness.

It has been a while since we've had a classic Mont Blanc Hemingway pen on our site, but we are excited to show one off now. It is a user-grade ballpoint that is a bargain, given how pricey these very first Writer's Series pens go for.

Escape the misery of summer's heat by going snorkeling. If you can't make it to the ocean, try a Sheaffer Snorkel! We love these ingenious pens that are mess-free. The most overengineered vintage pen!

Special Edition Pilot Vanishing Point Icicle pens are great for at least psychologically beating the heat. We have one frosty blue wonder that looks great with minimal wear. Such a smooth nib, too!

Lately, we've been adding ballpoint pens that are more than 40 years old...as we feel that qualifies them for vintage status. However, today, we get back to more traditionally qualified vintage fountain pens with a handsome, fully restored Sheaffer Admiral Snorkel.

A slightly more modern metal Pilot Falcon fountain pen landed on our preowned pens page. Its nib is more of an XF to 1.1mm smooth beauty. You won't regret this pen. In fact, you might never want to put it down.

Fans of Japanese nibs will LOVE our Namiki Falcon fountain pen with its "<SM>" soft-medium nib! The preowned pen looks like new, and it writes beautifully smoothly as a medium that flexes out to a little more than a millimeter.

It is hard to believe the Parker Classic is now a vintage pen, but it is more than 40 years old. Still, they look just as great today as they did in the 1970s. Upgrade your collection today.

The Parker Sonnet in "Chinese Laque Amber" is a stunner for ballpoint pen fans. Definitely are rarer color for the line, we think these are the most beautiful of the Sonnets.

Our latest Parker 180 has an incredible cross-cut design in gold plate! Definitely one of the rarer models, it is beautiful to look at in its nearly flawless state. Of course, the double-sided nib is a great draw. Great vintage pen.

We were surprised by how quickly people snatched up our Parker 45 click ballpoints. Our final one just posted, and it is a handsome black and steel design. The cap clicks, which is our favorite feature.

Parker 180 fountain pens were a really clever invention. It has a single nib that writes two different widths. Our green one writes an extra-fine line AND a smooth medium!

For all of our American friends and customers, we hope you have a very happy 4th of July. We are going to take a couple days off to enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin. In the meantime, feel free to continue ordering these red-white-and-blue bargains. We will ship them just as soon as we get back.

Parker Sonnets also come in fountain pens. We posted a handsome blue-marbled version on our pre-owned pens page. Perfect for those who love fine-line writing nibs in pens that are still quite affordable.

If you are a regular to our pre-owned pens pages, you might have noticed it has been overrun by Parker Sonnets. We are offer great deals on a colorful collection of these modern stars of the Parker line-up.

We don't often get vintage ballpoint pens, but this Parker 45 is a fun addition to your collection. Unlike a Jotter, it has a whole cap that clicks. Looks great, works like new.

Still unpacking after the exciting St. Louis Pen Show, we are getting back in the normal routine of things. Updates and shipping will resume soon.

Sunday came to a close way too early. The older we get, the shorter pen shows seem. It was such a treat to meet all of our new friends and visit with our old friends. We had great traffic, again, in the morning. However, folks here are serious about closing time. Attendees self policed and were out of there at the stroke of 3. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but we stay open for as long as we have customers.) ;)

Saturday was a high-traffic day. Very busy, with barely a minute to catch one's breath. I love what the show is doing to attract so many new collectors. The breath of fresh air is very needed, and you guys are so much fun to talk to.

Friday brought a lot of really fun newbies and veteran collectors to the show. And we knew they had to want to be there because they braved a torrential rain to make it. So many great new acquaintances and conversations. Be sure to come out today (Saturday) because there are nearly 150 tables loaded with incredible deals on modern & vintage pens, as well as great inkwells and paper products.

We are in the back right corner of the slightly bigger second ballroom, past the bar. Buzz is pretty strong for the show. Lots of excitement among the vendors and early attendees.

There's no better way to start off the summer than with a trip to the gateway to the west! Come visit us for 3 lovely days at the St. Louis Pen Show this Friday through Sunday. We will have all the pens you see here AND nearly 200 more you haven't seen, yet. Great bargains and a well-run show should be tons of fun!

We go all out with both a vintage and a modern Parker Duofold in Mandarin yellow! This is a very rare color that had difficulty surviving the ages. The modern variant comes complete with its boxes and papers.

Classic Parker Duofolds always command respect, but the streamlined versions really turn heads. We have one such in a great jade green. Fully restored, it comes with its original nib and Christmas tree inkfeed. And my, oh, my does it write well!

Try a great English oblique stub nib in our Relief 2L vintage pen. You'll love the stunning blue marbled design of the celluloid. Fun for writing and staring.

We are the wet noodle nib express these days! Check out this stunning emerald green moiré style Eversharp Skyline for the flexi nib of your dreams! Fully restored and ready to impress.

I know. I know. Your fingers can't click on the link to our Sheaffer #2 fast enough. Have at it. Fully restored with a wet noodle nib that goes from Japanese extra fine to 1mm. Oh, and it looks gorgeous.

Get your kicks with our rarer, oversized RHR woodgrain Wahl-Eversharp Gold Seal Decoband fountain pen. What really will turn heads is its FLEXI nib that goes from around fine to 1.5mm. This vintage pen was even restored with a new ink sac.

A rare floral overlay marks this Sheaffer Ringtop different than all the rest. In great shape with a fun nib to write with. Fully restored.

True Sheaffer Half Balance pens are hard enough to find, but this is one oversized model with nearly perfect pearl-and-black coloring. Includes a great medium nib, too!

We always wondered what Wahl-Eversharp was thinking when it named the infamous Doric fountain pen. We have a great one with a huge nib that writes a smooth, firm extra fine line. Burgundy.

Looking for a minty fresh Waterman 52.5 fountain pen in a woodgrain pattern over red hard rubber? ONLY if it has a flexi nib? No problem. Check out our fully restored vintage pen. It's a dream to write with.

How anyone can pass up a Sheaffer Snorkel pen is beyond our comprehension. We restored a great Sheaffer Statesman that is ready to be your next great workhorse. 

Nearly a page of fully restored Esterbrook fountain pens was added to the site. With many colors, these pens are particularly heavy in the classic Gregg 1555 nibs! Great vintage pens.

We added a N.O.S. Parker 61 that never seems to have been filled, judging by the capillary unit. We also added a great Centennial-sized Parker Duofold. It looks amazing and writes beautifully.

It is difficult to find the Parker Duofold in Godron silver, but we have one such ballpoint. You will see it is in perfect working order, and it has minimal wear or tarnishing.

More and more pen lovers are making the most of our Trading Post. Check out all of the cool new pens they've posted. Plus, who knows, maybe you have something you don't mind selling, either!

Two new additions to ThePenMarket.com are mint green wonders of design. Vintage pen fans might enjoy our fully restored Esterbrook SJ with a 1555 Gregg nib. Pre-owned luxury pen fans will definitely love our early Parker Duofold ballpoint!

For only a year or two, Parker experimented with a click version of their retro Duofolds that first came out in the 1980s. We have luscious red marble click Parker Duofold on our Pre-Owned Pens page.

Harken back to the 1940s with our ruby Esterbrook Transition fountain pen. We restored this handsome vintage pen with a new ink sac. It comes with an original 1555 Gregg nib that writes more of a fine-medium line...yet, it is easily replaced with a simple unscrewing of the nib!

Save a lot of money while upgrading your pen look with our Parker Insignia ballpoint pen. Like new, it dazzles with its coppery lacquered "topaz" finish. Comes complete with a working refill.

In a rare turn of events, we actually know who owned one of our vintage pens. This Conklin M31 belonged to Susan Thomas who got it for high school graduation in 1905! Her granddaughter gave it to us to sell, complete with graduation photos!

Vintage pen fans and curious folks will love the simplicity of our 12k gold filled Sheaffer Imperial fountain pen. It writes a nice smooth line, and it uses a converter or modern Sheaffer ink cartridges.

Parker Inflection pens are nice, affordable daily drivers. We have nearly all the colors available on our Pre-Owned Pens page. All are in good working order and come with working refills.

Sheaffer Craftsman pens were very dependable writers in 1945. Our green model still looks stunning and writes very nicely. Fully restored for your vintage pen pleasure.

Football fans might have to wait until the fall for their touchdowns, but not vintage pen fans. We just added a lovely, gold-plated Sheaffer Imperial to our vintage pens page. The inlaid 14k gold nib even has a little flex!

It is difficult sometimes trying to figure out what pen you'll want to read about more...the vintage pen or the preowned modern pen. Well, you just can't go wrong with either. There's a rare buckskin Sheaffer Admiral snorkel on the vintage pens page and a 18k gold nibbed SEMI-FLEX Parker Ellipse on the preowned pens page.

We've added nearly a pages worth of new pen to our Trading Post over the past week. Be sure to check out some amazing bargains on our customers' preowned luxury pens.

Save money on our cosmetically challenged Sheaffer Saratoga fountain pen. Fully restored, it works well, but it has some flaws, most notably a inch-long crack in the cap. An affordable first foray into the pleasures of Snorkel writing.

Our Sheaffer Lifetime Balance junior pen has more than its share of scars, but it still looks a little dazzling. We restored this extra-fine writer with a new ink sac. 

If so, everyone will want the humungous "#7" nib on our Conklin 75 Crescent Filler. This fully restored vintage pen is stunning, and that nib is a real monster with semi-flex fun.

Montblanc limited edition pens are a favorite for many pen collectors, and we just added a doozy with the Johann Sebastian Bach fountain pen complete with its box and original papers!

Picked from the finest collections is this Parker 51 fountain pen in the very rare plum (purple) color from 1949. It is a like-new aerometric filler that writes a great medium line.

The last of our Conklin Endura Seniors goes up today. It is a stunner in the rare jade green. Fully restored, it has a new ink sac. You'll really love the smooth extra fine nib. All original, of course.

Have fun with a museum-worthy oversized Conklin Endura. Bronze and black in color, it writes with a little flex. A must for collectors and daily writers.

Love, love, love this oversized Sheaffer Secretary from around 1926 or so. Its red radite still shines bright. Fully restored, it is ready to write an extra-fine line with its really rare size 7 nib!

Delight yourself with a fully restored British Conway Stewart 75 from yesteryear. Our vintage pen is fully restored, plus it has a slightly stubby nib! A pretty good bargain.

If you like rare colors and semi-flex nibs on your vintage pens, you will go cuckoo for our Wahl-Eversharp Signature ringtop pen. It is a beautiful coral color with a classic nib. Fully restored and ready for your writing pleasure.

Brighten your pen collection with the acrylic wonders of Monte Verde fountain pens and ballpoints. We are adding a boatload of these handsome devils for the site soon. Great bargains ahead.

We are bringing to you a really rare Fiesta Red Sheaffer Sovereign snorkel fountain pen. It is fully restored with its original tags! Only two little blemishes mar the entire pen. It is practically mint condition! A rare treasure that comes with a matching pencil!

Adding the green of spring to our line up is a late 1950s Sheaffer Admiral snorkel fountain pen. Fully restored, it writes a medium line to die for! Looks almost new.

Blue swirling celluloid can't help but attract admiring stares. We love our limited edition Montegrappa Modigliani ballpoint. Uses Parker-style refills and writes beautifully.

Montegrappa stuns with a sterling silver ballpoint pen. Our Montegrappa Privilege Deco is an incredible preowned luxury pen that is a jaw-dropping bargain compared to similar Mont Blanc pens.

A grey Sheaffer Statesman snorkel fountain pen that is! We restored this missing link to your vintage pen collection with a new ink sac, O-ring and point seal.

We survived the cold to bring you first dibs on a small collection of Montegrappa pens. We start with a Montegrappa Espressione ballpoint in a tiger-eye brown celluloid that will knock your socks off.

We've ignored Italy's beautiful Montegrappa pens for far too long. Today we introduce a stunning blue marble Montegrappa Espressione ballpoint. We agree Montblanc is very nice, but these luxury pens blow them out of the water.

If you like 1940s Sheaffer straited pen designs, you will love our vintage pens page. We have all 4 colors available, with several of them oversized beauties!

Add color to your dreary, grey winter with the vibrant Libelle Fresco fountain pen. Affordable and a nice writer, this practically new pen is a winner for your home or office.

Sporting many lightly used Mont Blanc Noblesse pens, our preowned luxury pens pages offer plenty for the MB fans of the world. From ballpoints to fountain pens, we have a lot to offer.

If you have been waiting for us to bring out the really good pens for the holidays, we aren't holding back any longer. On our vintage pens page is a stunningly clear Parker Duofold Senior in jade celluloid. On the pre-owned luxury pens page we added a brilliant, unused Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen made of maple wood. It is a genuinely rare limited edition pen numbered 691 of 900.

Eclipse pens are a favorite among vintage pen collectors. We just added an oversized black Eclipse fountain pen with a stunning #4 or #5 14k gold semi-flex nib that writes from extra-fine to 1mm. It is smooth, too!

You don't need to kill yourself breaking into vintage pens. We have a nice simple 1920s Sheaffer fountain pen that is handsome and fully restored...well below $100.

Parker Vacumatics were, and still are, incredible vintage pens. Our latest golden pearl addition was made in the 3rd quarter of 1943, and who knows what action it saw. We've restored it to excellent working order.

Burgundy and black marbling help our latest Parker Duofold (circa 1930) really stand out in a crowd. Fully restored, it comes with its original nib and Christmas Tree inkfeed!

Can you imagine any major brand making a product named like the Sheaffer Pen for Men today? Still, it is an elegant, masculine vintage pen that writes supremely well with a smooth, extra-fine nib! In great working order!

Be blown away by the tree bark design of our vintage Parker 105 fountain pen. The gold-filled tree trunk design is in perfect condition. Photos don't do it justice. In great working order.

About a month ago we found a rare smaller international-size Parker Duofold in "Jasper Red," but now we've found the even harder-to-find large Centennial-sized pen! Complete with converter, boxes and papers!

We want to send a special thank you for all who have served in the United States armed services. We appreciate your sacrifices for our freedom.

Our oversized black Sheaffer Lifetime flattop hosts one of the absolute finest nibs we've ever seen on a vintage gold nib! It might be an "accountant's nib." It is a little scratchy, but Japanese nibs barely right this extra, extra-fine.

When don't crystal-clear emerald pearl, double jewel Parker Vacumatic Long Major fountain pens turn heads? Ours is restore and looking nearly minty fresh.

We've added a really sharp looking Gold Bond fountain pen to our vintage pens pages today. A great grey-and-gold writer, it has been fully restored.

Vintage pen fans might love today's emerald green stripes on a Moore fountain pen from the 1940s. Fully restored, this pen also features a semi-flex fine-point nib made of 14k gold.

Only first-year Parker 51 fountain pens came with aluminum tail jewels. These great pens are hard to find. Ours is not quite complete, as it has a later model sterling silver cap. Still, it is a great edition to any vintage pen collection.

If you seek genuine luxury, you will love the hefty sterling silver Krone Liquid Red Fury fountain pen. Virtually unused it is a masterpiece of engraving and enameling.

Actually, the intensity of the spiraling grey pattern looks a lot more like the smoke from a really close wildfire. Our latest Krone fountain pen is a real stunner that you need to see to believe.

Esterbrooks remain our top seller in 2018, and we recently restocked our colors of J-series pens. All are fully restored vintage pens in good working order.

Just in time for hunting season, we have a classic cast iron pen holder and inkwell in the shape of a buck with an incredible rack. This deer inkwell is ideal for any hunting lodge, chalet or desk of an outdoors person.

Radiant aqua blues dapple the cap and barrel of our Krone Metaphor fountain pen. It almost looks like new! An ideal preowned luxury pen!

Pounce on our Krone Panther fountain pen before somebody else does. It is a smooth writing button-filler that speaks of modern writing luxury. You can find it on our preowned pens pages. 

Lush green celluloid rekindles the warm, loving memory of Spring in our Krone Hyperbole fountain pen. A great modern button filler, it writes as good as new, because we think it was never previously used!

Silver bullets are best used against werewolves. Can sterling pens provide protection when wielded by strong willed people and forceful personalities? We have a sterling Laban ballpoint that might be up to the task.

Jimi Hendrix appears to have been an influence on the Krone Boulder Purple Haze fountain pen now available on our pre-owned pens page. Barely any wear at all. Great 18k white gold nib.

Time to give a fresh look to the Parker Duofold desk pen that we think might be a prototype. In fact, it was a Parker customer who suggested it might be. The swivel holder is made of aluminum instead of rubber, like the original production models!

Our preowned pens page has been given two Namiki Custom Kaeda ballpoints for your enjoyment. Each click pen comes loaded with a working refill, and each looks almost brand new.

Our vintage pen du jour is a Sheaffer Sentinel TM. We restored the TouchDown filler, and it is looking and working as good as new.

Modern Parker Duofolds are a genuine treat, and the jade green model is particularly difficult to find...until now. Check out our minty fresh fountain pen!

You should treat yourself to a grail pen with our pearl-and-black Parker Duofold Centennial MK II fountain pen. Barely used, this pre-owned luxury pen is the thing dreams are made of.

This weekend treat yourself to an Omas Tokyo for fewer than $50. It is a classic design of East meeting West. There are worse ways to spend your time off.

Sure, it might have been made for a uniform pocket, but our little Sheaffer SA pencil is cute as a button. Still works great and uses more easily found .9mm leads.

Get a great bargain on our pre-owned Mont Blanc Classique rollerball pen. A great daily writer, you'll be sure to impress at work and on the road. Everybody recognizes Montblanc as the pinnacle of writing luxury.

You'll want to dive into the blue swirls of our Omas L'Aqua di Bologna. A stunning ballpoint, our celluloid beauty is a ballpoint lover's dream come true. A vacation in your hand.

We keep the Omas ballpoint train rolling with a beautiful sapphire blue celluloid Omas Milord Extra. Minimal wear and a good working refill. Great beauty at a bargain.

If only! We got the next best thing with our caramel colored Omas Milord ballpoint pen! Looks as good as new, and it comes with a new gel refill.

In addition to the special edition fountain pen, we posted the ballpoint version of the Omas Biblioteque Nationale. It is a handsome pen in the Milord style that is almost completely free of wear.

Writing doesn't get much smoother than with our special edition Omas Biblioteque Nationale fountain pen. Made in 1995, it feels as if it just came off the assembly line. An amazing writer!

If you always wanted a little more umph out of a Parker 51, the modern re-imagining in the Parker 100 is ideal for you. All the class of a vintage pen, with all the functions and features of a modern pen!

We made amazing time back from Dallas to Chicago. We'll be getting unpacked and back to shipping as soon as possible. We'll also fill you in on all of the Dallas fun! Thanks to Pete and Mike for putting on another amazing pen show!

Pete and Mike advertise the heck out of this show, and it shows. We had people shoulder to shoulder all day for two days. Tons of smiles and lots of fountain pen action all day. Hopefully we'll have the website updated soon!

If you are in a 10-hour driving radius of Dallas, Texas, you need to get your butt to the pen show. This is just a two-day pen show so you gotta be here Friday or Saturday. We've got a table and waaaay more pens than we put on at once!

We hit the road for the Dallas Pen Show today. It was one of our favorite shows last year, and we cannot wait to meet all of our wonderful friends in Texas! In the meantime, we've got two more new old stock pens for you on the site: a Sheaffer Targa Slim model and a Pelikan M320 gift set!

Looking like we just brought it back in a time machine, our Parker 51 in midnight blue is stunning. It is date coded from 1950. Complete with box and papers!

It is difficult not to love an oversized Parker Vacumatic. So hard to find, we have a really handsome green one on our vintage pens page. New diaphragm and ready to write!

Bringing back the look and style of the original Parker 5, the Parker 100 stuns as a modern reimagining. Bigger, prettier, easier to fill with modern cartridges and converters.

If you haven't seen the elegant beauty of a Waterman Edson pen before, race over to our pre-owned pens pages right now. It is a graceful design that writes better than a dream.

Our preowned luxury pens page features a 1980s Mont Blanc 144 Classique fountain pen. It has one of those great 14k monotone nibs! Be sure to snatch it up quickly.

Vintage pen lovers will be awestruck by the rich red of our latest Esterbrook J-model pen. We've restored it with a nice ink sac and the nicest 1551 nib we've ever written with.

Joining our luxury preowned pens is the Jaguar Concept in British racing green! It is a speedy lookin' pen with plenty of class. Taking modern standard international cartridges or converters, it is easier to maintain than the real cars.

Waterman 55 fountain pens are getting more difficult to find, but we have a nearly minty fresh one waiting for you on our vintage pens page. Plus, it has a slightly rarer manifold nib!

Matching the Nurse's pencil we posted yesterday is an Esterbrook Nurse's Pen. Fully restored, it looks great and works well. It's a hard to find color of the Estie line.

We offer a rare Esterbrook Nurse's Pencil in white with a black tail jewel on our vintage pens page. It is a great example in great condition. Still works and uses 1.1mm leads!

If you can find a pair of writing instruments more beautiful than our green moire Eversharp Skylines, we'll be amazed. This great, working set looks as if it belongs in a museum.

Oversized pens never go out of style, and we recommend our Eversharp Skyline Executive fountain pen. This vintage pen has been restored, and its nib has a little stub action going on.

Conklin Endura pens are some of the highlights of the 1920s pen scene. We love this medium-size lapis blue-on-blue pattern with original orange accent rings. Fully restored, this vintage pen is going to look and write great.

Wasp Pens were a sub-brand of Sheaffer that are highly desirable among modern collectors. We have a great green Wasp "The Clipper" with a pixelated art deco design. It even has a successfully restored Vacuum Filler!

Sheaffer Clipper snorkel pens were near the top of the line. Ours is even better because it comes in the really rare "peacock blue" color and has a great extra-fine "accountant's" nib made of fine "palladium silver."

Spanning a couple decades are two great French-made fountain pens. On the vintage pen side have a Parker 75 in gold plate. On the modern side is a S.T. Dupont Classique with silver-plated trim and an amazingly smooth medium nib.

Give Mont Blanc a rest and try some great French elegance and engineering with the preowned luxury pens of S.T. Dupont.

Waterman Carene fountain pens are among the most popular of the past decade. Sleek, elegant, smooth writing...it is no wonder why they are so popular. Yet, the amber shimmer color pattern is an especially nice touch. See it on our preowned pens page.

You are going to love our Parker Vacumatic Shadowwave fountain pen in a green-and-grey stripe. Difficult to find, and you'll love the way it writes.

Are you familiar with Dunhill luxury pens? Owned by the same parent company as Mont Blanc, they're even made in Germany and use MB refills. The nice thing is that these pens are far more affordable...but you know what it really is...wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Patriotic pen collectors in America should be galloping to get their hands on our Parker 75 with a piece of wood from Philadelphia's Independence Hall...where the Declaration of Independence was signed and we skipped out on the concept of British rule. 

You won't mind the wear on this really hard-to-find large executive sized Eversharp Skyline vintage pen. It writes so well after its restoration, it might become your go-to favorite!

Our depleted colors of Esterbrook J-series pens have been replenished on our vintage pens pages. Fully restored, these are the favorite pens of new vintage collectors.

Italian artisans at Aurora make a spectacular blue-flecked celluloid worth gazing upon for hours in our latest Optima pen. Our pre-owned luxury pen looks almost like it just came out of the box!

Adding more of the classic American pen brand to our site, we have some lovely vintage and modern pens. On the vintage side is a Sheaffer Connaisseur that was well loved and used...but still looking for action. On the modern side is a Sheaffer Legacy rollerball pen paying tribute to the great Sheaffer PFM.

Be overwhelmed by the oversized glory of a 1927 Moore L-95 fountain pen. We especially like its red dot on the cap. Huge 14k "Moore's Major" nib!

We have a Parker Duofold extravaganza on our pages. There is a vintage junior "Big Red" with a Lucky Curve inkfeed on the vintage pens page. A modern 1990s Centennial version on our preowned luxury pens.

Whether you're a vintage pen fan or preowned lux pen fan, you're in for a sapphire treat. We add an incredible blue Conklin Endura and a marvelous blue marbled Parker Duofold!

Go straight to our vintage pens pages, and do not pass Go until you've seen our fabulous 1937 red marble Parker Vacumatic. We restored it with a new diaphragm. Plus, this double-jewel wonder writes with a nice medium nib.

Straight from 1942 comes a lovely double-jewel Parker 51 fountain pen. Complete with a new diaphragm, it writes a smooth, legible fine-medium line. It'll turn heads with its impressively preserved sterling silver cap!

Vintage pen lovers will enjoy the handsome, full-size grey-marbled Waterman 94 that has been fully restored. Complete with a semi-flex nib, it is a gorgeous representative of pen design of the 1930s.

Omas looks as if it spent a summer at the beach with a beautiful coral-colored Omas Milord rollerball pen on our preowned luxury pens page. It even takes still readily available capless refills!

Chicago's own National Pen Co. was a serious contender as a pen maker in the 19-teens and '20s. We've just added the National Lakeside oversized vintage pen to our site. Check it out!

Muddy Water's "Manish Boy" comes to mind as we try to define our latest Waterman pen. It is a modern Waterman that looks very much like the LeMan 200...with just a couple minor differences. Either way, it writes like a dream.

The soft gleam of sterling silver will turn heads with this early Parker 75 fountain pen on our vintage pens page. Better for you, it as a killer, smooth 14k gold extra-fine nib. Nibs this nice and fine can't normally be found on a Parker.

If you seek a factory-fresh looking vintage eyedropper fountain pen, be sure to visit our vintage pens pages for a sleek, mint jet black hard rubber Pento "Truda" pen.

We dish all of the adventures of this year's DC Pen Show on our Drippy Musings blog. Enjoy

Rare Esterbrook Visumasters have populated our vintage pens pages while we are at the DC Pen Show. Some exceptional colors will be a real treasure.

This year Israel celebrates 70 years of nationhood. Revisit the 65th anniversary party with the Stipula Israel 65 on our pre-owned luxury pens page. We also revisit the nation's 60th anniversary with the Delta Israel 60.

Keep our latest Delta treasure at the front of your mind. It is a Delta Fusion. We only have the fountain pen! It is a delightful writer with a great blue finish that reminds us of a Van Gogh painting.

Vintage pen fans ought to be impressed by our semi-flex Waterman Ink Vue pen. Fully restored, this handsome jet black deco pen has nice barrel clarity and that unique quasi-bulb filler in the tail.

Melt into the stunning, molten beauty of our cocobolo LeBoeuf 75 Unbreakable fountain pen. This ultra-rare vintage pen is one of the most attractive we've ever seen. Huge #8 nib. All original!

What's better than 1 ultra rare LeBoeuf pen? Two! This oversized one is light ivory celluloid with a butterscotch web of veins running through it. Fully restored, this vintage pen is the grail pen you've always been looking for.

Possibly the most highly sought rarity, oversized LeBoeuf fountain pens are writing treasures with gorgeous early celluloid designs! We add one such grail pen to our vintage pens page. It is a black-and-pearl pen with an original #8 nib with some stub-like qualities.

Oh, doctor! Here are two pens for whatever ails ya. The vintage pen is a semi-flex Carter's 4125 original. The preowned luxury pen is a Pelikan 1000 with a flexi medium italic custom grind by none other than Richard Binder!

Esterbrook Icicle pens are back to help you cool off this summer. We've got a long LJ model in blue today. Fully restored, it is ready to rock your desk.

Our Conway Stewart Dandy is as sweet as candy on our preowned pens page. This limited edition luxury pen is a rollerball with sterling silver accents that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Red is one of the rarer colors in pen collecting, and we have two great red pens for you. First on our vintage pens page is an Esterbrook Transition pen. Our pre-owned luxury pens page features a Conway Stewart Churchill Ballpoint pen!

Gracing our vintage pens page is a rare ballpoint pen. However, this is more rare than usual. It is a first-year Parker Jotter in marine green! It looks great and is still in working order.

A rare Esterbrook 9284 nib graces our rare copper-colored Esterbrook Dollar Pen on our vintage pens page! You should feel the dreamy smooth way it writes with such character.

Give your small business some classic charm with our Esterbrook 444 desk pen and inkwell base holder. Ideal for customer/patient registries and writing checks at the front counter.

Can't find a good 14k gold nib on a Mont Blanc Classique pen from the factory these days, but we have a slightly older pen with a great one on our preowned luxury pens pages.

This is it. The holy grail of pens. We just added a 1948 Parker 51 Demonstrator that is just about the cleanest version of one we've ever seen! Looks freshly restored, though we didn't dare fill it and make as mess of it.

We love our double-jewel Parker 51 from 1948. Fully restored, it writes a fantastically bold and smooth line. Plus, it is a rarer "Buckskin Beige" color.

Mont Blanc 149 fountain pens are the most recognized luxury pens on the planet. Save a fortune on one with our preowned luxury pen that features an older, more sought after 14k gold nib!

Ours seems to be! Visit our pre-owned luxury pens and spy a beautiful late '80s Pelikan 800 Souveran fountain pen with a two-tone 18c gold "P/F" nib that writes a fine line but flexes to a broad line!

Regulars to our site will know Esterbrook pens are our top sellers. Well, we have a treat for all of our Estie fans: V-Clip models. These early Esterbrook fountain pens look gorgeous in "Morocco Red," "Foliage Green," "Grey & Red Vein" and Black Hard Rubber!

Two of the more popular but, we think, discontinued designs for the Mont Blanc Starwalker pens include the rubberized grid and the "Mystery Black." We have both on our pre-owned pens pages.

You will warm up to an Esterbrook cracked ice pen in no time once you see one for the first time. They are stunning. We just so happen to have one such fully restored vintage pen.

Green icicle is the ideal description for a pen to use in April in Chicago. Spring is coming on hard, but winter hasn't quite relinquished its grip. We have one such rare Esterbrook with a stunningly smooth 9968 nib...fully restored!

These rare vintage pens have never previously been found on our site, but we are pleased to showcase a genuine Parker 51 Half Demonstrator fountain pen. We restored it. It has a couple little issues, but it will be a great grail pen for some lucky collector.

Put your pens to good use today by writing a love letter! We have some advice on our blog with explicit instructions about "How to Write a Love Letter." If you prefer a good Valentine's story, be sure to read about "The Tale of the Valentine's Day Leopard."

The pen is mightier than the sword, but our new Allegory 1941 ballpoint pens are battle proven! These limited edition pens are made from the original teak deck of the U.S. North Carolina, a battleship that earned 15 battle stars during WWII. Bolt actions extend and retract the Parker-style refills, which are a nifty addition to the pens. See them today on our Pre-Owned Pens section...even though they are brand new in the box.

Remember, ThePenMarket.com also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

If you have any questions, please give us a jingle or ask at

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