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Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2005 $3000

Cross Ballpoint Leaves Us Starstruck

A couple years ago Cross Century II pens came out with a Starlight Midnight design that sold out very quickly. It was a shimmering midnight blue with little golden star points. We have one on our preowned luxury pens page.

The war weary decade was coming to a close filled with innovation, growth and development. In 1949 Sheaffer introduced its simple TouchDown filler, and we have one of the first-year Sentinel Deluxe pens on our vintage pens page.

A nearly new old stock Sheaffer Statesman interrupts the long stretch of Esterbrook pens on our vintage pens page. Fully restored, this classic 1950s pen sports a palladium silver Triumph nib.

We complete our obsessive Esterbrook campaign with a Red Esterbrook Icicle. Its cap and barrel are great and rare, but it also have a few issues. Still, it looks like it belongs in a museum.

We added a couple great Cross pens today for great bargains. Included are a handsome blue demonstrator Cross Solo ballpoint and a nice writing Cross Solo fountain pen.

Vintage pen fans will love the rare New Old Stock Esterbrook Icicle pens we have on our vintage pens pages. Resacced and ready to write, these pens are truly museum worthy pieces.

Our Pelikan Piazza Navona looks to Rome for its sense of design. It is one of the limited edition 620 city series pens, and it is perfect condition! Don't let this Pelikan pass you by.

Pelikan pays tribute to the Big Apple with its 620 city series pens. Our Pelikan New York is in like new condition, armed with an extra-fine 14c gold nib!

Ours seems to be! Visit our pre-owned luxury pens and spy a beautiful late '80s Pelikan 800 Souveran fountain pen with a two-tone 18c gold "P/F" nib that writes a fine line but flexes to a broad line!

Okay. It is totally too late to get Mom a gift online, but it is never too late to give her a great pen. Show her you love her any time of year with the vintage pen or modern luxury writer of her dreams. Remember she's your mom all 365 days of the year.

The rare vintage Esterbrook treasures keep coming. How'd you like to get your hands on the very first attempt at the Esterbrook J-model pens? We have a black pen and pencil set of the ink-window sporting Esterbook Visumaster from the early 1940s!

Regulars to our site will know Esterbrook pens are our top sellers. Well, we have a treat for all of our Estie fans: V-Clip models. These early Esterbrook fountain pens look gorgeous in "Morocco Red," "Foliage Green," "Grey & Red Vein" and Black Hard Rubber!

You never know what you'll find when you get a huge collection of pens. We were about to write off this Cross Click pen as a Cross Century. However, it is a rare clicker from Cross with a rollerball refill! ... Even though it looks like a skinny Century pen.

If you don't have a Cross Century pen set in your home, there must be something wrong with you. Probably the most common luxury pens sold in America today, we offer a very nice matte denim blue set on our pre-owned pens page.

Two of the more popular but, we think, discontinued designs for the Mont Blanc Starwalker pens include the rubberized grid and the "Mystery Black." We have both on our pre-owned pens pages.

You will warm up to an Esterbrook cracked ice pen in no time once you see one for the first time. They are stunning. We just so happen to have one such fully restored vintage pen.

If you love shimmering blue flames in your celluloid pens, our preowned modern Conklin Symetrik ought to turn you on. Plus, it comes with a 14k gold nib! Almost New Old Stock.

Conklin Glider pens of the modern era are some under appreciated beauties of the pen world. Ours has a stunning jade green design with silver-plated trim. It is an affordable find on our pre-owned pens page.

Rollerball pen fans will love the easy, wide grip of the smooth writing modern Conklin Nozac pen on our pre-owned pens pages.

Mont Blanc fans will enjoy a set of bordeaux colored Generations pens: a ballpoint and a fountain pen. These are available on our preowned luxury pens page.

Aside from a terribly botched job at removing a name many years ago, our Sheaffer Balance 500 is in great working condition for daily use. Maybe you need parts. Maybe you've always wanted to try a vintage pen for way less.

What appears to be a hand-engraved sterling silver taper appears on our vintage pens page with a classic Parker 51 desk pen. Yet, we can't prove its origins. The pen is still great: fully restored, writing beautifully!

A pastel blue Sheaffer Admiral inspects the decks of our vintage pens page. Fully restored, it has a smooth 14k nib and a fresh ink sac, point seal and O-ring. Truly a delight for writing about the seven seas.

We got our first Pelikan P/F nib on a Pelikan 800 Souverän. It is in perfect working condition, and it is a bargain for anyone looking to make the most of preowned luxury pen deals.

It has been a little while since we've carried any Caran D'Ache pens. These great Swiss pens are precisely engineered and are highly sought by those in the know. We are adding a whole collection of them over the coming days.

Green icicle is the ideal description for a pen to use in April in Chicago. Spring is coming on hard, but winter hasn't quite relinquished its grip. We have one such rare Esterbrook with a stunningly smooth 9968 nib...fully restored!

There's a Parker Duofold smackdown happening on today's vintage and preowned pens pages. In one corner we have a 1920s Parker Duofold ready to do battle with a late 1980s special edition Duofold Centennial! We'll let you be the judge about which one is best.

If you've never heard of the German pen brand Bossert & Erhard, you are missing out. We have one of their ballpoint pens. The tail cap and nose cone are solid sterling silver with a fishnet pattern. Writes amazingly well.

Few pens are as well recognized in the business community as the large-sized Mont Blanc LeGrand ballpoint in black and gold trim. Save more than a pretty penny when you buy our gently used luxury pen.

It is difficult to pass up a Carter's Ink Pen in nearly perfect condition. We have a beautiful green full-size one that writes with a stunningly smooth extra-fine 14k gold nib!

Check out our pre-owned luxury pens to see two ballpoint Mont Blanc Writers' Series pens. We have the Hemingway and Dumas models! Each is in pretty good shape. However, an engraving on the Dumas means you'll save a boatload of money!

If blue is your favorite color, then you will fall in love with our Bexley Owner's Club 2014 fountain pen. It writes beautifully, and it is gorgeous to gaze at for hours.

Have you seen a Parker 51 cap with the company name engraved in the lip of the cap before? This vintage pen is a first for us, but it is now fully restored and ready for action, in case you want to take it for a scribble.

These rare vintage pens have never previously been found on our site, but we are pleased to showcase a genuine Parker 51 Half Demonstrator fountain pen. We restored it. It has a couple little issues, but it will be a great grail pen for some lucky collector.

We have two unique Aurora Optima ballpoints that are nearly flawless with their Riflessi and Barley designs in sterling silver! Each preowned luxury pen is in perfect working order.

Joining our pre-owned pens page is a stunning Aurora 88 ballpoint pen. With a golden tail and black barrel, it showcases the elegance of Italian design.

Black-and-bronze Conklin Enduras in an oversized model are prized among vintage pen collectors. Our entirely restored model lays down an phenomenally smooth, firm extra-fine line.

Sterling silver makes a very memorable Montblanc Pix pencil from the 1930s. It has light wear and is in great shape. Click it to advance a 1.1mm lead. In great working order.

We've been restocking our Parker 51 fountain pens in recent days. These are iconic vintage pens, and we offer some nice bargains on them. Visit them on our vintage pens page.

You won't believe the joy to be derived from the firm, smooth extra-fine line from our latest vintage Senior Parker Duofold in jade green. Fresh ink sac and ready for the next great American (or wherever you're from) novel.

The rarity of a double-jewel Parker 51 in cordovan brown is magnified by the fact it comes with a "wavy line" gold-filled cap and a buttery smooth fine nib!

Put your pens to good use today by writing a love letter! We have some advice on our blog with explicit instructions about "How to Write a Love Letter." If you prefer a good Valentine's story, be sure to read about "The Tale of the Valentine's Day Leopard."

Make a set of a periwinkle Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen and pencil. Each is quite fetching and works well. Not a color found on most pens, which makes it all the more attractive.

Get a good deal on an Aurora Ipsilon fountain pen today on our preowned pens page. It is a sleek black model with gold trim. Coming with a converter, it writes a nice fine line, even if it is marked a medium.

We are only just getting started this week with Aurora Ipsilon ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens on our pre-owned pens section. Great bargains on gently used writers!

Telescoping ballpoint pens are really unique to watch as they work. A twist of the tail cap looks a little different than your average pen. We have two handsome Aurora Hastil ballpoints with such a feature!

Match up your favorite vintage pen with a great vintage pencil. We decided to stop waiting for the perfect match here and let you pair up your favorite pen. Or maybe you just prefer vintage pencils. We've got killer deals on some really nice ones.

If the ebony wood Omas 360 wasn't enough to stoke your fire, how about a brilliant blue marble Omas 360 rollerball pen? It even comes with all of the boxes and papers.

Lamy 2000 ballpoints are some of the few limited edition click ballpoints on the market. Brushed stainless steel is the hallmark of this stunning 50th anniversary pen.  Ours is gently used and comes with a new refill!

A number of classic Sheaffer Snorkel and TM fountain pens have been added to our vintage pens pages over the course of the past week. Several new colors were added to help you fill out your collection.

Platinum trim on a black Pelikan M805 is an attractive site to behold. Tack on a great filling system and smooth writing medium nib, and we don't think this pen will stick around for long. 

William Henry makes luxury knives, primarily, but its pen division is branching out and you can see how when you visit our preowned pens page! We have one with ebony wood and an intricate Damascus steel design. A great rollerball.

Until the past decade, Mont Blanc has primarily been known for more traditional pen designs. However, they got crazy in the 1970s and created a very sleek and modern looking Mont Blanc Noblesse. We have three different color variations on our pre-owned pens page. Each writes with either a rollerball refill OR ballpoint!

Ring in 2018 with a set of 6 Esterbrook Classic M2 fountain pens in different vibrant colors! Complete in their original display box with papers, this one set can save you a lifetime of searching!

Dress up this New Year's Eve with a pair of classic black pens. We have a FLEX nib BHR Eclipse ring top on the vintage pens page. A Dunhill Gemline rollerball pen graces our preowned pens page. Best way to see out 2017!

Often overlooked on the luxury market are pens by S.T. Dupont. These are great writers that are frequently better than Montblanc, and they are much less expensive on the secondary market. Try one out. More to come.

Parker ranks its Premier fountain pen at the top of the class structure. We have their black monochrome model on the Preowned Pens Page for a real head turner. It looks nearly perfect for a pen that is used.

It has been a busy couple days here behind the scenes as we prepare for the holidays. We apologize for a lack of regular updates, but we start off this week with some really Parker gems. We've got a great Parker Lucky Curve with its original (rare) nib on the vintage pens page, and a state-of-the-art modern Parker Premier ballpoint on our pre-owned pens page.

If you need a tactical S.W.A.T. of a pen, check out our all black Monte Verde Invincia Stealth! Its blackened brushed steel is a masculine stunner. It has a digital device stylus on the cap, and the black nib is a 1mm stub beauty.

Just this weekend we picked up 4 new pens on our Trading Post. From deals on Delta to Parker, you won't want to miss out on some of these beautiful pens. Some of them are fairly rare, too!

We added another fresh, unused, new-old-stock modern limited edition Parker Snakes in sterling silver to our website. It looks great with its hand-made sterling serpents coiling around the barrel and cap.

Winston Churchill was one of the great leaders of the 20th century, and Conway Stewart honors him with a huge limited edition pen. Still unused and mint in the box, we have a handsome head-turning specimen on our pre-owned pens pages.

If you love Pelikan pens and art deco design, you will love our Pelikan 215 Rings fountain pen! It is a very handsome black and chromium design. In like-new condition, too.

Vintage pen fans might get a kick out of this vintage Scripto fountain pen that looks surprisingly like a Parker 51. We restored it, and it writes pretty well for such a bargain pen.

Preowned Sheaffers are reliable and affordable. Our latest Sheaffer fountain pen looks almost new in its box! It needs a converter, but it writes very smoothly on a dip.

A Canadian Sheaffer Craftsman starts the newest campaign of classic writing instruments on our vintage pages. Fully restored with a great 14k gold nib, you won't find a better vintage pen with a gold nib and refined writing qualities.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but our new Allegory 1941 ballpoint pens are battle proven! These limited edition pens are made from the original teak deck of the U.S. North Carolina, a battleship that earned 15 battle stars during WWII. Bolt actions extend and retract the Parker-style refills, which are a nifty addition to the pens. See them today on our Pre-Owned Pens section...even though they are brand new in the box.

Remember, ThePenMarket.com also is your home for great vintage pen restoration. All customer repairs move to the front of the repair line, which means we plan on maintaing our one-to-two week turnaround time on your pens!

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