Vintage Pens: Waterman 54

Vintage Pens: 2636 Waterman 54
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $149.99
Fans of flexi writers have settled on vintage Waterman pens from the 1920s as the best pens of that era. The Waterman 54 is one of the larger pens from that brand and era. This one is about as long as the oversized competition, but it is only about as wide as a standard-size competitors. This one has two gold-plated bands around the chased black hard-rubber barrel. The tail band is engraved on two lines: "R. A. Jewell. / Fairfield, Me." No cracks, scratches or other serious damage mars the cap or barrel. It does have more chocolate hazing on the barrel than the cap. The 14k gold nib is not an original Waterman nib, but it is a semi-flex stub Warranted size 4 nib! 13.7cm capped.