Vintage Pens: Parker Duofold

Vintage Pens: 2657 Parker Duofold
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $249.99
Long before the Blackberry and then the iPhone, there was the Parker Duofold "Big Red" fountain pen. The status symbol of its day, this vintage pen was the cat's meow in the Roaring Twenties. A symbol of bold progress and success, no businessman would be seen without one. Now we have a beautifully restored one from around 1928 in its oversized "Senior" model. It has a fresh ink sac, and it is ready for a new generation to use it. This is the early "permanite" material in orange/"Big Red." Aside from a hairline crack from the lip of the cap under the first cap band, there are very few other blemishes on the pen. You'll find some brassing on the clip and cap bands. It sports its original 14k gold nib, but the inkfeed is a later Vacumatic Maxima model. The nib writes a very nice firm fine line, although modern pen users might say it was more of a fine-medium. 13.9cm capped.