Vintage Pens: Venus Fountain Pen

Vintage Pens: 2658 Venus Fountain Pen
Era: 1960-1979
Price: $19.99
Esterbrook fans take note. Venus pens bought the remains of the Esterbrook pen company in 1967. It adopted the same screw-in nibs! Although it narrowed the Esterbrook nib options down from dozens to just the basics, it continued making the Esterbrook nibs with the Venus imprint. Click the headline photo to see. This vintage pen is a Venus with a brand new Venus medium nib. The burgundy cap and barrel sport light to moderate wear, with a slight bulge near the tail made by pressure of the inner J-bar. The section has lots of scars. No cracks. We restored the pen with a new ink sac and nib. The steel medium nib writes more of a smooth fine line. 13.2cm capped.