Vintage Pens: Parker Jotter

Vintage Pens: 2806 Parker Jotter
Era: 1950-1959
Price: $299.99
Ballpoint pens weren't invented in 1954, but that was the year they were finally perfected. Parker Jotter ballpoint pens were released that year to great fanfare. Cap-free and clickable, the most important part of this pen was its long-lasting, convenient refill. How successful was it? That refill and the Parker Jotter are still being made today! More than that, most major pen manufacturers have adopted the Parker ballpoint refill for their own pens! Our first-year Parker Jotter comes in one of the rarest colors: marine blue. Closer to turquoise, marine blue was the name Parker gave the color. Its barrel is ribbed and the inverted "V" clip are hallmarks of all first-year pens. There are no cracks, but there is a little wear from use. The refill is fairly recent and working. 12.7cm.