Vintage Pens: Esterbrook Transition

Vintage Pens: 2810 Esterbrook Transition
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $49.99
As Esterbrook switched from the Dollar Pen to the J-models, they had a brief run of pens with the new caps and flat-tailed bodies. These vintage pens from the 1940s are known as Esterbrook Transition pens. This candied red model is a shorter size, similar to the SJ model soon to come. Fully restored, it sports a new ink sac. No cracks blemish this classic writing instrument. It has a only minor wear and a little chocolate hazing on the section. The stainless steel nib is a 1555 Gregg nib, which was designed for practitioners of the Gregg shorthand method! One might safely assume this pen once belonged to a stenographer, secretary or journalist. It writes a surprisingly nice fine line for a 1000 series nib, with only a little feedback. 11.5cm capped.