Vintage Pens: Laughlin Pen Set

Vintage Pens: 2807 Laughlin Pen Set
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $199.99
Does this pocket clip look very familiar? It ought to. It's just missing a Carter's imprint...or is it? The Laughlin Pen Company was one of the pre-eminient fountain pen manufacturers for Detroit during the early Roaring '20s. In 1926 it was sold to Carter's Ink! Carter's wanted to expand its ink business to include its own line of pens. Laughlin kept it's pen designers and makers, simply rebranding its pens and making new models as "Carter's"! We restored this original Orange Hard Rubber Laughlin fountain pen with a new ink sac. This vintage pen is a senior size pen with no serious wear or brassing. The barrel imprint is strong and legible. The 14k gold nib is a size 5 "Snapfil." It writes with a semi-flex nib that needs a little training before it will write 100% the way you want it to. Both the pen and pencil are engraved "H.E. Spiess." The pencil seems to work, although it has no 1.1mm lead. Pen measures 12.6cm capped.