Vintage Pens: National Pen Co. Lakeside

Vintage Pens: 3026 National Pen Co. Lakeside
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $149.99
Often overlooked are pens by Chicago's own National Pen Company. A serious rival to Parker and Sheaffer in the 1920s, they made beautiful, high-quality fountain pens. Some of their early celluloids are stunningly gorgeous. This is an even earlier pen, the oversized National Lakeside. Made from black hard rubber, it is in excellent condition with minimal chocolate hazing on the barrel, no cracks anywhere and very little wear. There's a little brassing on the lever and pocket clip. The barrel imprint is faded in the middle. Click the headline to see the nib, and you can see old plier marks on the section from a past repairman many decades ago. We installed a new ink sac. The Warranted 14k gold nib is a #8 that writes a fine line with a hint of feedback that "sings" as you write. It writes well enough, in spite of the feedback. Oversized but not too large you can't write with it comfortably. 14cm capped.