Inkwells and Blotters: Civil War Inkwell

Inkwells and Blotters: 1430 Civil War Inkwell
Era: pre-1900
Price: $25.00
Writing letters home was one of the few relaxing pastimes of the soldiers fighting in the American Civil War. Often on the move, the soldiers couldn't take a fragile glass inkwell with them everywhere they went...especially when they had to carry all of their processions. To make writing frequently more realistic, they had these traveling inkwells. A small glass bottle was housed in a more durable wooden capsule. A cork would keep the ink from spilling out. Of course, you can see ink clearly escaped at some point, staining the interior of this capsule. The inner glass bottle seems to be intact and stained in original ink. The screw-top cap is you can see in the photo. It likely belonged to a Union soldier, as Southern soldiers were often illiterate. As noted in the Ken Burns' series, there is a vast discrepancy in the ratio of Northern letters and diaries to Southern. 5.1cm capped.