Vintage Pens: Parker Vacumatic Maxima

Vintage Pens: 2913 Parker Vacumatic Maxima
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $449.99
Fenway Park has the Green Monster, and Parker seemed to try creating one of its own with this green Parker Vacumatic Maxima. Almost as wide as a Montblanc 149, at its widest point, the Maxima actually has a smaller, easier-to-handle, section for gripping. The pen is remarkably free from major wear. There's one shallow dimple in the blind cap and a few light scratches. The imprint is strong, and the pen has a 1942 date code. The cap jewel is made from the same striped celluloid as the barrel. The aluminum speedline filler has some wear but it moves easily. The pen is FULLY RESTORED with a new diaphragm. The nib is actually marked "14k / Parker / Vacumatic." It writes an extra-fine line with a little feedback. Click the headline for close-ups. 13.5cm capped.