Vintage Pens: Conklin Symetrik

Vintage Pens: 3118 Conklin Symetrik
Era: 1930-1939
Price: $159.99
Conklin kept up with the trends in styling and design with its more art deco Conklin Symetrik pens of the 1930s. We restored this vintage pen with a new ink sac. It is very attractive with its straited green celluloid cap and barrel that reminds us of summer's lush greens of grasses. It's imprint remains strong, but there is some standard wear hidden by the luster of the pen's finish. Gold plating seems to be fading in places from the metal trim. We strongly suspect the lip of the cap was trimmed before we got our hands on it. No cracks. The stub nib is 14k gold but a little discolored, even after we polished it. The good news is that it has a little flex with light feedback. 12.8cm capped.