Vintage Pens: Waterman Commando

Vintage Pens: 3136 Waterman Commando
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $69.99
As no fountain pen wears underwear, you could say they all go commando, but this is actually a Waterman Commando. The second world war inspired the model name, no doubt. We replaced its ink sac, and it is in good working order. It is a surprisingly attractive pen, but a closer look will show a couple cracks in the top of the cap under the bolted on button that holds the clip. The yellow tail bauble has a couple little fractals. Overall, you won't see any krazing unless you look directly into the flat piece of the yellow tail. Where the yellow meets the brown barrel, you'll see the formation of krazing inside the pen. The size 4ish 14k gold Waterman nib writes an extra-fine to .9mm wide line with semi-flex ability. 12.4cm capped.