Vintage Pens: Sheaffer Balance 1000

Vintage Pens: 3146 Sheaffer Balance 1000
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $125.00
Oversized Sheaffer Balance fountain pens in the striated "Carmine" celluloid are pretty rare to find. We were ecstatic to find one with an original two-tone 14k Lifetime gold nib. Restored with a fresh ink sac, this pen has a nice ink view window to let you know when you are almost out of ink. Although it is rare, it does have a few little issues. Much of the gold plating is missing from the cap band and lever. Its carmine cap and barrel have some wear from use, but the big drawback is a 5/16ths of an inch hairline crack from the lip going up under the cap band. The nib writes a remarkably smooth but firm, wet extra-fine line! Truly impressive writer. The barrel imprint is weak, but you can still read it...including its "1000" mark, which meant the pen originally cost $10. Also included is a Sheaffer Lifetime pencil. It has light wear and is in good working order. There is a hardened blue eraser under the cap. Several spare leads are under it. Pen measures 14cm capped.