Pre-Owned Pens: Montegrappa Modigliani

Pre-Owned Pens: 2965 Montegrappa Modigliani
Era: 1980-present
Price: $399.99
Singularly the most beautiful ballpoint pen we've ever posted is this stunning Montegrappa Modigliani ballpoint pen. Inspired by the works of the famed artist, this limited edition Montegrappa pen will be the treasured jewel of your collection. Speaking of jewel, there's an aquamarine in the top of the cap. Click the headline to see a close-up of it. Numbered 0735 of 4000, the master craftsmen and women of Italy's Montegrappa really out-shine themselves. We can get lost in the swirls of blue in the cap and barrel. Plus, sterling silver accents the remainder of the pen. Advance and retract the blue, Parker-style refill for your writing convenience. Nice width and weight help make it a good pen for gliding along the page without cramping your hand. 13.8cm.