Vintage Pens: Esterbrook Transition

Vintage Pens: 3412 Esterbrook Transition
Era: 1940-1949
Price: $79.99
We often speculate about the history of a pen, and if you click they headline of this Esterbrook Transition pen, you will see an obvious clue. Notice the nib? Its a "Durachrome" 1555 Gregg nib. Gregg was a handwriting method back in the day. This pen was designed specifically for use by secretaries, journalists and other serious daily writers using the Gregg handwriting system. What makes an Esterbrook Transition so unique is that it is combined the flat-tailed barrel of a Dollar Pen with the cap from "new" J-pen design. It was an intentional move on the part of Esterbrook, but they only made these pens for a couple years. We restored this crack-free pen with a new ink sac. No significant wear worth mentioning. Its steel nib writes a fine-medium line with a little feedback. 12.5cm capped.