Vintage Pens: Waterman 52 1/2

Vintage Pens: 3429 Waterman 52 1/2
Era: 1920-1929
Price: $249.99
Let's get back to the really early classics. There's no denying the beauty and quality of our Waterman 52 1/2. Its woodgrain pattern on "red" hard rubber is stunningly fresh for nearly 100 years old. This vintage pen looks as if it just came from the factory. Fully restored with a new ink sac, this pen has no cracks, significant scratches or other major flaws. Great strong imprints! There's a hairline of brassing around the top edge of the cap band. That's it for problems. You'll see a black inkfeed under the original 14k gold #2 nib. And the nib! It's not just an's a way of life. Smooth extra fine easily FLEXING to 1mm. Click the headline for close-ups. 13.2cm capped.