Vintage Pens: Parker Vacumatic

Vintage Pens: 3984 Parker Vacumatic
Era: 1940-1949   Fountain Pen Nib Size: F
Price: $125.00
We love the genius that went into inventing the vacumatic filling system. Parker Vacumatics are among our favorite vintage pens. This 1946 model is the major/standard size. We replaced the diaphragm, and it is great working order. Hold the grey pearl pen up to the light, and you can see through the dark amber body. Nickel trim looks good on the color pattern. The blue diamond meant this pen came with a lifetime warranty. No cracks, some wear from use. Pen still gleams and the wear is difficult to see without a close inspection. 14k nib writes a wet fine line with a hint of feedback. This will be a great daily driver. 12.8cm capped.