Vintage Pens: Waterman 14 PSF

Vintage Pens: 4008 Waterman 14 PSF
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: SF
Price: $149.99
What is the difference between a Waterman 12 PSF and Waterman 14 PSF? The 14 was one size larger in circumference with a 14k gold size 4 nib instead of a size 2. We restored this classic chased black hard rubber pen with a new ink sac. It has crisp chasing and a crisp imprint. On the flat of the tail, the imprint still has its original orange paint. No cracks. Unlike the 12 we recently posted, the size 4 nib on this pen is only semi-flex. It goes from a fine to roughly 1.7mm with feedback. Click the headline for a close-up. It is a great nib, but you are going to need to train it a little and it is going to need to train you a little. 13.5cm capped.