Vintage Pens: Sheaffer PFM V

Vintage Pens: 4039 Sheaffer PFM V
Era: 1950-1959   Fountain Pen Nib Size: B
Price: $399.99
What do the Ford Edsel and Sheaffer PFM have in common. They were masterpieces of 1950s design and technology that were completely overlooked in their time and adored by later generations. Sheaffer's "Pen for Men" came in 5 different model types and our Sheaffer PFM V was the pinnacle with a gold-plated cap and tail piece. We didn't restore this pen, but we got it from a customer who had it restored a couple years ago. It is still in good working order, and its 14k gold inlaid nib writes a lush broad line with a little feedback. Unlike earlier snorkel pens, this vintage pen is thicker and easier to grip without cramping your hand. Theres a shadow of a dent in the cap that we can't seem to photograph, but the pen is in overall good condition with a little other wear from past use. The cap jiggles a little, and the closure is good but not as tight as it once was. 13.5cm capped.