Pre-Owned Pens: Pelikan 205 Star Ruby

Pre-Owned Pens: 4477 Pelikan 205 Star Ruby
Era: 1980-present   Fountain Pen Nib Size: B
Price: $125.00
Sparkly red looks great on our traditionally somber Pelikan fountain pen. This is the 205 model. {Not a common configuration.) The "5" in the model number means it has reverse trim. It is in great working order, but if you look hard enough then you'll see it was a daily user with a couple scratches and scuffs in addition to the usual light wear. Its steel nib writes a very smooth broad line, although we think of it as more of a medium. Click the headline for a close-up. The two-tone leather Pelikan Pen case comes with the pen. Pen measures 12.5cm capped.