Vintage Pens: Parker Parker Duofold Set

Vintage Pens: 4616 Parker Parker Duofold Set
Era: 1920-1929   Fountain Pen Nib Size: M
Price: $249.99
Marriage is what bwings us togethah today. Our photo unintentionally hides the fact this senior Parker Duofold Big Red is really a married cap and barrel. In real life, it is obvious that the cap is the rarer, harder to find original hard-rubber cap and the barrel is "Permanite." As is the senior pencil. Nevertheless, we restored the pen with a new ink sac to good working order. No cracks, but some substantial brassing on the cap band. Light wear from use on the rest of the pen. Its inkfeed is an original "Christmas tree" feed. Its 14k gold nib writes a fine to medium line with a little feedback, depending at the angle you hold your pen as you write. We find the pencil is in good, unrestored working order. It has some brassing or discoloration on the nose cone and rear trim. Its permanite barrel shows more wear than the pen. Comes with 1 1.1mm lead and a mostly broken and hardened eraser in the tail.